Copywriters beware; if you are not using a simple, yet proven method for creating content, then you may not be applying the right strategy and missing a lot of customers because of it. The technique is called AIDA and once you incorporate it, you won’t believe you made it this far without it! AIDA is a precise strategy that will engross and convince your readers to really listen to what you have to say.


How AIDA Works

This four part formula is comprised by: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA); not to be confused with the FAB formula. The strategy starts with capturing the reader’s attention, and this is done by letting them in on the experience and to share it with you. Let’s get them as excited about this as you are! Now they are enthralled, perfect! So they are captivated but are they interested in what comes next? You can interest them by making sure they can put what you are offering to work in their own life.
They have to really want what you have on offer. What problem can you solve? What experience can you give them? This is how you create the desire and reach the point with the customer that they must have what you are offering. Create a desire, and you are sure to push them right over the edge and into action. The AIDA strategy works if you just take the time to implement it.

AIDA Structure

There is a pretty simple process to implementing AIDA and applying it to your content. It really is a lot easier to follow a format and use a process when creating content. You will find much better efficiency of your writing. The following structure should be followed.

  • A: To get their attention, you have to know whom you are speaking to. You don’t want to talk about a car to someone that does not have a license to drive, right? So you need to know certain things about them such as their family status, what they do for a living, are they male or female, where do they live, what is their income bracket, and what things do they enjoy?

How can you solve a problem that they have? Can what you offer make them feel better about themselves? How can you make what you have to say significant to them? You have to relate to them and use their language, right? You wouldn’t want to talk to teenagers using language that your parents would use. You must step into their mindset. You have to understand them. If what you are doing is not working, then you need to examine two things: your headline and the lead paragraph.


    • I: You have them engrossed, so now it is time to relate to what their issues truly are. This is how you will interest them. When they believe that you understand what they are going through, the engagement will move to a new level. This level becomes more prosperous to you. Use examples or personal experiences for conviction. Build a rapport with your readers. Give them proof that they need what you have.


    • D: It is OK if your readers are interested – you need them to be – but you also have to make sure that you draw out the desire. This is when the transformation will take place and they begin to imagine just how your product or service fulfills their desires. Make this an emotional experience, and the desire will fall into place naturally. You are creating a true sales funnel.


    • A: This is the part that you have been waiting for! It is time to seal the deal. You need a call to action, and it had better be good. This will be in the form of a statement that tells them what you want from them. It is the same strategy if you are creating a social media following or selling a brand-new car. This is the guts of what you have been doing; it is the curtain call. Most importantly, make sure that when they go to take action, the process is straightforward and simple to do. If not, they may go running. Anything, any words or actions can sound like risk, and that is something people do not want. This is when privacy policies and guarantees can speak volumes.


The AIDA strategy is virtually foolproof. In no time, your business will start to thrive. As more people read what you have to say, you will turn prospects into customers, and retain customers. After all, it was an advertising and sales guru who developed this strategy. Elias St. Elmo Lewis used this school of thought; effective advertisement consists of getting the reader to read what you have, keep their interest, and convince the customer that you have a solution to their problem or issue. AIDA is the way to get this done!

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