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Why Content Marketing is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Today, we’re living in a time when entrepreneurs are everywhere, and it’s exciting. As we head into 2017, the rise of entrepreneurs is seriously growing.

While starting a business used to be something reserved for those with extensive training or excess family money, just laying around and waiting to be spent, entrepreneurship has become something that everyone can access.

As a result, companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Dollar Shave Club, StitchFix and – hey – Express Writers! – has popped up as a result.

Today, however, people who are trying to get startups off the ground are struggling to figure out where to best invest their efforts, and which type of work will pay off most seriously down the road. Fortunately, the answer is straightforward: content marketing.

Those doing the “side hustle” will SERIOUSLY benefit from a blog and a web presence (and social media), aka, content marketing. Think about it for a moment: content marketing is low-cost compared to traditional advertising, it’s meant for the social media age, it performs well with customers who want to develop honest and long-lasting relationships with the companies they frequent, and some of it can even be done yourself, within reason.

Today, we’re here to talk about why content marketing is an entrepreneur’s best bet in terms of marketing, and how it can help new businesses grow from the ground up. Read on!

content marketing for the entrepreneur

Content: The Entrepreneur’s Lifeboat

Content is the one thing that will work when virtually nothing else does for the entrepreneur. Think about it: most forms of traditional marketing are expensive and time-consuming. While large enterprises might have the budget and the in-house staff to accommodate that, entrepreneurs seldom do, and content marketing can be much more accessible.

Although content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising, it generates triple the leads, which makes it an astoundingly perfect option for marketers who want to spread the word about their startups online. What’s more, since breaking into content marketing doesn’t require a huge staff, it’s easy to DIY some of it on your own, saving yourself money and learning something new in the process.

By developing an online presence, entrepreneurs can build their brand story, connect with their customers, and set themselves apart from their competitors. A social media presence can also serve to expand your reach and make it easier for you to connect with your followers – both online and in person.

7 Ways Content Marketing is Perfect Marketing for the Entrepreneur

Regardless of whether your startup sells tangible goods or services, here are seven incredibly strong benefits content marketing has to offer for entrepreneurs.

1. Content Marketing is Amazingly Cost Effective

Entrepreneurs rarely have a ton of money to start out with–unless they walked into inheritances like the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills did. 😛

But truly: self-startups don’t usually have an unlimited reservoir of funds. It’s usually the opposite. Funds are low, time is tight, resources slim. I began Express Writers with $75–trust me! I know what it’s like to start with nothing.

Enter content marketing as an effective way at building a brand and starting out when you’re doing the side hustle, trying to build your dream biz while you work on leaving your 9-5 that pays the bills.

Check this out. From one blog post (roughly a $50 investment, between resources and my time), I gained $5000 back – a 100x return on investment. A warm lead walked in from my blog, and converted on our content services at that amount. Proof that content marketing can be a strong endeavor for startups and those trying to brand themselves with limited finances.

life cycle of content

To repeat the cycle that I created, you want to focus on these three things:

  • Building your presence online (your website, starting a blog). Getting off the ground is key here!
  • Consistency. Build up that presence, don’t just start it. Blogging at least 2x/week, minimum, and pairing up social media to your content presence, is a good consistency to start with. (We blog up to 5x/week for maximum outreach and SEO results.)
  • Guest blog. Outreach and start putting together a list of key sites you’d like to blog on. Presence there is a tremendous key to the ROI of your content marketing. (My 100x ROI featured in the graphic above came from my column on SiteProNews.)

2. Content marketing helps you develop your unique brand voice

Today, the startups that make it big are the ones who know how to talk to their audiences like nobody else does – in their content, bleeding all the way through social media posts, pulsing through video marketing, shining through blog posts. The voice you establish in your content marketing is key to helping you stand out online.

Take, for example, Dollar Shave Club. Witty, a little edgy, and funny through and through, this is a startup that’s achieved billion-dollar valuation because of its content marketing.

dollar shave club

Without content marketing, it’s tough to spread your voice the way Dollar Shave Club has done. In fact, it’s tough to be heard at all. Content is the one central factor that allows marketers to be heard in various places across the web, and it’s the one guaranteed way for small business owners and founders to showcase their unique brand voice to all the critical customers out there who want to listen.

