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How to Create Successful Copywriting by Covering All Your Bases

Before actually expecting an increase in sales thanks to your great copywriting skills, you need to make sure that your Web copy fulfills a preliminary condition: namely to familiarize people with your product and persuade them that you are trustworthy.

You buy something because you like it or need it. Or both. To make people buy from you, first you need to make them like you. For that, they need to become familiar with you and what you have to offer. Getting personal with your audience makes you more human. But how do you get personal on the Web? With the help of copywriting.

To write effective copywriting you must first ask yourself some fundamental questions about how you see content marketing and how you use it. Here are some must-ask questions and some basic principles to apply if you want your Web copy to work.

What Is the Goal of Content Marketing?

As already anticipated, it’s not to sell, but to earn your prospects’ trust in order to sell. In passing from traditional marketing to online marketing, there was shift from selling no matter what and no matter how to moving people to buy, in other words, persuading them to purchase your product or service. What’s important is that persuasion should be achieved with clear and honest means. To be effective, content marketing must be first and foremost informative and helpful. In short, the goal of your content marketing is to inform and help. If instead of informing your readers, you give them a sales pitch, you’ll lose them.


What Is Your Target Audience? What Are Their Needs and Interests?

How you write your Web copy depends entirely on your audience. Although this idea has been overemphasized when discussing how to create quality copywriting, it still seems to be blurry territory for many. If you talk to the masses, you’ll end up realizing that no one is listening. Define your niche and talk to THEM. Because it’s always about them, and not about you and how great you are. That’s the difference between sales and advertising on the one hand, and content marketing on the other hand. So, if you want people to read you, trust you and maybe buy from you, speak about their concerns and wants, not yours.


Don’t Ever Underestimate Your Prospects

It’s true that your copywriting is meant to inform and instruct your readers/prospects, and that to make them trust you, it’s important to prove your expertise in the industry, but be careful how you come across. Don’t pretend you own the absolute truth, don’t try to exhaust a topic in your Web copy and don’t pretend you’re the only expert in the field. It will do you a lot of good to mention other sources or specialist opinion. Above all, don’t underestimate your prospects. Today people have access to as much information as you do, and if you’re not what you claim to be, you can be easily exposed and lose your credibility completely.

Mentioning other experts’ perspectives on a thing or another can bring you even more benefits. If you reference someone, he/she might return the service. This way you promote each other’s content without having to pay anything. That’s the beauty of sharing; it’s a form of recognizing agreement on a particular matter, and, more importantly, a win-win game. Besides that, referencing makes you more visible for search engines and increases brand awareness, which is exactly what you want.


It’s Not All about Linking

Link stuffing days are over and if you want your Web copy to be meaningful you need quality content. Linking is important, but you need to relate to this with a different frame of mind: links lead you to significant content, and significant content generates links. Use search engine optimization, but use it to create engagement and build trust, through content. Linking to or earning a link from a trustworthy and popular site is more valuable that ten links from an anonymous site, as it makes you and your business more visible. Just like in the real world: a letter of recommendation from an expert or a referral from a trusted source can get you a job easier than applying for the same job on the Internet.


Promote Your Content

There’s bad content and good content. If your content is good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will win people over and determine them to buy from you. To be successful, your content requires promotion. Social media play a key role in this. They can guide people back to your site, where your content awaits them. Sharing content through social channels is highly beneficial for your content marketing because this is how you increase your readership and get links.


With this in mind, check if you’ve covered all your bases to increase your chances of making your copywriting not only engaging, but also truly effective.

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