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From Boo to Woo: 10 Benefits of Publishing Compelling Content

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

By now, you’ve probably read (skimmed, noticed, you-name-it, we know you saw it…*insert wink face*) all our articles about how to create compelling content and are well on your way to changing your 2014 content strategy.

As you make your changes, you are probably wondering if content truly is that important and if you will see any changes within your company. Well, we can tell you that it really is important and you will begin to see amazing changes soon. This article will discuss a few of the benefits you can expect when you begin to publish quality content.

First, Let’s Start with a Little Testimony From Our Books. At Express Writers, we truly know what good content means and the power of content that’s not just written for rankings. We upgraded our content campaign in 2013, invested some of our best writers in writing our content campaigns, utilized tools like editorial calendars, planned out seasonal topics, and switched from keyword focus to reader, tone, voice, structure and research. It was a big switch, and it has boosted our return by over 200%. Google ranks our posts better–even though they are NOT centered around keywords; we have received more connections, followers, and subscribers for our published content (from newsletter campaigns to guest blog RSS) than we ever have before; and people like what they read and are more quick to look to our team for their own quality content. It’s the truth: investing in your content–putting real elbow grease and investment–will bring you return.

Now that you have read our little testimonial, it is time to look at changes you will see once you start publishing your quality and fascinating content:

1. You Will Make and Save Money

Once you begin to write and publish your stellar content for the world to see, you will begin to see something amazing in your budget and bank account. How so? Well, by writing quality content, you will not have to spend an inordinate amount of money on marketing campaigns. This may not seem true at first, especially if you hire a copywriter; but look at it as a whole:

  • Is what you are spending on the copywriter for a handful of pieces more or less, than how much you spent on other forms of continual advertising?
  • You do not have to pay the copywriter continually in order to use their work; once they’ve finished it, it is yours for good.

You will find that paying a copywriter to create great copy will save you money in the long run. You don’t have to keep paying a copywriter in order to use the content they created for you and, in fact, you are able to reuse and make your own changes to the material when you are ready for a change. Quality content will bring in more money from sales as your generic advertisement route will not cut it anymore; sales are relying heavily on content marketing. Once you have made the change, you will begin to reap the benefits financially, which is pretty exciting if you ask us!

2. It Saves Time

Yes, it does! Once you have your content written, you are done with your content marketing campaign. You do not have to keep going back to make changes to fit with seasons or focus on advertisement campaigns that will not bring in the revenue your business needs. By creating great e-newsletter content, great PRs, web content, and blogs, you will find that you have more time to focus on getting to know your customers and working to keep them as part of your business for a long time. Compelling content saves you from having constantly to change a content strategy that isn’t working anymore. This is why we say quality is of the upmost importance. Don’t slack off.

3. Become the Authority in Your Field

By publishing consistent, compelling content, you will be deemed an authority in your product or service area. People are more willing to trust someone who writes consistently and knowledgeably; Google will rank you higher the more you publish with their Google Authorship if your blogs are published frequently and with high quality. You will find more people trusting you as a source over your competitors and this will bring in more customers or more people looking to you for information. You may even find that competitors will come to you as a resource, trying to learn from the compelling content sensei you’ve become.

4. Traffic + Comments

Simply put, quality content increases the traffic to your site. People are not going to share your site if it is drab and filled with uninteresting content. Do not spend all your time focusing on whether or not your keywords are perfect; spice up your content and make it readable. Intriguing, readable content will guarantee more shares on social media and this is how the traffic will increase to and around your site. The more traffic, the better ranked you will become. In addition, it will just feel great to look at your statistics and see the traffic numbers rocketing from minimal to viral in a snap! Comments on your blog postings are another great benefit of writing fascinating content. Readers and customers will be more willing to discuss information with a business that is open minded and knowledgeable.

5. Customer Interest and Support

Quality, compelling content will help you create a great customer base of interested clientele. According to Social Media Today, customers are more willing to support the business if the business’s content is exciting and from the heart, they will share any information regarding the business with colleagues, family, and friends. People will even share it on their social media platform, helping to increase the audience your business wants to reach.

