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5 Tips For Successful Copywriting In Mobile Marketing

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Copywriting

Most people have a mobile device nowadays. They carry phones, tablets, and e-readers everywhere with them and are constantly checking their email and social sites. This huge phase of mobile users is an incredible opportunity for marketers. Making copy for mobile marketing is integral nowadays. This blog is going to discuss a few handy tips on how to create successful copy for your mobile marketing campaign.

1. Mobile Tech Makes Email Vital

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you most likely have your email linked up to it. You check it constantly and may even have it push through messages every five minutes. You’re not the only one who does this! (Which is why email marketing is vital to the success of every business.) Make a campaign that is concise and has a specific call to action, as most mobile users want to be able to read through things quickly. There are many other things that are needed in an email copywriting campaign, but let’s focus on mobile for this article. Time to settle down and start being serious about your email campaign strategy…especially if you thought email was singing along with ‘N Sync, saying “Bye, bye, bye.”

2. Visuals Are Important To Mobile Copywriting

One of the best ways to ensure people will check out your content while on their smartphones or tablets is to make visual content such as infographics available. This gives readers the ability to read through your content and get the important information out of it, without having to wade through a lot of text content. When it comes to mobile marketing, your web copy must be easily translated into a visual context. You may not find that many people will read an infographic when on the computer, but they sure will when they are viewing it on their phones.

3. Keep Your Content Short

Whether you are using text copy or visuals like infographics or videos, always keep it short. People who view things on their mobile device are usually on the go and want to be able to view things quickly. If they notice a video or article is too long, they’ll skip right over it. It is possible to write short, powerful content and you may find that you reach more people if you concentrate on writing a few short pieces every week. Find someone who is talented at writing shorter pieces, and give them a chance to write for you if you do not believe you are qualified for this type of writing.

4. Get Your Point Across Quickly 

You know what you want to say when you are crafting your content and when it comes to mobile content you need to say it quickly. When you write a blog post, you know that the opening line and paragraph are absolutely integral to attracting readers. This is true of mobile, but when you write your opening paragraph, you need to keep it simple. The more you wax eloquent about something for mobile readers, the quicker you lose them. Write a great opening sentence or two and then write down the information you want people to read. This will ensure that they read what you want them to and that they won’t close out of your site. Write the key features of your product, interesting tidbits, and any details about your product or service. Short and concise is the way to go with mobile marketing.

5. Bullet Points Encourage People To Read More

Bullet points are great for all forms of content, especially mobile marketing. This gives readers the ability to look through your information quickly, without having to wade through tons of text. This is a chance for you to give the information we discussed in point four without all the fuss of an 800+ word blog. Bullet points allow people to scan the page easily, which encourages them to read some of your writing if not all. This can also help keep you, the writer, from writing long prose. Bullet points help everyone when it comes to mobile marketing.

Always make sure your bullet points go together and don’t seem to be mashed up in order to get certain points across. For example, if you are writing content that involves both cat food and cat grooming, make sure you only use the information for the cat food in one set of bullet points and the information for cat grooming in another set. Bullet points will help your mobile marketing campaign soar and you will see that you have many readers staying on your site longer, and you may even start converting these mobile readers into customers.

Until Next Time

Now that you have a few handy tips to help you write successful copy for mobile marketing, take some time to craft some excellent mobile copy. You will find that this is a great opportunity to reach a wide variety of individuals and you will start bringing in more revenue by reaching these audiences. Mobile is the way of the future; don’t get left behind!