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Is Your Website Copywriting Spook-tacular or Just Plain Frightful?

Ghastly website copywriting is a sure fire way to frighten your website or blog’s visitors. Whether you’re in advertising and marketing, or you’re just writing your own blog, you have to always be a step ahead of your readers and the expectations of consumers. That means staying on top of events and holidays, especially those that generate buzz. You might already be prepared for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s and you might have killer content ready to go, but one of the most missed events is Halloween.

Website Copywriting Gone Wacky: When It’s NOT Good

Halloween is technically the first holiday of the “season” and it’s a prime opportunity to spice up your website’s content. According to National Geographic, 158 million American consumers will take part in Halloween festivities of some kind in 2013. While Halloween isn’t an official holiday—banks still operate, school is in session and you’re not going to get the day off—it’s celebrated worldwide. So if you’re website copywriting doesn’t contain a little Halloween spirit, you’re missing out on a spook-tacular topic that is sure to generate a little buzz.

Before you sit down at the keyboard and start typing away about pumpkins, your favorite trick-or-treating experience, or spout off a ghost story, you have to remember you’re still selling something. Integrating holidays and events into your website copywriting requires a little creativity. Avoid clichés or tacky puns—they’re just frightful. Trying using a couple of our tips to write great seasonal content without spooking your readers.


Don’t Go Overboard

Halloween web copywriting doesn’t need to be over the top, but it still needs to be present. Write just one Halloween-themed blog or a tiny series. Every sales message, call-to-action or general content post can have a few Halloween-themed ideas, but less is always more. Use seasonal events, like Halloween, to show a little personality.


Have a Great Eye for Detail

Mistakes can cost your business hundreds to thousands of dollars and they’re difficult to recover from. Your website copywriting shouldn’t scare people away. It should be friendly for your targeted demographics as well as anyone else who might accidentally stumble upon your site. While you’re at it, check your content twice. Take extra time to spot grammar or spelling errors in the process. If writing isn’t your thing, consider hiring a web copywriting service to brew up some creative, Halloween and holiday-themed content for you.


Do Your Research

If you’re going to write about Halloween, do some research first. Perhaps offer a few historical tidbits about where the stories about witches and brews came from or where the tradition of candy corn was born. Offering little tidbits that teach your audience something can take your web copywriting to the next level.


Don’t Forget SEO

You might be writing a Halloween-themed copy or blog post, but you still have to keep SEO in mind. People regularly look for your site and services based on keywords, and it’s unlikely your products happen to be named after Halloween themed items year-round. So before you swap out services, products, or useful keywords for Halloween-themed terms, remember what people will be searching for the other 364 days of the year.


Remember the Purpose

No matter what your Halloween website copywriting entails, remember the purpose of the content. Ultimately you are writing to sell, promote or get readers to take some form of action. Your content should be entertaining, but the reader should still know you expect something out of them in the end.


Tie in Halloween When It’s Appropriate

If you’re sale is because of Halloween, tie that into your content. If you have products that can be related to Halloween, tie those into your blog content too. Only tie in when it’s appropriate and avoid throwing products and services into your Halloween website copywriting just to throw them in there.


Some Last Minute Blog Ideas That Don’t Bite

Not sure where to get started? Here are a few last minute blog ideas that are frightfully awesome for any industry.


  • Horror Movies – Everyone knows the classics and even if you’re not a fan, it’s likely the majority of your readers have heard of those classics too. Tie in a few well-known movie quotes to add a little pop culture to your content.
  • Halloween Tunes – “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” are popular songs for Halloween. Quote them in your content or have them playing when visitors come to your site.
  • Post a Halloween Recipe – Halloween-inspired recipes are a lot more versatile than you might think. Your website copywriting can share a favorite Halloween appetizer, dessert, snack or even a wicked cocktail in celebration of the season. You don’t have to actually make them yourself, but offering your readers a little something extra can go a long way to draw them in.


Halloween copywriting should be fun as well as purposeful. If you need help, hire professional website copywriting services. Web copywriting services have a team of writers that can generate content that won’t scare away current or potential customers—no witchcraft required.

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