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How Professional Copywriting Services Can Keep You Sane (& Save You Time)

If you work in online marketing, you probably know what it feels like to have too much to do, and not enough time.

While this applies to virtually all sectors of running a business, it’s especially true for content creation.

We live in an increasingly digital world, and there have never been more platforms to maintain than there are today.

Between a website, a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and marketing content like ebooks and whitepapers–it’s amazing all marketers don’t just pull their hair out, really.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

While it’s true that the content demands of today are more intense than they’ve ever been before, it’s also true that the popularity of professional copywriting services has exploded, and that using quality copywriting services is an excellent way to put out great content without going nuts in the process. Read on to learn more.

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How Professional Copywriting Services Can Save the Day

need a writer superhero

Flyin’ through words, shaping them up.

Professional copywriters are the heroes of online content–no joke about it.

While brands everywhere want to produce the kind of quality material they read on the websites and blogs of influencers, virtually nobody has the time, skill, or resources to do this on their own.

Right now, only 42% of B2B marketers report that their content marketing is effective, and most experts believe that this is, in large part, because most marketers simply don’t have the time to create the content their brands need.

This is where copywriting services come in.

For businesses ranging from startups to major enterprises, copywriting services have the potential to fully overhaul a marketing strategy and help founders, CEOs, and CCOs reclaim their sanity in a fast-paced world.

5 Signs You Need Professional Copywriting Services

Still not convinced you need professional copywriting services? Take a moment to consider whether any of these five signs apply to you.

1. You’re behind on publishing blog posts, social posts, or website updates

If you have an editorial calendar or plan, but you’ve found that you’re so busy you can’t keep up with it, you need copywriting services STAT!

Neil Patel wrote a blog this August on what happens when you stop blogging. In the study, Patel took a look at Robert Ryan, who didn’t post anything for 251 days – 8 months, 7 days.

His traffic…

  • overall fell by 32%
  • organically dropped by 42%
  • contact page traffic was down by 15%
  • total site conversions were down by 28%

That’s an awful lot.

Don’t be that person that stops blogging, because you don’t have time. Instead, turn to copywriting services to help take some of the stress of content creation off of your shoulders. If you choose the right solution, you’ll come across copywriting experts who have a real interest in helping your brand succeed–so you may even learn a thing or two by hiring copywriting experts.

2. Your online content isn’t converting the way you want it to

Maybe you’re keeping up with your content creation responsibilities, but you do not see much engagement in return. If this is the case, copywriting services are a very good idea. Online marketing is tough, and it’s easy to miss the mark without knowing exactly how it’s happening.

If you’re not seeing conversions, shares, or likes, an online copywriting expert may be able to come in and give you some insight into why. What’s more, they’ll likely be able to help you turn the trend on its head.

3. You’re starting to receive negative comments

If you’ve noticed that the engagement your content is seeing is taking a turn for the worse, it’s time to enlist copywriting services. Every marketer goes through growing pains with content, and as long as you catch negative engagement early, it’s easy to turn it around and reclaim your positive interactions.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s critical to act quickly. Hire professional copywriting services as soon as you start to see negative online comments, rather than letting it persist for weeks or months at a time.

4. You’re starting to repeat yourself

If you’ve noticed that you’re repeating topics, a few things may be to blame. One common cause is a stagnant keyword strategy. If you haven’t researched new keyword opportunities recently, copywriting services can often provide in-depth keyword analysis that can provide new life for your content.

If your keyword strategy is up to date, the issue may simply be your proximity to the topics. As you think and write about a subject regularly, it becomes harder to keep the content fresh. Because of this, hiring copywriting services is often an excellent way to add a new perspective and continue providing value to readers.

5. You’re running out of time or getting stressed

Content creation is too important to sacrifice, but it still shouldn’t come at the cost of your well-being or sanity. If you’re finding that you don’t have enough time for content creation, or that the responsibility of populating all of your various platforms is driving you crazy, hire copywriting services to help.

