Engagement, shareability, and even going viral. It’s what we all want out of our blogging. But how exactly do you get there? How do you keep a reader engaged enough (to read past the first word)? How do you get to the level of going viral and getting excess shares? One way is to teach through your blogging. It’s simple—start teaching your clients and visitors with your blog. Let’s take a look at why you should teach your clients, the benefits, and few examples of how you can do this!

Why Should You Teach Your Clients?

One of the main reasons you want to teach your client base is to keep them engaged with your blogs. Sure, the few blogs about your company are entertaining, but they do not provide value for your readers. Your services landing pages are where you can tell people about your company, what you offer, and more, but your blog is your chance to give your customers something of high value. People love being able to learn from businesses because it feels like they are getting something for free. This encourages them to use your company in the future for whatever their particular needs are. Marketing Land points out that when anyone encounters a problem they can’t solve on their own, they head right on over to the nearest search engine. This gives you the amazing opportunity to rank quickly and bring in new customers!

What Are The Benefits of Teaching through Blogging?

Teaching is something that is perfect for every company with a blog to do. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you will see when you teach your clients through your blog:
1. Keep Visitors Engaged In Your Writing. One of the key benefits of teaching is that you are able to keep your visitors engaged in your blogs. It is easy for people to just skim and skip your content if it doesn’t offer anything that they want or need. If you start teaching people, they will keep reading your blog. You may even see that people do more than just skim your blog because people can’t learn just by skimming (though some do try!).
2. Convert Visitors Into Customers. You know that it is important to convert those visitors to customers, but you might find that it is quite difficult to do. Teaching through your blog is a great way to do just this. You will show visitors that you offer something pretty awesome and they might consider using your company in the future, or even purchase something that day! Doesn’t it seem like a great idea to start teaching your clients? Offer them something of value to show your visitors that you really are the company to go with.
3. Create Longtime Customers. If you continually offer something that has value, you will find that your customers are more apt to stay with you for a long time. We all love receiving consistent information that can help us in our everyday problems and are more likely to stick with a company that offers something no one else does. Just think about it; are you more likely to stay with a company that never offers any helpful information on a certain task or problem? Or are you more likely to stay with a company that consistently offers you valuable information? We know that we’d prefer a company who gave us consistent useful information!
4. You Get A Competitive Edge When Teaching. Teaching is still something that seems relatively new, and as Mack Collier points out, if you teach, you get a strong competitive edge. This is a great way to start beating your competition and you might even bring over a few of your competition’s client base just by simply teaching people. Obviously, your competition might learn from you to teach others, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are worlds ahead of them already.
5. Content With Value Is More Apt To Be Shared. In the same article mentioned above, Mark Collier explains that content with value is more likely to be shared on social sites. The more your content is shared, the closer you will get to have something go viral. Viral content is something that most companies really want because it will get them noticed by more people and grow their client base significantly. There are several different ways that viral content can be achieved; teaching your customers is just one of many.
6. Your Brand Becomes More Trusted. Hubpsot points out thatyou will find clients are more likely to trust your brand if you teach them, than if your blog doesn’t offer anything valuable. They can give your brand excellent reviews and you will stand out amongst all of the others in your industry. Teaching can really help your reputation management and keep your reputation higher. As you well know, reputation is crucial in the online world and is what can make or break your business. Teaching will help you keep that reputation up.
7. Overall Happy Customers. According to the same Hubspot article mentioned above, you will find that clients will be generally happy when they are learning from your business. What you are doing is showing your client base that you appreciate them enough to give them help and information for free. As stated previously, customers will be more likely to share your business with others, and you will find that if a particular blog post really resonates with them, they will share it. Happy customers make for a happy business.

How Do You Teach Through Your Blog?

You are now probably thinking, “well, those benefits sure sound great! But how do I go about teaching through blogging?” We are going to give you a few tips on just how to teach through your blog and offer some excellent, valuable content for your clients.
1. Offer DIY Projects. People really enjoy DIY projects; just take a look at Pinterest! Offer your client base a project that is relatively easy to do that will not end up as a “Pinterest Fail.” This can give people the ability to try something on their own, which will help them trust your company. You can even follow it up with a statement that if a customer needs further help that your business can do just that.
2. Give People A Fun History Lesson. Sometimes, it can be fun to learn about the history of your products, services, or industry. Give a little history lesson in your next blog post to give people the backstory to your items. This will make your company seem more like humans run it and give people a feeling of connection with you. Make sure that you make the history fun and exciting. If you find that the written blog might be too overwhelming, make it into a handy infographic or turn it into a fun video.
3. Offer Free e-Books. Freebies are something we all love and you can utilize this perfectly when teaching customers, while giving them something for free. Places such as offer great free e-books for their clients and gives them the ability to learn about the latest, greatest ways to market their business. This makes their client base feel appreciated while also making sure that Moz is able to keep their base. Consider crafting an e-book to send out to your client base or maybe offer one when someone signs up to become a client. Either way, you are offering your clients an excellent resource for their business, making them more likely to stay with you and to share information about your business with their peers.
4. Hire Guest Bloggers To Offer Other Information. Another great way to teach people is to ask guest bloggers to write for your blog. This gives you access to more information and a different viewpoint on particular lessons that you might not have been able to give. You will find that a guest blogger can offer quite a bit in the way of useful information to your client base, and it also helps to keep your content fresh and ever-growing. Make sure your guest bloggers know what you expect from them and give them a set of guidelines to help them adhere to what you want in a guest blog.
5. Research What Your Customers Want To Learn About. While the above ideas are perfect ways to begin teaching your client base, make sure you also research what your clients want to learn about. You can do this by gathering questions to email your clients, setting up polls, or asking on your blog. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to give their input.

In Closing

You will start noticing that you bring in more revenue and that you maintain a client base when you start teaching your clients. Offer newsletters, blogs, emails, or whatever format you want to teach and your customers will keep coming back to you for more information! Now is your chance to sit down and start outlining a few excellent teaching pieces!