To succeed with content marketing, founders must first have an idea of their overarching brand message and how best to leverage it. This will help people connect with the message and will make it easier for readers and customers to connect with online information. It will also help produce continuity in brand messaging, which will make it easier for a startup to grow in the coming years.

3. Content marketing can welcome people into your world

As a founder, you live a life that people are interested in being a part of. Even if you’ve never met many of your customers personally, they want to know who you are, how you come up with your products, where you work, and who you work with. By giving them these details in the form of content marketing materials or social media updates, you can help develop bonds between your company and its customers, and build ongoing relationships that will serve to uplift both your employees and your clients now and in the future.

To leverage your content marketing to make the most of this, use platforms like Periscope to share live-stream, behind-the-scenes videos or to provide exclusive glimpses into products or launches. Your customer will thank you, and you’ll develop a devoted following.

4. Content marketing can enhance engagement

Every entrepreneur wants a more engaged audience, and content marketing can help. Critical to building ongoing relationships with your audience, engagement is one of the necessary offshoots of content marketing. To boost engagement, post frequent blog posts on topics relevant to your audience and engage with your social accounts regularly. In addition to increasing your SEO (more on this in a second) and building your online presence, this will also render you better prepared to reach your customers in the ways they want to be reached. Finally, you’ll succeed in creating organic attention and publicity for your products, goods, or services by simply pushing out valuable content to your readers.

5. Use content marketing to bounce ideas off your readers

Ever wish you could poll your readers and ask what they think about something? Now you can! Social media is a fantastic place to poll your readers. When it’s done correctly, this approach can help you develop a solid strategy for your products, goods, and services, and enjoy an ongoing connection with the people who help you stay in business.

To use social media to boost your engagement, use Facebook or Twitter to ask your readers’ questions regarding the type of content they prefer and where they want to interact with it. Start a group, or a Twitter chat! Social activity, especially leading a group or new hashtag cause, can go a long way toward enhancing your content strategy and even help you become a more successful business owner.

6. Content marketing is critical for SEO

Part of the battle of being a founder is positioning yourself in a way that allows people to discover you online. Fortunately, content marketing helps with this by providing a fantastic SEO boost. Every time you publish a new post on your blog, for example, you give Google a new page to index. Every time you reach out on social media, you give your audience something to share and engage with, all of which boosts your SEO and helps people find and share your brand.

This is essential for your business and can be one of the major factors that determine whether your brand succeeds or fails in the long run.

7. Content marketing is an excellent way to build trust

Want to build confidence in your customers? Look no further than content marketing. Too many entrepreneurs and small business owners make the mistake of going right in for the kill with a new prospect. This, in turn, makes it difficult for prospects to trust your company because they feel as if they’re always being sold, and people don’t like that. To prevent this from happening and ensure that your brand remains trustworthy and exciting for your customers, turn your attention to content marketing.

In addition to branding you as a customer-focused brand that cares more about providing value than you do about making sales, content marketing can also help give your readers a reason to trust you. When you provide valuable, educational, informative content for free before you try to “sell” your readers anything, you succeed in creating a dynamic and symbiotic relationship in which your customers want you around as much as you need them around.

Content Marketing: The Marketing of Choice for Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, content marketing is the way of the future. Designed to help new marketers enjoy the marketing ROI not typically associated with traditional advertising, content marketing is an effective way to build attention online, gain new readers, and develop trust with customers. What’s more, it’s also a great way for you as a founder to build your voice and uncover your unique brand identity – both of which are central to successful startups everywhere!

With this in mind, develop your content marketing focus by doing simple things like establishing a blog, developing a social media presence, and becoming active in various online communities. In addition to engaging your current readers, you’ll gain new ones in the process.

Looking for a team of writers with small-business experience to help you get your new venture off the ground? Contact Express Writers about your needs! We LOVE writing great copy for startups and entrepreneurs. 

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