Because a copywriting service is dedicated specifically to content creation and distribution, it can help you bear the burden of content creation without sacrificing other aspects of your business in the process.

Simple, Streamlined Content Creation Starts Here

Let’s be frank: content creation shouldn’t be as difficult as everyone makes it out to be!

While it’s true that great content takes time, effort, and work, marketers can have their cake and eat it, too, by hiring professional copywriting services.

Dedicated to crafting quality content for brands, copywriting services are ideal for helping your brand build its online presence, create higher-quality content, develop material readers love and want to interact with, and build a level of authority and relevance online.

While many brands assume that they don’t need copywriting services and that they can manage their online presence on their own, the fact of the matter is that copywriting services apply to everyone and that every brand has something to be gained from hiring copywriters.

So, whether you’re too busy to create quality content or you aren’t seeing real results from your content, expert copywriting services can help you strengthen your brand and improve the functionality, relevance, authority, and interest of your online content.

This, in turn, is something that’s good for both your brand and your readers!

Need professional copywriting services to boost your business? We can help – we have some of the best copywriters in the industry!

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A Professional Copywriter’s Guide to Writing Creative Content for Boring Industries

Ashley A. is a full-time copywriter at Express Writers.

Let’s face it: being a professional copywriter often means writing about boring industries.

While these industries may be incredibly worthwhile (RV rentals, for example, or tax compliance for expats), they’re far from titillating.

Yet, our job is to make them seem like the best thing since sliced bread. Sound challenging? It is!

I’ve been a full-time copywriter for years now, and, in that time, I’ve been asked to write about everything: from moving services to how to collect canine fecal samples.

At times, maintaining creativity in the content I write for these companies has been challenging, but it’s a skill all good copywriters need to learn.

Without it, you risk crafting sub-par content that does nothing to advance your client’s online presence and may, in fact, harm their reputation.

So with that in mind, it’s clear that the role a professional copywriter plays in learning to craft creative content is critically important – even (and especially) when the topic isn’t that exciting, to begin with.

professional copywriter guide to boring industries

A Professional Copywriter’s Guide: 5 Tips to Crafting Unique Content for Boring Industries

Stumped on how to write unique content for uninspiring topics?

Check out these five tips:

1. Find the Story Within the Brand or Topic

Even if a storyline doesn’t immediately leap out at you, every brand has one, and every topic needs one. When I’m asked to write about something that strikes me as ho-hum or downright dry, the first thing I do is get to work locating the story.

For example, the company offering RV rentals doesn’t want a blog post outlining the features of each RV – it wants content that inspires people to take the leap and rent an RV for the trip of a lifetime. The brand selling tax compliance services doesn’t want an elaborate list of impossible-to-decipher tax laws – it wants a compelling landing page that demonstrates how the services offered can help expats live the American dream.

When you consider the larger climate of marketing, it’s clear that copywriters are out there working on every single day. Need an example? Consider Febreze, which was on the brink of becoming a multi-million dollar failure until some creative copywriter somewhere discovered how to tell a story customers could connect with.

Case in point? Every brand has a story, and it’s your job to find creative ways to tease it out.

2. Put Yourself in the Reader’s Shoes

For a professional copywriter, one of the most effective ways to make a boring industry interesting is to put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

What are they looking for from this content? How can you arrange it in a way that better addresses their needs or provides more useful answers to their questions? What extra touch could you add to make it special?

Consideration for the reader should be the core of your writing process, and you’ll typically find that viewing content from the reader’s perspective is an efficient way to find a creative approach and stick with it.

3. Understand that All Content has Value (As Long as It’s Well-Written)

Even the topics that seem mundane have value.

When you think about how and why the internet functions, it’s clear that the entire thing is a massive information-delivery service.

People around the country and the world need to learn new things, find new information and answer difficult questions. And when these needs crop up, they head to Google.

While articles with titles like “How to Collect a Canine Fecal Sample” aren’t what most copywriters consider the assignment of a lifetime, this lofty attitude doesn’t ultimately get us anywhere. Because here’s the thing: all content has value.

