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10 Deadly, No-Good Scenarios That Could Happen If You DIY All Your Web Copy By Yourself

DIY web copy: it’s not the worst thing in the world to do yourself, right?

I mean, half the DIY projects on Pinterest that are in the intermediate-advanced level would be 10x harder, right?

Actually, you might be surprised.

Do-it-yourself web copy is a fate that befalls many business owners, but it can be seriously dangerous if DIY’ed without thought, skill, or care. Worse than you know.

(Cue the Addams Family Values theme song…)

While there are plenty of people out there who are perfectly capable of creating their own online web copy, there are many who don’t know how to do it, or who think they can handle it all by themselves and realize in the middle of a publishing schedule that they can’t. Don’t get lost in one of these scenarios: keep reading to find out why (and when) the DIY line for web copy stops. Save yourself, before it’s too late! (/end cue)

don't DIY web copy

10 Deadly Scenarios that Could Happen to YOU If You DIY Your Web Copy

Don’t make the same mistakes others have done (RIP, copy that never converted a single soul).

Read our ten deadly scenarios that could happen to you if you DIY your own web copy:

1. You could die

I’m not kidding. DIY-ing your web content can be deadly!

It’s deathly exhausting, and, if you don’t call for help, you may soon find yourself buried beneath a pile of papers, fingers stuck to the keyboards, struggling for breath.

30% of marketers spend between 1-5 hours each week on social media content creation, for example, and people who don’t ask for help can quickly find themselves overwhelmed and overworked. With this in mind, save your content and your life by asking for help from a team of skilled writers. Not only will your content come out better, but you may save your sanity in the process.

2. Or, Google could kill you

If you don’t kill yourself first (literally and figuratively) from all the hard work of content writing, Google is a pretty all-powerful internet entity, and you don’t want to get on their bad side.

Unfortunately, this is easy to do when you DIY your web content. Simple things that can easily get missed: citing low-quality sources, plagiarizing content, or simply writing badly can land you in hot water with the Google Gods. Write and publish bad content, Google doesn’t want you showing well in their search engine. Death–by robots.

Just another way that DIY-ing your web content can be dangerous, and it’s one that every professional writer everywhere wants to save you from.

3. Die the death of bad writing

This is one of the most real threats of DIY-ing your online content – you could just suck at it. And here’s the really terrifying part: you don’t even need to be a bad writer to suck at it! Online writing is complex, and few people (aside from those people who are professionally trained in the industry) know how to do it well every time.

While writing badly may not seem that awful, it can have a big, ugly impact on your rankings, and could actually cause bad thing #1 and #2 on this list to happen to you!

4. Miss out on good keywords, and thus, you die (exist online without traffic)

Did you know that optimizing content for online writing is vitally important?

That means picking, finding, and researching the best keywords for your copy, the ones that actually have a shot at being included–long-tails, to be specific.

If you did, the chances are good that you don’t actually know how to optimize your online content. This is one of the worst sins of DIY content, and it’s also one of the easiest to avoid. Have a professional writer do it for you, and avoid this deadly and embarrassing scenario.

5. The world could end as you know it

There’s so much low-quality on the web already that I would not be surprised to see the poor interwebs simply stop spinning one of these days, so weighed down it is by all of the crappy content in existence.

Don’t be the one that pushes it over the edge!

A professional writer can give you high-quality, professional material. Copy that won’t make the world as we know it come to a screeching halt.

6. You could plagiarize something, and thus, die

Even if you’re not copying and pasting someone’s site, plagiarism (duplication of someone else’s content) happens.

It happens in the form of copied meta descriptions, paraphrased content that sticks too close to its original source, and non-cited quotes and copied material.

Plagiarized content has devastating effects on your Google ranking, and more, so it’s critical to avoid it entirely. Besides Google, if someone catches wind that you “copied” your content off someone else, the reputation results are dire.

Don’t let these fates befall you!

7. You could lose readers, and die

Writing boring, flabby, or icky content at any point?

Any existing reader you had will leave and, when they do, you’re going to wish they hadn’t – there goes the lifeblood of your online content (the real, alive, human reader).

Keep them around by writing better content from the get-go, with the help of a professional writer. It will save you time and money and will boost the effectiveness of your content across the board.

8. Stagnation in topic areas you know (death from boredom)

If you’re DIY-ing your content, but you’re in a rush, you’re not pushing yourself to get better. That means stagnation of the worst kind–content that gets repetitive, boring, and useless.

With this in mind, skip the sad effort altogether and outsource your content to a reliable writer. They’ll make it great again and you’ll get to succeed in the other areas of your business!

9. You could make an embarrassing typo, and die a grammar convict’s death

Ever seen someone picked apart online for a typo? It’s happened – even to major brands.

You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of typing “pubic” rather than “public” throughout all of your content, but that’s what so many DIY-ers end up with. Save yourself the embarrassing typo and ongoing repercussions by hiring a professional writer at the outset.

10. You could miss the mark

DIY-ing your content presents one big error: that you’ll miss the mark. Nobody will like and share and your content will be left high and dry, to fend for itself out in the wild web. When a professional writer comes in, though, you can avoid this fate and ensure great content all the way across.

The Case for Not DIYing Your Online Content

While many people believe they can DIY their online content, this is one place you should definitely bring in a professional. In addition to the fact that DIY online content can be low-quality, it’s also time-consuming and difficult for small business owners to manage on their own.

With this in mind, avoid the many problems that come with DIY content by simply hiring a professional writer. These writers can come in, work with your company, and help you craft really outstanding online content that doesn’t result in death or dismemberment by the Google gods. What’s more, they can also save you time, money, and grey hairs.

What’s not to love? 

If you’re looking for quality writers to help you develop your online content, visit our Content Shop to get started today!

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