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3 Reasons Why Developmental Editing is Essential for Blogs & Other Long-Form Content

When it comes to fiction, publishers, writers, and editors are well aware of the deep structural importance of story structure, description, and flow. In the era of self-publishing and the misperception of nonfiction as ‘dry’ and uninspiring, content producers do not consider developmental editing as often as they should. This is an antiquated way of […]

What is LARP & 7 Ways It Made Me a Better Brand Storyteller

Like most writers and many content marketers, I’ve been a natural storyteller my entire life. Over the years, I’ve practiced my storytelling skills in a variety of ways: by earning an English degree some people branded ‘useless;’ through active participation in theater groups as an actor, crew member, and playwright, writing collaboratively with others I […]

How To Write Cornerstone Content

I’m here with another installment of our ongoing #howtowrite series, sharing a guide to cornerstone content. When you started your first blog, did you know about cornerstone content? I didn’t. As a more informed SEO blogger, I’m now transitioning my digital property to include cornerstone content strategy. When I started my blog in 2013, I grew it naturally: […]