While it may not be glamorous, somebody somewhere needs this information, and your job as a professional copywriter is to put it together in a clear, useful, and helpful way.

When you view content this way, instead of looking down your nose at the topics that don’t immediately thrill you, it becomes apparent that giving everything you write your all is one of the best and most compassionate ways you can serve your clients and readers.

4. Develop a metaphor

Sometimes, it’s just really hard to make a topic creative, and in these cases, one of the best things you can do is create a metaphor.

For example, we’ve got a post on the Express Writers blog about persuasive copywriting. While the words “persuasive copywriting” on their own might not make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, saying that persuasive copywriting is the unicorn of online content will probably strike you as much more interesting.

The moral of the story is this: if you can’t find a way to make a topic interesting, consider likening it to something that is.

Metaphor works wonders in online content, and tying a dry topic to something more compelling or unique is an excellent way to help your readers connect with the subject matter.

5. Make the Most of Statistics

One smart way to make a dry topic exciting is to draw in relevant statistics.

For example, what if I told you that lots of people get hurt by icicles?


Now, what if I told you that icicles kill more than 100 people in Russia each year?

That’s more interesting, right?

The human brain is wired to love specificity, and bringing in relevant facts and statistics is one of the best ways to get people to perk their ears up for a less-than-tantalizing topic. Plus, high-quality statistics are readily available for virtually every topic under the sun.

Don’t believe me? Vending machines kill approximately 13 people each year.

No, get busy researching.

Professional Copywriters Rejoice: Creative Content is Possible, Even for Boring Businesses

While the clients you write for are all doing their best to serve their customers and solve problems, some industries are just plain boring.

Luckily, we don’t have to fault them for this.

As a professional copywriter, your job is not to critique the industries we all work within. Instead, it is to find a way to craft compelling, unique content for every company and topic that comes our way.

So whether it’s male baldness or how to safely lick and seal envelopes, these five tips can help you find the “meat” of a topic and connect with it in a way that benefits your readers and clients in all industries.

Need a professional copywriter for your (boring or not) projects? We’ve got just the service for you! Visit our Content Shop.

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10 Indispensable Reasons Why You Need Professional Web Copywriting Services

Let’s face it – some things just require skill.

You wouldn’t hire a carpenter to give you a root canal, would you?

Nor would you head to a sandwich shop for auto body work.

Some professional skills are best left to professionals and trying to outsource them to anything less results in a poor job (at best) and a complete disaster (at worst).

This is as true for web copywriting services as it is for anything else—perhaps even more so.

When it comes to your online content, nothing but the best will (and should) do, and there are dozens of great reasons to hire professional web copywriting services.

A lot of this has to do with Google and their current standards.

Read on to learn more.

Let’s face it – some things just require skill. You wouldn’t hire a carpenter to give you a root canal. Nor would you head to a sandwich shop for auto body work. Don't hire a non-writer to write your content. @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

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The Real Reasons Businesses Need Professional Web Copywriting Services

Why do you need web copywriting services?

Let me count the ways…

First of all, Google doesn’t exactly love hack jobs pretending to be copywriters.

Last year, the search engine released a document called the “Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.” The original document was 160 pages (it’s since been updated to 146), and it dispersed all sorts of useful information about how Google’s quality evaluators were to assign rankings to websites.

One of the most important things the guidelines laid out, though, is the need for professional web copywriting services.

Shocked? Stay with us.

In the original version of the guidelines, Google went to great pains to define two critical acronyms: EAT and YMYL. Here’s what you need to know:


EAT stands for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.” According to Google’s guidelines, high-quality pages have high levels of EAT. Low-quality pages don’t. According to section 4.5 of the guidelines themselves, “High-quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.”

While Google stops here to clarify that “expert” pages can cover topics ranging from fashion and gossip to specialty pages, it’s clear that the search engine wants to see authoritative, quality content – no matter the topic.

