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5 Irresistible Copywriting Examples

Some marketers out there manage to sell land on the moon, while others have a hard time trying to commercialize toilet paper, one of the most common, essential products that you could ever find on the supermarkets’ shelves? In this case, the not-so-secret recipe for success involves a very important element: irresistible copywriting that can turn the dullest product into a hot must-have as fast as you can say “buy me, you need me.”

How Smart Copywriting Can Make a Difference in Your Life

You need to rely on excellent copywriting to take your products or services to the next level, regardless of your goals, the size of your business or your field of activity. Whether you’re selling cosmetics or trying to promote your small-scale plumbing company, first-class copywriting can get you where you want to be on time and on a budget, by helping you create a long-lasting connection with your audience. To bring whatever it is that you are selling into the spotlight you have to be witty, bravely honest, intriguing or straightforward. Either way, you have to be shockingly different than the rest.

Good web copy will help you differentiate your business from the rest, make a name for yourself and stay in the game with minimal effort. You cannot become the master of words overnight, but you can certainly improve your own writing skills and boost your power of persuasion by learning from the best. Let’s face it: some old players just nail copywriting and sell better and faster than anyone else. Others create legends. Here are 5 awe-inspiring copywriting strategies incorporated in calls to action, modal boxes, different website sections and various other structures that have rocked our world, making us believe that we have to buy products that we may or may not need in our lives at this point.

1. Cracked Show Us How to Reinforce Our Social Sharing Widget. Let’s face it: it’s not really easy to convince people to share or like your page. To simplify your mission, you have to get up close and personal with your audience and unleash the creative beast that is still dormant inside you. Be bold, daring and fun. Cracked embraced this approach and reached the outstanding 3 million mark while counting their Likes. The message promoted by Cracked is pretty straightforward: “Choosing to “Like” Cracked has no side effects, so what’s the worst that could happen?” Indeed, a little impulse given to your readers to Like your page doesn’t pose any unwanted side effects and has never sounded better.

2. Apple Is No Stranger to Seductive Copy. According to KISSmetrics, Apple has always played its cards right, at least when goal-oriented copywriting is involved. Apple copywriters give you the chance to justify your purchase and convince the breadwinner in your family that you were unable to live the rest of your life without an iPhone 5s in your pocket. So far, Apple has taught us a few basic things that show us how to perfect our own web copy, make our voice heard and sell big while making the most of cleverly selected words.

Apple has given us 3 valuable lessons for this point:

  • We should always use short, concise sentences with a powerful impact to promote readability (example: It’s our thinnest display ever. And it’s the first of its kind)
  • We should boost our credibility by adding essential technical details (example: The back of iPhone 5 is made of anodized 6000 series aluminum — the same material used in Apple notebooks )
  • We should boost client engagement by telling a fascinating, compelling story. For example, Apple tells the whole world how the Apple EarPods were created and tested. During the testing phase, the subjects had to run on a treadmill and perform different kinds of cardio workouts, while being exposed to extreme temperatures. As a result, the AppleEarPods ensure the hghest level of protection against water and sweat, so they represent a smart investment. Doesn’t this cute little story make you want to get your hands on the AppleEarPods that were tested by 600 people who had to withstand extreme cold and excessive heat?

3. Mozilla Proves That You Can Sell Big with Fewer Words. You don’t have to write an entire book to convince your targeted audience that you are the best player in your sector. You just have to learn how to resonate with your public and come up with a compelling message. Mozilla knows that in terms of copywriting, less is sometimes more. The creative minds behind its web copy are able to say a lot without actually using tons of words. “We are Mozilla. Doing good is part of our code.” Do tell us, how do you ignore this powerful brand that succeeds in delivering its value proposition in less than 50 words?

4. Groupon Gets Bonus Points for Its Funny Email Copy. We will let you in on a little secret: buyers love brands that do not take themselves too seriously. So why not make your prospects laugh a little, by making the most of your funny, reader-oriented email copy? This is the clever strategy embraced by Groupon, the creator of a subject line will definitely put a smile on your face: “Beat the Heat Deals: Half Off Being Less Sweaty”. This subject line responds to the pressing needs of the recipients and stimulates their curiosity and their lust for great deals and discounts.

5. Petco Knows How to Keep Its Prices on a Leash (and brag about it). Ok, let’s face it: clever words that offer the promise of a substantial discount are almost impossible to ignore. Petco is fully aware of this fact. This is probably the main reason why it has created the pet-friendly slogan that we all know and love: Down, Prices, Down!” for their pet stores. It is short, concise, funny and compelling. It definitely helps the brand create a solid connection with pet owners who are constantly looking for quality, decently priced pet supplies.

All in all, these 5 examples show us that passion, killer writing skills, in-depth research and a flawless understanding of your buyers’ shopping behavior represent the key to crafting stellar web content that actually sells.



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