There are many other ways in which gripping content helps with customers such as:

  • Learning More About Your Customers. Customers who are truly interested in your product due to your content will give you great ideas on how to tweak services provided. You will find customers to be more willing to give you tips and tricks on how to beat the competition as well as telling you what they expect from your company. Customers are your best resource when it comes to slamming the competition. Because of this, you will be able to gain useful information that will prove effective when setting up winning strategies.  
  • Creating Lasting Relationships with Customers. If you continually post great information and content, customers will stay with you and stay in contact for a long time. They will be committed to your business and will prove to be great forms of advertisement when they know of someone who is looking for a business such as yours. Do not forget that quality content is absolutely necessary when it comes to customer relations.
  • Bringing in New and Unexpected Customers. You may be surprised when one day you begin to realize you are reaching customers you did not expect to reach. That is a huge benefit of quality content. A wider range of people will notice content that is captivating and you will be able to create interest in more diverse companies or communities. Reaching different groups will be great for your business and be another advertisement point when people begin researching your services.

6. Your Designers Will Thank You

Designers are great at making an awesome looking website and creating something that works wonderfully, but many are not up to the task of creating content. You may think it is part of what they do, but designers will tell you that they would rather design than write. Hiring a copywriter to write compelling content will take all that stress and worry off your designers and you will find that their productivity is greater than before. They no longer have to worry about writing content thus making them more apt to stay with your business and not burn out. You will also find that you are able to recruit great employees. Stellar writers and designers will not apply to a business with boring content, but if your site looks inviting and is written in an engaging manner, you will begin to see professional people taking interest in working for or with your business. Having great employees will help your business become highly successful.

7. Your Competition Will Start Losing to You

Guess what? Fascinating content will help you beat your competition into the ground! That very real struggle of trying to win will become easier the more you publish great material. Customers and search engines will take notice that your information is more interesting and valuable than your competitors, leaving your competitors in the dust. They may be focusing too much on what kind of content to publish or using antiquated methods of outreach, giving you a great opportunity to outshine them, so start creating interesting content and keep creating it! Take a lesson from what your competitors are doing and tweak it to make it a tremendous success for you.

8. You Will Go Viral

Achievement unlocked! Quality, compelling content is the key to going viral. Think about the kind of content you share on your social media site. Is it fascinating? Is the quality amazing? You should be writing the kind of content you would share on your personal social media site. If you write something you would never share, the likelihood that others won’t share it is high. As we keep saying, do not slack off when it comes to writing your content. Your unique, captivating content will help you stand out in the overabundance of articles and web copy out there. By having a unique style and “voice” you will find that more of your content will go viral after the initial viral post. Your blog and site will gain new readers each and every time you go viral. Soon, you will be doing that happy dance of achievement as your posts continue to be viewed by hundreds of people, all because those posts are quality, unique, and sound like you.

9. Great Content Grows with Technology

Technology will never outgrow quality content; that much is clear from Google’s new algorithms. Your compelling material will grow with the available technology and you can use content you already have by implementing any changes that come out from Google or other search engines. You will find that your content will always be excellent and able to be used at any time. That is one of the great things about creating great web content – you can reuse it! Sometimes, all you will have to do is make minor tweaks and edits. Of course, it is always great to refresh your material so it does not always sound the same, but it is easy to use existing content on your site and rewrite it in a new and compelling way. This saves you significant amounts of time and money.

10. You Will Maintain Your Reputation

Have your products and services received high marks from customers? Yes? That’s fantastic! Now, you want to keep those high marks and show potential clients that you are as great as the reviews say. Quality content does just that, it shows potential clients that those high marks are not just from your mom and a few friends. Great content makes you look professional and knowledgeable, leading to a lasting good reputation and more sales for your business. Your reputation will plummet if you post boring material, start writing that great content and keep your already excellent reputation.

You Will Reap Many Benefits When You Use Compelling Content!

The benefits of quality content marketing will tremendously help your business generate more leads, make more revenue, and become an authority in your field. People will flock from all over to a site that has expertly crafted content and are more than willing to offer support to companies. By focusing strongly on great content, your business will boom, and as we said in the beginning go from boo to woo quickly!