Even before they might decide to hire a copywriter, all business owners strive to create and distribute a meaningful, compelling message in order to maximize their profit and witness traceable, measurable popularity increases. However, only a few of them actually manage to make their voice heard, with just a little bit of help from a team of great copywriters, while attaining their greatest marketing objectives and setting even bigger ones.

What happens to the rest of them? They lose their credibility, waste lots of time and money, say goodbye to their competitiveness and sink into the mediocrity pool. All just because they were unable to come up with a compelling, goal-oriented, inspiring copy, enabling them to boost sales and take pride in a remarkable online presence. This doesn’t have to be your story.

Read on to learn how to craft first-hand web copy, following a 3-step method embraced by some of the most experienced copywriters.


1. Remember that short, concise, magnetic headlines will never go out of fashion

By now, the fact that most readers skim and scan your texts shouldn’t surprise you or offend you. Their habit has very little to do with the quality of your content. Internet users are always in a hurry to find the best answers to their daily challenges in record time. Truth be told, they don’t care about your products, unless they’re truly convinced that they can improve their lives considerably.
So how do you manage to draw their attention and keep them on your page for a longer period of time? Magnetic headlines will help you do just that, allowing you to make an excellent first impression. In fact, according to a statistic brought up by Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 readers will take the time to analyze your headline copy, while only 2 out of 10 users will focus their attention on the body of your content piece. This means, without doubt, an attention-grabbing headline should always be considered a hot must-have. So how do you write yours?
1) Highlight the amazing benefits of your products or services.
2) Include hooks in your title. Hooks are recognizable elements which immediately capture the attention of your targeted audience.
3) Make a promise. In other words, let your readers know how your article will solve their problem and make their lives a whole lot easier from the very start. For instance, in a how-to web content piece you might offer them tips allowing them to “become bold, popular bloggers”, “build their own online community”, “grow a small business fast and effortlessly” and so on.
4) Rely on consecrated headline formulas constantly utilized by copywriters. You shouldn’t waste any time trying to reinvent the wheel just to prove that you can be 100% original. Instead, count on verified headline formulas guaranteeing your success and try to personalize them according to your niche market and your specific goals.

2. Be concise, persuasive and embrace a simple, catchy writing style

Do you want to be understood and appreciated by a larger segment of readers? In this case, write plainly. Get rid of unwanted, unnecessary jargon elements and write compelling copy that your grandmother would be able to grasp without any difficulties. Adopt a simple writing style, especially if you are a novice trying to craft great copy. Opt for a personal approach, aim to send a powerful, personalized message to your audience and interact with your readers in a natural manner. Keep in mind that sarcasm is a powerful tool which is hard to master by copywriters with little or no experience whatsoever in this field of activity. So keep it simple and exciting and the fruits of your labor will appear in no time.

3. Always make sure your copy is compatible with the AIDA concept

Are you a big fan of AIDA? No, we’re not talking about the famous opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi. In this case, AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action- 4 essential elements cleverly mixed to create a powerful tool designed and implemented to help copywriters craft sales-generating content pieces. In other words, the AIDA concept lets you know that you should:
a) Grab your readers’ attention fast, by using powerful words, infographics and eye-catching pictures.
b) Gain the interest of your readers, by showing them why your product is the best alternative at hand for them and how it could actually make their lives better.
c) Make them crave for what you have to offer by highlighting the benefits of your commodities, while making the most of hard evidence to support your claims.
d) Persuade them to act in a certain manner (visit your website, place an order, test a new product and so on).

Undoubtedly, it’s not easy to come up with compelling copy based on all the right words that make your audience tick. If you are having a hard time trying to craft excellent copy favoring your long-term business success, count on a skilled copywriter who will get you where you want to be, allowing you to get a taste of the fortune and fame strictly reserved for business owners who consider killer copy a top priority.