How do you get quality content?

You hire expert web copywriting services.

You see, great content is about more than just knowledge. It’s also about structure, formatting, SEO, and linking. By hiring web copywriting services that specialize in your given industry, you get all of the knowledge required for a high-EAT page, combined with the technical know-how that’s needed to rank well.

Talk about a winning combination.


YMYL stands for “Your money or your life.” This acronym is a lot like EAT in that it defines what good pages should have, but it’s also different because it talks about a particular subset of pages. You see, YMYL pages are those that, according to the guidelines, “could potentially impact the future happiness, health, or financial stability of users.”

Examples of these pages include the following:

  • Financial or shopping pages: Any website that allows customers to make purchases or pay their bills online is a YMYL page
  • Pages that provide financial information: Any page that offers financial advice on topics ranging from investments, retirement, or taxes is a YMYL page
  • Pages that provide medical information: Any page that provides information about drugs, diseases, mental health and well-being, or nutrition is considered by Google to be a YMYL page
  • Pages that provide legal information: Pages that offer legal advice or information on critical things like divorce proceedings, child custody, or immigration are YMYL pages
  • Any page that may impact the health, safety, or wellbeing of people: Other pages may be considered YMYL pages if the content within them has a significant impact on people. Consider the example of a car repair website, for instance, which tells consumers how to replace their car’s brakes. If written poorly, this page could have a negative impact on the safety of the people reading it.

When it comes to YMYL pages, professional web copywriting services are especially needed. Because Google pays extra attention to these pages, it’s critical to get them right, and hiring a team of expert copywriters, editors, and SEOs is a great place to start.

According to Google, high-quality content should have EAT and YMYL. Know more about these two critical acronyms in this post on why you should hire web #copywritingservices Click To Tweet

10 Good Reasons to Hire Professional Web Copywriting Services

Still not sold on the need for professional web copywriting services?

Here are ten solid reasons to jump onboard.

1. Hiring a team of professionals means you’ll save time

Content marketing is a time-consuming business! When you look at social media alone, the statistics are staggering: 64% of marketers spend 6 hours each week on social media, 41% spend 11 hours or more, and 19% spend upwards of 20 hours each week on their social media accounts!

With these numbers in mind, it’s not difficult to see how hiring professional web copywriting services can free up lots of time, energy, and resources. By turning content creation, distribution, and SEO over to a skilled professional, you allow yourself to reclaim critical time to focus on other things – like running your company.

This, in turn, improves everything about the way your business operates and ensures that your social, blog, and on-page content isn’t suffering for lack of time.


2. Professional web copywriting services take a third-party approach

As paradoxical as it may seem, many companies have a difficult time explaining their services.

When you hire professional web copywriting services, though, this problem is a thing of the past. A team of skilled copywriters can evaluate your mission statement and services and craft an intelligible, comprehensive, and compelling statement about what it is that you do and why customers need it.

This, in turn, creates more interesting content and prevents you from getting stuck in that odd, “I don’t want to toot my horn” place.

3. Expert web copywriting services can keep you in line with trends

One of the best ways for a company to demonstrate its relevance and validity is to stay abreast of current industry and social trends.

Right now, for example, companies like Content Marketing Institute are using the Olympics as a foundation to create unique, fun content that appeals to their readers.

Without the help of web copywriting services, it’s unlikely that you have the time, energy, or (let’s be frank) attention span to create this type of on-trend content on your own.

When you hand your content creation and distribution over to the pros, though, you can rest assured that your copywriters will take a look at your industry and the world around you and use current events to make your content more relevant and exciting to users.

This, in turn, sets you apart from the competition and makes it easier to stand out in your industry.

4. Grammar & spelling issues? Not with web copywriting services

Grammar and spelling are tricky things, and even the best brands get it wrong from time to time.

Think, for a moment, about Old Navy, which famously released a sports t-shirt that featured the slogan, “Lets go!”

