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Why Expert Copywriting is the Wave of the Future

This is a short-form piece of content I wrote in ten minutes. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Writing is precious.

Unique. Valuable.


Crafted by a human, who sits down to wield the full potential of their muse, driving their essence out onto paper.

Great words can’t be automated.

The names of the greats:

Neil Gaiman. William Shakespeare. Stephen King. J.K. Rowling. Tolkien.

Immortalized forever by avid readers, these names are near and dear to our hearts.

Their writing is valued.

Their written words have made them unforgettable, throughout the ebbs of time.

Today, there is a sea that’s rising daily.

It’s called online content.

The only way to stand out and gain attention is by being the best that you can be.

You have to become a great.

Expert copywriters.

An authority voice, an expert on the topic, an author that writes spectacularly.

General won’t cut it. Standard won’t make it.

Google has furthered the fact of great writing with the standards they re-defined late 2015: E-A-T, (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust), and Y-M-Y-L (Your Money or Your Life – the topics that deserve a true expert).

Without a voice that stands out in your category, you’re going nowhere online with content.

It comes down to that simple fact.

Want to win?

Invest not only in a good writer, a writer who “meets expectations,” but a writer who is an expert.

And not just an “expert” in a field that matches yours.

Because you can be a great lawyer, but a horrible writer. A wonderful software developer, but a choppy author.

A raw talent in writing comes first.

It’s the ultimate credential you should seek in an expert writer.

Creating engaging content that is easy on the eyes (read: flows) is a true art.

You can be trained to be a great researcher, and get ahead of almost any subject.

Or, you can use your real-life experience to further your knowledge in a narrow topic.

Here’s the secret…

you can’t learn the great level of writing.

The real, true, heart level of engaging writing.

Expert copywriting is born out of a talent given at birth.

Where writing flows from the fingertips smoother than cream from the top of raw milk.

An expert writer is a gifted writer.

Without such a voice, you’re not going to succeed online.

expert copywriting


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  1. Jaymin Shah
    Jaymin Shah says:

    Expert copywriting can’t be learnt… Like seriously…I have read a few of your posts and I think I’ve also bought some of the books you recommended. I was impressed with this site. But this is a shocker! What if I tell you I am on my way to become a good copywriter.


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