good blogger strengths

10 Fundamental Strengths Every Good Blogger Should Have

What makes for an awesome, really good blogger?

I suppose that stems from what you see as a good blog.

In the general scheme of things, a good blog is one that gives its users great content, regularly. Content that enriches those readers’ lives, and gives them something to look forward to for the next time.

A good blog is one that compels the reader to tell all their friends about what they’re reading. It inspires or convicts, informs and directs its users, effectively helping them to better themselves.

good blogger strengths

Do you have what it takes? (You actually might…)

Understanding the Blogger: How They’re Actually Regular People

Who, then, are the people who make these posts? Who are the people behind the content that thrills and excites?

They’re regular people, just like you and me.

No, I’m serious. The people who write blogs are everyday people with insight on key issues within a particular area. Their insight sets them apart, surely. But more than that they display a certain set of skills that regular folks don’t have or make known.

If you don’t believe me, you don’t have to look any further than your favorite blogs. Check the “About Me” pages. You’ll find everyone from a London taxi driver to a woman who enjoys cooking and kittens. There are bloggers in every walk of life. They are the people who can turn the mundane into the extraordinary. How do they do this?

The 10 Major Strengths of Truly Good Bloggers

Let’s take a look at some of the strengths of really good, tantalizingly good bloggers.

1. Consistency

The most popular blogs on the Internet maintain their position by posting regularly. What does this mean in terms of a personality trait for the blogger? Although one would think that a blogger doesn’t have a deadline, the fact of the matter is every single day is a blogger’s deadline. It demonstrates dedication and an ability to set goals and achieve them. According to Shout me Loud writer Harsh Agrawal, bloggers need to be self-motivated in order to get things done. A consistent blogger is one that draws the admiration of his or her followers. An inconsistent blogger frustrates the audience and not updating often enough is like an invitation for your audience to leave.

2. Uniqueness

People love seeing new things. In fact, they tend to be attracted by the odd and the unusual. That’s why circuses used to carry around guys who would bite off the heads of chickens. Although successful bloggers don’t need to go defacing poultry to make their uniqueness known, they have to show it off in other ways. It’s not something you can simulate however. It’s something that resides in all of us and just needs the opportunity to come out. As Darren Rowse says that your blog’s uniqueness stems from your uniqueness as a person. The best bloggers are those that utilize their innate uniqueness and carry it over to their blog. People love a spectacle, and if you provide one to them, they’re happy to keep coming back for more.

3. Eloquence

Author Ron Suskind once said, “Choose your words meticulously and then let them rumble up from some deep furnace of conviction.” It’s as true today as it was when he wrote it. The art of eloquence is something that seems to be lost on many modern bloggers. The successful ones are the light that shines out of the fog to illuminate how important being able to present your ideas well is a good thing for a writer. As writers, our very art, the thing we live for, our passions, boil down to how well we represent ideas through words so that someone reading those words will see what we see. As a blogger, this is a rare and important trait to have. Those that do communicate well reap the spoils.

4. Built on a Niche

Niche bloggers are the ones that develop content within a community that is based around the community’s interests. Bloggers that tackle the pertinent issues and topics within their niche are usually respected by their peers for what they do. A good example of niche blogging is Social Media Explorer, a site dedicated to exploring trends and spreading information about social media and how it can be utilized in the modern world for public relations and marketing. Finding a niche gives you a lot of fuel to drive your blog because in any niche there are hundreds of thousands of possible topics. The great bloggers know how to use this to their advantage.

5. Passionate

Something lots of kids get told today is that they should do what they love for a living. This advice is the truest thing that any kid can get. Bloggers are usually the people who make a job out of something they feel strongly about. Now the downside of this is that sometimes tempers may run high, especially when someone’s point of view is challenged. On the whole, however, people who are truly passionate about a topic tend to be the ones to present it in the best light. They aren’t afraid to criticize the bad moves and to praise the good ones. Having passion is the trademark of a good blogger because it gives you the courage to talk about things and the wisdom to know what you’re talking about.

