Cyber Monday is the one of the biggest sales days of the year for most e-tailers.
On Monday, November 28, e-commerce is expected to generate billions in sales in the US alone.
Is your online business ready to compete?
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3 Simple Tests You Can Do to Help Your E-Comm Site Prepare for Cyber Monday

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1. Check Your Product Descriptions: Are They Unique?

Unique product descriptions are essential to your success. If your site includes manufacturer descriptions, Google will view those as duplicate content – and you may be punished in Google search rankings.
While it can take time for Google to adjust rankings based on content depending how often it crawls your site, that margin is closing.
What you can do now:

  1. Check Copyscape to determine whether your product descriptions are unique to your website.
  2. Perform a word count: are your descriptions 200 words or more for each product?
  3. Ask a friend for an objective evaluation of your product description copy. Is it helpful to the consumer? Does it contain phrases or keywords people would look up to find your product?

A solid product description will include specifications about the product in a clear way. It should help assist the buyer in making a clear decision.
Here’s a look at a Christmas light product, from Christmas Lights Etc.
Christmas Lights Etc 1
They provide basic details about the product with a link to technical specifications in a lightbox:
Christmas Lights Product Description Detail
Solution: If your product description copy failed these tests, consider an immediate rewrite of your product description copy.

2. Is Your Web Copy Compelling and Competitive?

Effective web copy draws your customers in through inbound marketing practices. The best web copy isn’t just searchable, but informative and relevant to your prospective customers’ interests and queries.
Google loves providing searchers with relevant information. People want a behind-the-curtains look at your business, and they’re looking for a hint about the humans behind the site.
This personal touch is something you can accomplish with warm and informative copy: it’s essential for building trust with your new customers.

3. Does Your Copy Answer Questions?

How do users find your site?
If you’re like most e-commerce sites, it’s likely a combination of:

  • Paid advertising on other sites and social media
  • Word of mouth or recommendations on social media
  • Web browser searches (organic search)

If you’d like to get a glimpse of what sort of questions you should answer, check out Answer The Public. Just select your region, enter your niche or industry, and submit. That crotchety old guy on the front page will reveal what types of questions people ask about your provided keyword. It’s a very powerful content generation tool most effective for useful blog ideas.
Here’s a look at the results:
Answer The Public Results
With an online presence of any size, you should never underestimate organic search potential. The holiday seasons is a great time to start answering questions in the form of blog posts. If you do this well enough,
Google may even use your answers as a Knowledge Graph source. In the below example, Wikipedia is the source of information.
Knowledge Graph Results

Has your e-commerce site passed our Cyber Monday readiness tests?

If not, there’s still time to invest in the quality of your site’s web copy before Cyber Monday hits!
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