Old Navy screenshot

While this snafu may be funny now (and only because you’re not Old Navy), these mistakes can do significant damage to a company’s image.

Luckily, businesses that hire web copywriting services have better protection against these types of easily preventable errors. With the help of professional web copywriters, it’s easy to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes and to ensure that all content that gets published is content that deserves to be online.

5. Web copywriting services can help boost creativity

Many major companies blog dozens of times each month. With that kind of demand, it’s easy to understand how coming up with topics would be difficult.

Fortunately, web copywriting services are used to this type of thing and have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to keep creating quality content, no matter the demand.

From crawling your competitors’ pages to conducting keyword research and social listening, there are dozens of ways web copywriting services keep you fresh, creative, and on-trend. While going stale in your content is a real risk for busy companies, hiring professional web copywriting services can help you avoid this problem.

6. Web copywriting services can spot SEO pitfalls

If you’re not up-to-the-minute on today’s big SEO topics, that’s understandable. SEO changes more often than Kim Kardashian’s husbands, and it’s difficult to stay abreast of what’s going on. Unless that is, it’s your full-time job.

Web copywriting firms do more than just write content, they also conduct keyword research, implement good SEO, and spend a great deal of time learning about Google’s recent changes and updates.

When all of these things combine, you get a quality, trustworthy series of web copywriting services that can truly help your company grow.

Using copy-and-paste meta descriptions? Lacking alt. text for your photos?

Not optimizing your pages correctly?

A good web copywriter will be able to spot these things and remedy them before they damage your rankings.

Web copywriting firms do more than just write content, they also conduct keyword research, implement good SEO, and spend a great deal of time learning about Google’s recent changes and updates. - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

7. Web writers can cater to different content formats

To craft a well-rounded content presence, you’ll need to expand out into different content formats. Unfortunately, many companies only know what they know. If you’ve been writing blogs for five years, and the prospect of an infographic terrifies you, web copywriting services are right up your alley.

In addition to helping you understand which types of content are trending in your industry, a good team of professionals will also be able to help you create content that works for your company and your readers.

For example, a web copywriting service may recommend that you create a mixture of textual, video, and visual content to engage your audience.

Then they’ll help you do it. How’s that for full-service?

8. Web copywriting services can act as advisors

Have a question you don’t know where to turn to and ask?

Always curious about how you should capitalize those headers?

Wondering what your audience would like to see on social media?

If you’ve hired web copywriting services, you have a source to turn to.

In addition to creating quality content, web copywriting services also have their toes in the industry and possess a deep understanding of what it means to succeed within it. Because of this, they can often advise you on everything from the best SEO practices to how best to display your content. This can be invaluable to companies who are trying to build their reputation or get found online.

9. Web copywriters are diverse

If you’re concerned about sounding like all of your competitors, hiring web copywriting services is a smart idea.

In addition to helping differentiate your voice and keep your content fresh, good web copywriting services can also help you build your unique brand voice, which can go a long way toward inspiring customer recognition and building relationships that last with your consumers.

10. Skilled copywriters just make it all easier

We live in a unique time: while the sky is the limit in terms of online success, building a great online business is hard, and you need a good team behind you to make it work.

When you hire professional copywriting services, you gain immediate access to a team of online experts who know what it takes to build a good brand in today’s web-based climate.

From SEO to content creation and social media, web copywriting services can alleviate some of the burdens of growing your business and help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

From SEO to content creation and social media, web copywriting services can alleviate some of the burdens of growing your business and help you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

The Case for Good Web Copywriting Services

Great web copywriting is worth its weight in gold.

By helping you create unique, relevant, targeted content, and push it out to your readers in a way that works for your company, these services can help you grow your online business and gain a real and lasting spot in Google’s coveted SERPs.

Content creation is hard enough as it is, and you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Professional web copywriting services can help streamline your company’s growth and create an environment where you, your customers, and your copy all work together seamlessly.

To get custom, high-quality professional web copywriting services for your content marketing, visit our Content Shop today!

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