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Express Writers is pleased to introduce our third infographic, The Era of the Content Beast. Our creative writers came up with the text, and our team infographic designer put the visuals together. There’s no better way to put it—when it comes to content on the web in 2014, there’s a real Content Beast out there that needs to be fed!

The Era of The Content Beast

To stay alive on the Web, you need to feed the content beast.

What Is the Content Beast?

It’s our ceaseless need for new and fresh information on the web. The voracious Content Beast feeds on content. To keep the beast happy, renew and update content constantly.

How to Keep the Content Beast Satisfied

1. Plan Ahead. It’s difficult to create original, unique content all the time. To keep the content monster satisfied, plan things in advance. This is like stuffing your refrigerator with semi prepared food for when you don’t have time to cook. It doesn’t mean it’s less healthy. Planning your updates and posts early on will allow avoiding being stuck. This way you’ll always have something at hand to feed the Content Beast. Just open your content fridge, heat the creative oven, and serve the monster with a delicious meal.

2. Create a Unified Voice. Stay in sync to keep the Content Beast happy. Website, blog, and social media pages: several tones, but one voice only. Once the Content Beast starts eating food and likes it, he wants the same taste and flavors across all your content.

3. All for One, One for All. Content writing is like music played by an orchestra. To make sure your team is never off-key or out of tune, you need a conductor. Enter the content manager.

4. Upcycle. The content beast may be insatiable, but he’ll soon get tired of stale content. Use what you have to create new content. Change the angle, scrutinize unexplored facets of a topic, which proved to be successful in the past, and delve into your readers’ mind to see what they crave.

The New (Web) Content Beast

Internet users seem to prefer longer website content. Statistics show that longer web pages and blog posts have more followers than shorter web content.

2014: The Walmart Phenomena- A One-Stop Shopping Experience

The beast gets hungrier… We live in an on-demand, want-it-right-now society, where people want to find what they need in one spot. That’s why longer content has gained ascendancy: because it saves time and provides substantial information. With quality, longer content, you don’t have to sift through piles of information to find relevant things.

Web Content: Where To?

Long Content: A Game Changer. To keep the content beast happy you need to feed him long articles. Long means longer than so far. Sweet spot: 2,000 words per blog.

Social Media Sites: No More Junk Content

Large social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + are now full of junk content and link spamming. People go to niche sites to find truly useful content.

How Can You Make It in the New Context?

2014: Specialized, Actionable Content. Content is specialized when it responds to specific needs. Create niche content that empowers the reader. Specialized, informative content means authority, expertise, and credibility.

Content is actionable when readers learn something and can implement what they learn.

The New Content Beast:

  • shows readers  “how-to”
  • gives them what is promised in the title
  • makes the  “magic” in the title happen with more comprehensive copy
  • general vs. specialized

Content Specialization

It’s a win-win for both the content writer and the website owner.

More quality traffic- more visitors- more loyal followers- more paying customers.

Loyal website followers backlink more, making today’s backlinking = a personal recommendation from a friend.

How to Write Quality Longer Content

  • Avoid stereotypes and keyword stuffing
  • Create a really great title for your article
  • Google favors the content displayed in the first third of your article, so:
  • Get out the good stuff first
  • Start with the main point(s) then move to the details

Longer content builds a personal and lasting relationship with the reader.

Bottom line, to make the elusive Content Beast of 2014 a happy one: create longer, specialized, actionable content, which builds loyalty.


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