If content is King, who gets the other throne?
While it’s easy to create content, it’s not easy to create stellar, highly sought-after content that readers can’t help but love.
While this is bad news for most people, it’s great news for writers and marketers alike.
The secret? You have to be willing to learn and adapt to great SEO writing tips. Think of it like royal decrees. These are the guidelines that will help you vanquish the dragons of poor form, and claim a rightful seat as the King or Queen of royal SEO content.
Read on for the royal decrees.

Defining the Art of SEO Writing

SEO writing is the practice and art of writing online copy that is optimized for Google and other search engines.
While this does mean doing technical things like including target keywords and ensuring that all links come from high-authority sites, it also means mastering stylistic things like spacing, format, layout, and content structure.
As SEO has changed in the last several years, SEO copywriting has become more advanced, and today the practice is all about providing quality for people and search engines without sacrificing relevance, ease, or beauty.
When optimized copywriting is done well, it can help a company draw readers to a page.
This, in turn, results in higher numbers of leads and conversions, and can go a long way toward completely overhauling a company’s online success rates.
SEO Writing Tips

10 SEO Writing Tips for Conquering Content

Now, time to learn our best tips for vanquishing and conquering your SEO content to be proclaimed triumphant ruler over your content empire.

1. Understand your subjects

Any good ruler knows their subjects, and the same thing goes for SEO. To produce high-quality, relevant content, you need to understand who you’re writing to and why it matters. Case in point: the copywriting you do to market to teenagers will vary vastly from the kind you do to sell household products to retired middle-class women on a budget. With this in mind, understand your audience as thoroughly as possible.
By researching your viewers, polling them for answers to questions, and developing outstanding target personas, it’s easy to build a solid foundation for good SEO copywriting.

2. Produce prodigious headlines


Both meanings are good, really…

If you can’t craft a royal headline, you can’t expect people to bow down to your writing.
Because of this, it’s essential for any content queen or king to take the time needed to learn how to write compelling headlines.
This includes things like learning to integrate target keywords, understanding how to use action language and power words, and learning about Google’s best technical standards for good headlines and meta titles.

3. Don’t be afraid to try someone else’s headline formats out

Think about viral sites like Upworthy and Buzzfeed.
What are they doing to garner thousands of clicks, likes, and shares each day? The answer is in the headline, and it’s okay to take a hint from their formula. Great headlines are very formulaic, and one of the best things you can do to boost your SEO copywriting success is to take a look at headlines you love, and then try to emulate them.

4. Include numbers in your copywriting

People love numbers, and they have since the time of olde.
Because numbers communicate things like brevity, solidity, and actionability to a would-be reader, they improve the click-through rates of your content.
While numbers in and of themselves may not boost your content’s SEO, the increase in clicks and conversions that including numbers creates will. With this in mind, add numbers to your content headers to make the most of your readers’ views.
While there are many ways to include numbers in copywriting headers, one of the most effective is in the form of lists. By providing 5 Simple Tips for X or 10 Ways to Y, you can help your readers learn something new, solve a problem, or address a concern, all while also boosting your conversion rates and making your content more irresistible than ever before.

5. Make long-tail keywords your friends rather than your foes

Long-tail keywords are some of the most powerful SEO copywriting tools available.
Ideal for ranking in Google, providing targeted value to readers, and tailoring your content to be as specific and unique as possible, long-tail keywords can help you rank, help you maintain your rankings, and help you draw new readers. With this in mind, don’t shy away from long-tails because they can be confusing to get started with.
Instead, take the time to learn about why you need long-tail keywords, and how best to integrate them into your content.

6. Update your content kingdom often

Nobody likes a stale, stinky content kingdom, and you’ll lose followers if you let yours get stagnant.
While readers love fresh content, Google loves it even more, and publishing new website, blog, and social media content on a regular basis can go a long way toward helping you rank well and stand out as a leader in your industry.
Every time you publish a new piece of SEO copywriting, you give Google another page to index and your followers another page to love.
Plus, writing fresh content on a regular basis allows you to hone your writing skills, learn from SEO mistakes, and become a stronger force in the world of SEO copywriting as a whole.

7. Don’t neglect your meta content

Meta content often lives on the outskirts of the content kingdom – forgotten and alone.
When you learn how to craft outstanding meta content, though, you grant yourself admission into a new kingdom where everyone works together to create a prosperous and highly visible content strategy.
With this in mind, bring your meta content in from the cold.
While meta descriptions may take some additional time to write, there’s no denying that a compelling meta description is worth its weight in gold when it comes to encouraging clicks and driving engagement for your site.

8. Use images to draw royal attention

Images are a fantastic way to draw additional views to your content and boost its position in online SERPs.
While many people don’t associate the inclusion of images with SEO, colored visuals increase a person’s desire to interact with or read a piece of content by a whopping 80%.
With this in mind, it’s clear that visuals deserve to be a significant component of your content strategy.
Whether you hire an infographic designer, take your own photos, snap screenshots, or use high-quality stock images, including visuals in your content is key to ruling the content kingdom shortly.

9. Link, link, link your crowns

Learning how to link your content properly is a critical SEO writing tip that any good content king or queen will get to know.
By employing useful internal and external links in your copywriting, you not only communicate to Google that you’re using reliable sources (and hence that your writing is reliable) but you also communicate to your readers that sources are important to you, and you want to connect them with the best info possible – be it on your site, or someone else’s.

10. Be yourself: a personable king or queen!

At the end of the day, SEO copywriting is as skilled as it is creative.
While it’s important to understand things like best practices for meta content or why using images is essential, it’s also important to simply be yourself!
Without a healthy infusion of personality, online content risks feeling stale and similar to virtually everything else on the web.
When this is the case, the material you create fails to meet your readers’ needs and likely will not rank as well in Google as it could have were it made more original.
With this in mind, take the time to learn what makes good copywriting, but don’t be afraid to showcase your own voice and personality (as long as it’s appropriate for the topic at hand).
This helps you define your unique brand and become the best-loved content king or queen in all the land!

SEO Copywriting Tips to Achieve Content Royalty

If you’ve always dreamt of going down in the history books as a person who truly reigned in the world of online content, these ten online copywriting tips will help you meet your goals.
While great SEO copywriting is something that escapes many people, the few who take the time to sit down and learn the best practices and most important tips are the ones who will ultimately craft quality, online content that terrifies enemies, pleases followers, and earns the author a place on the glittering throne of quality content creation.
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