Picture this…

You’re eating some turkey with a side of potatoes and gravy. The smell of thyme and rosemary overwhelm your senses. The fresh cornbread stuffing aroma dances across your nose. The tart and sweet blend of cranberry sauce in the distance…


Now, let’s move to content. Did you know that product descriptions, blog posts and even website content can all be tailored to your target holiday using inspirations from that holiday?

Sights, sounds, smells, and tastes all recharge your existing content and make it holiday-ready. But here’s the million-dollar question…

How do you take something as delicious as Grandma’s turkey and create killer content for your brand that inspires readers to take action during the holidays?

To find out, let’s dive into the gravy boat:

how to write holiday content

5 Tips for Better Holiday Content and Holiday-Driven Conversions

The holidays are prime time for site owners. It’s an opportunity to take the content you have, revamp it, and make it appeal to those shopping for the season. Before you start hyperventilating at the idea of rewriting all the content, eek: keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be super hard if you have some direction.

Here are our five best tips (scroll past the infographic by our amazing designer for the full details):

5 Tips for Creating Tasty Content Infographic for Thanksgiving

1. Add a Taste of Seasons’ Greetings to Your Homepage

We’re not suggesting you go crazy here.

Think of it like decorating your online presence with a Christmas wreath. Adding in a little holiday spirit creates a sense of festivity and shows that you’re all about the season, says GetResponse.

Add some images that represent the holiday, like a pumpkin and some fall leaves. (For Christmas, add in snowflakes, a snowman, and possibly some Christmas lights.)

Look at Sephora. This online beauty retailer created a festive, cute way to display their highlighted products and all they added was a little red ribbon and holiday cheer.


Simple changes go a long way, folks.

2. Play on the Sayings of the Season

There’s plenty of inspiration when you think about famous sayings of the season.

Take HBO for example. In 2015, they created their 12 Days of HBO Now header for their homepage. It played on the 12 Days of Christmas, had a little festivity, and reminded you of the upcoming season.

12 days

Think about your favorite holiday songs or sayings. TinyPrints shares a list of their favorite Christmas sayings that you can use for inspiration.

Want some humor in your Thanksgiving posts? Then take some quote inspiration shared by Brandon Specktor at Reader’s Digest.

Bottom line, take a phrase, lyric or common saying of the holidays and twist it to benefit your holiday pitch.

3. Create Holiday Specific Content that is Helpful to Viewers

Now is the time to show off your strengths.

Flex your wordsmith muscles and get to work!

You can share your industry insider tips, tricks, and even guides to everything holiday.

Of course, it needs to be relevant to what you’re offering or selling on your website.

For example, you sell beauty products.

For a holiday twist, add in some tips and guide posts into your content marketing plan. Such as offering eyeshadow tips unique to Christmas. Talk about what lipsticks to wear that won’t come off while downing that turkey at Thanksgiving. Compare blush colors to wines that are likely to be served during holiday festivities.

You get where we are going here, right?

Readers love it when you show off your talents.

Even better, use these tips and guides as an opportunity to link into related and recommended products from your site. According to KISSMetrics, people are more likely to purchase your products when they are recommended in holiday-specific content.

Think of content that keeps people coming back. Like Pinterest did with their 30 Days of Pinspiration.


Not only was it branded superbly, but then it continued to get people to come back and check out the next Pinspiration for the holiday season.

4. Don’t Forget the Procrastinators

Let’s face it.

Consumers are notorious for last minute shopping.

While it means they are rushing to find a gift quick, it is an opportunity for you to show off products and ideas that work for those last-minute pickups.

Try to carve out space on your homepage or even in your blog about last-minute gift ideas. Consider offering up downloadable or digital gift cards to your company; something that can easily be purchased the night before it needs to be gifted.

Kiplinger recommends highlighting email-delivered gift cards, software downloads, subscriptions, and monetary gifts for last-minute.

5. Play on Relatable Moments

There are plenty of moments out there that relate to your content and the holiday you’re targeting.

For example, Jessica Gioglio at Convince and Convert highlights how Century 21 played on competitive eater Geoffrey Esper at Thanksgiving with their message:

“Century 21 agents sell homes like competitive eater Geoffrey Esper eats: fast.”

There are plenty of gifs you can add to your holiday content as well; then, share them on social media.

For example, when you and your family try (and fail) to take a group photo for Christmas – or you and your office get together for a recreation of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. classic.

dunder mifflin holidays

Think of pop culture TV shows that the majority of your audience have seen. This will require you to have some knowledge about your target audience — such as their age, gender, career, etc.

However, when you know your target audience well, you can find funny, relatable moments that correlate with TV shows and movies to make your content more appealing (and entertaining to boot).

Holiday Content: Wrap It Up with a Bow

We’ve given you are insight and secrets into how to create holiday-specific content that really speaks to your reader.

Of course, now you must bring it all together.

By now you should feel less overwhelmed and more ready to tackle the holiday task.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you can start revamping your Christmas content and even prepare for those Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers that you need to cultivate for 2017 success.

If you’re not quite ready to tackle the content side of things, we here at Express Writers are more than happy to help you create holiday-ready content!  Whether you want your product descriptions rewritten, blogs inspired by the holidays, or some cute taglines that capture your shoppers, we’re here and ready.

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