A Christmas Poem for Marketers

A Content Marketing Christmas Poem

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Holiday Marketing

To say “it’s a holiday season like none other” is an understatement.

I’d explain why, but one word will suffice – (the) pandemic.

And, while the world stocked up on toilet paper, I was grateful to have sustained my daily dose of caffeine without a single downtrend in daily produced word count. (Bonus: I never stopped writing—I wrote a book over the pandemic, launching February 2021!)

But more than that, we at Express Writers have so much more to be grateful for.

Number one being this was yet another year of fate telling me how right I was nine years ago, to pursue my passion for writing and build this amazing content creation team we have today.

I’m so grateful we invested in a strong foundation of content many years ago that continues to bring in new leads and new business.

However, we know that the investment never stops. We continue to invest in our content creation efforts – and did so despite the events of this year.

And, if there’s one key takeaway from 2020, it’s to take nothing for granted.

To start the holiday week off, we have a treat for you – an original Christmas poem, from yours truly. Keep reading below it to get to my two wisdom nuggets to take into 2021.

A Christmas Poem for Marketers

Wrap up the crazy year of 2020 to a fun, memorable close - check out this short original remake of a classic Christmas poem by @JuliaEMcCoy of @ExpWriters. #OriginalPoem ???? Happy Holidays! Click To Tweet

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, And All Through The Content…

Let’s not forget it’s Christmas. I hope you get time to celebrate, relax, and enjoy.

To get you in the spirit, we decided to give the year 2020 a fun close with a short remake of a classic Christmas poem featuring a relevant, to-the-times twist. Keep scrolling to watch me narrate the poem!

A Christmas Poem for Marketers infographic

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, And All Through The Content… (A Content Marketing Christmas Poem) 

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not one skipped a hand wash, not even the mouse.

All went to sleep, but for me, a marketer,

Whose vacation never included leaving my front foyer.


Out on the lawn with stars glittering above,

My thoughts went adrift to the things that I love;

Team members, clients, students, my own audience;

Oh, how we survived this year with resilience.


No ‘unicorn ninjas,’ just safe and serene,

I laughed and recalled my pajama meeting,

How close I had been to losing my sanity;

Grateful, now my content has more empathy.


As I cared more for people, up went my metrics;

Thriving more than those with no online ethics.

More leads and subscribers truly counting on me;

My heart danced along with the wind in the tree.


’Twas the night of that year that the world saw it clear,

Great content was the one thing that didn’t disappear.

A splendid New Year awaits those who do it right;

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Julia Narrates Our Content Marketing Christmas Poem



2 Big Takeaways for Conscientious Marketers to Remember in 2021

Here are two more wisdom nuggets that you should take with you into 2021.

1. 2020 Was The Year We Learned the Online World Will Never Die

We watched the world shut down. Country after country.

It was a year filled with uncertainties – but not for the online world.

As we all kept indoors, we all had to rely on online support for help, online search for answers, and online content for updates.

During which, brands who’d been neglecting their online presence (or content house), scrambled to meet customer’s needs as fast as possible.

Everyone – across the globe – of every age, had to be online to thrive.

As a result, Google’s daily searches ballooned, from 3.5 BILLION searches per DAY in 2019, to over 6 BILLION per DAY this year. That’s an average of 70,000 online searches per second!

There is no greater time to be online than now.

And, I’m beyond grateful that many years ago, I cared enough to introduce the Content Differentiation Factor to help brand’s rise above the cut.

If it isn’t clear yet, this is your wake-up call to G.R.O.W. – online – now.

2. 2020 Was The Year Marketers Learned Building Trust is One of the Most Important Factors

In 2020, an Edelman report listed brand trust as the second most important factor your customers care about, right next to price. And they found that it is built when you actually do what you say. More than that, 80-85% expect brands to help them, as well as make a positive impact to society.

Even without Google’s numbers, marketers saw the opportunity – and took advantage in 2020 of the vaster online audience.

Some, to a negative extent. There were the ones piggybacking on trends, and making sure that they had something to say for just about every issue.

After all, isn’t that a strategy? Maybe, if you only want to go viral without tangible, clear results.

But, if you want conversions, then it’s SEO strategy plus empathy.

In the past, you could get away with “positioning” your brand as someone who cares about your customers, or the society, just by consistently posting blogs and newsletters, or having a great social media content strategy.

Not this year.

This year was all about supporting those, who deserved our support. And, as consumers all over the world experienced a great recession, we all made sure that money spent went to those who were helping make the world better.

As Edelman’s brand trust report showed, when consumers trust you: 75% will reward you with loyalty, 60% with engagement, and 78% will become advocates, going out of their way to share your content, recommend you, and even defend your brand.

Ready to uplevel in 2021? Check out G.R.O.W., my all-new live mentorship subscription community where you can achieve quick wins, high-level training, and direct and daily access to me + top mentors.

Wrapping Up 2020 with an Emphasis on Trust

We at Express Writers are rooting for you.

Make that shift to building a content house that’s worthy of your audience’s trust, and they’ll give you the means to turn it into a content palace. ?

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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