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#ContentWritingChat Recap: Artificial Intelligence & the Content Creator with John Zupancic

In this week’s #ContentWritingChat, we talked about one of the biggest things in the tech world at the moment: artificial intelligence. We even tied it all back to how it relates to you as the content creator. If you missed the chat or need a refresher of all the amazing tips that were shared, keep reading for the recap!

#ContentWritingChat Recap: Artificial Intelligence & the Content Creator with John Zupancic

Our guest host this week was John Zupancic. John is the founder at Wriber, Inc. and he had a lot of amazing things to share on the topic of artificial intelligence. We were thrilled to have him join us and share his expertise!

Q1: Why is artificial intelligence important and how does it play into the field of content marketing?

To kick off the chat, we asked everyone why they felt artificial intelligence is important, as well as how it plays into content marketing. Here’s what a few of our chat participants had to say:

As John said, many brands are turning to artificial intelligence to help create and optimize the content they write. He feels it can help remove any barriers and constraints that may be in the way.

Not only that, but it can also help with the delivery of your content, which is always important.

Cheval mentioned that it can even help free up some time for you. When relying on artificial intelligence, it can open up more time for you to take care of other tasks.

Even Google is utilizing the power of artificial intelligence. As Varun pointed out, it’s used to show relevant search results through their Rankbrain algorithm.

Sarah agrees and she noted how search engines are becoming smarter these days.

Q2: How can content creators start leveraging artificial intelligence?

Now that you know the important role artificial intelligence plays today, you might be wondering how content creators can put it to use. Check out these ideas from the chat:

As John said, you’re likely already using artificial intelligence on a regular basis. You just might not realize it. Google and Facebook have already implemented it.

Kavita suggests using artificial intelligence to come up with content ideas, analyze demographic trends, and analyze reading and sharing behavior.

The team at Netvantage Marketing uses it to come up with new content ideas.

Even looking at the related search inquiries that Google populates has proven to be helpful for Zachary.

Elizabeth shared a great reminder with everyone. In order to truly leverage artificial intelligence, you need to understand it first.

Q3: How can artificial intelligence assist writers?

Wondering how artificial intelligence can help you as a writer? Check out these responses:

John said AI can be used to predict topics that will resonate with your audience, which is very helpful. He also said it’s great for thoroughly researching topics for informative pieces.

It’s helpful for keyword research, generating topic ideas, and getting to know your target demographic better.

Topic generation, marketing, and editing are all basic things to turn to AI for help with.

Artificial intelligence is great for discovering what people are looking for and how you can make your content stand out from the rest.

Use AI to brainstorm and add new creative angles to the content you create.

Q4: Is artificial intelligence going to replace writers?

With artificial intelligence on the rise, will it replace writers? Here are some thoughts:

John doesn’t foresee AI replacing human writers for marketing-related content, but he mentioned that it’s already happening in the sports world. Plus, it would be a little weird having a computer write your opinion piece, wouldn’t it?

Even though artificial intelligence can be helpful, Sarah doesn’t feel you can take humans out of the equation entirely.

Without a human in control, it can be difficult to humanize a story or blog post so that it truly resonates with your audience.

Kavita feels it’s really going to depend on the type of writing and the industry.

Amy doesn’t think AI will completely replace human writers either, but she does think it could create more of a demand for editors.

Lex feels it’ll force the good writers to stand out instead.

Allow artificial intelligence to enhance your efforts without completely replacing humans.

Q5: How can artificial intelligence help optimize content?

In what was can AI help optimize the content you create? Check out these tips:

John said AI can help optimize content structure, tone, readability, and SEO.

Elizabeth mentioned it can help with optimizing content for search, grammar, reading level, and audience preferences.

Sarah said we can use writing tools that incorporate AI to proofread documents.

It could help optimize content by suggesting keyword placement, which would be very valuable.

Alicia said AI can optimize the structure of content and how it’s perceived.

Q6: Which content KPIs are the most important to track?

We asked everyone to share which content KPIs they felt were the most important to track and here’s what some of them had to say:

Views, unique visitors, shares, and comments are all great things to check. Leads, average view times, number of backlinks, and backlinks text are also important as John said.

It’s always important to track those conversions!

Conversions, clicks, time spent reading, and shares are all helpful metrics to keep an eye on.

You might want to focus on engagement, click-through rate, and visits to your website.

Just remember that the KPIs that are most important to you are the ones that are tied to your goals.

Q7: Do you rely on any tools that use artificial intelligence?

Which tools do you currently use that incorporate AI? Here’s what some of our chat participants rely on:

Besides Wriber, John relies on Google, Google Analytics, and the Jetpack plugin for WordPress.

Google is certainly a go-to tool!

Funny, but true!

Q8: Give some examples of brands using artificial intelligence.

These brands are already using artificial intelligence:

John mentioned that AP is publishing financial articles that don’t contain a human byline. These articles follow their style guide to ensure everything is correct.

As we already mentioned, Google is one brand that has already dived deep into AI.

Jeremy mentioned Google, but also Garmin and Apple’s Siri.

Alicia thinks Under Armour and Spotify are doing a great job at using AI.

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