6. Thought-Provoking

The thing that bloggers should seek to do to be regarded well is to provoke thought in their readers. If someone reads a blog post and at the end of it stops and really considers what they read, that is what sets a good blogger apart from a run-of-the-mill one. The upside is that people who identify with a particular post are more likely to share it, so that usually equates to a wider reach for the blog as a whole. Writers like Seth Godin are good at explaining ideas through illustration and this technique helps to put his ideas into perspective. That’s how to stimulate people to think, you give them something to relate to. It’s an art the best bloggers have managed to figure out completely.

7. Detail-Oriented

The details of any particular situation are what makes that situation interesting. While a lot of blogs out there tend to give you the same reports of news slightly changed from one post to another, the odd one out gives you the report and then does commentary on it. This is what we would consider good content because it gives new insight to the reader and also possibly provokes their thinking. The devil may be in the details, but in the end, so is your salvation. Getting detail-oriented blogging right can be painstaking, but in the end the kind of attention you draw is more than worth the effort you put into it. Detailed analysis requires an informed opinion. Bloggers that go this route usually research both sides of the story before forming an opinion and can discuss why they think what they think. It sets them apart from bloggers that are simply glorified muckrakers.

8. Can Take Criticism 

If you’ve ever found yourself article-hopping through Huffington Post or any other online publishing medium, you will no doubt find yourself reading the comments. Some of those comments can be quite vitriolic. Anonymity that the Internet grants to everyone makes it easy for someone to become a hateful individual online and hide behind the thin veneer of a hastily made-up screen name. The most successful bloggers are able to spot trolls early on and head them off at the pass. They are able to take criticism well, even though that criticism is simply an outpouring of hate. Although some bloggers use their loyal followers to combat trolls, that can be as effective as throwing gasoline on an open fire. Quite often, the best way to deal with these kinds of individuals is to simply ignore them. What they have to say is usually irrelevant to the discussion anyway.

9. Good At Networking

In the earlier, more innocent days of the Internet, there used to be a thing called a blog ring. It’s where blogs of a particular type would come together and share links and resources and sometimes an audience between themselves. Although things like these no longer exist in the same fashion (thanks to the revamping of the code under Google’s hood) you still find a lot of blogs mutually sharing links to each other within a niche. Good bloggers use networking as a way to spread their presence and build their own personal brand. One of the most successful content marketing techniques that exist today is guest blogging. By using your professional network to leverage likes, shares and new visitors, you spread both the popularity of your blog and the attendant traffic that goes with it.

10. Helpful

The most important strength of a great blogger is their ability to be helpful. Good content is all about developing something that helps your readers. A lot of bloggers got started because their aim in blogging was to show off what they knew about this particular topic. When you start from this particular situation, you tend to find a lot of other people following in your footsteps, using your work as a draft for their own success. Bloggers (especially those in the field of self-improvement) are usually the kinds of people that spend their time helping others because it’s the right thing to do. Since niches are usually close knit, especially when there’s something that you can discuss freely and openly, you tend to find even users within a niche are happy to assist in any way. Blogging formed around the idea of community and this idea still exists to this day.

Tying it All Together

What really makes for a tantalizing blogger? All of these things do.

Put them together into a single package and you’ll have yourself a super-blogger.

Probably not every single one of the successful bloggers have every single one of these traits, but the ones they do have from this list, they utilize well.

Being a good blogger is, above all, about providing for your readers. It’s about giving back to your online community. It’s about helping those in need. Being a good blogger online stems from being a good person offline. How good a blogger can you be?

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  1. mahesh kummara
    mahesh kummara says:

    i got depressed in my blogging career many times, but i stick strongly & convinced myself, which made me to strengthen my skills.

  2. Strengths and Weaknesses
    Strengths and Weaknesses says:

    Focus is the best strength of every man. I love this blog of the fundamental strength of every blogger. Thank you for sharing this blog


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