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Web Writing 101: How To Write Powerful Headlines

When it comes to web writing; you need to have powerful headlines in order to really grab the reader’s attention.

Web writing has to really pull the reader in. Headlines are considered the single most important aspect of writing. Headlines are attention grabbers.

The headline will focus in on exactly what you want the audience to know. It will target the audience by using specific words and/or phrases to gain their interest.

Think of headlines as an ad for what you are writing. Headlines need to reflect clearly the essence of what it is you want to say in the body of your writing. Are you talking about the benefit of something or are you promising something in the body of your writing? If so, then take that and summarize it into a main headline.

You’re appealing to your targeted audience’s interests and their needs in your writing so do the same within the headline.

Some powerful key words or phrases to use in your headlines include:



Last Chance

How To


Top _____







Another great option is to play on words to entice the reader. For example:

Waist All You Want? Our Team Will Show You How!

While many may at first think it is a typo the truth is the headline is for a diet center which will become evident by the ad or the content below it. The headline will get viewers to look closer at what you have to say.

The headline needs to tell the reader what they can hope to achieve, what they will gain or even what they will accomplish. It needs to, in its own way, show the benefits that you will explain in more detail in the body. When crafting headlines for your web writing ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the main point I want the reader to know?
  • How will the reader benefit from what I have to say?
  • How my product or service will save them from X (the negative factor).

Your headline is not to promote a specific product or service you are offering. You are selling them an end result or a benefit.

You never want a headline to focus on you. You want it to focus on the reader.

So, never start a headline with by saying “we” or “our”. Instead, focus your headline on the reader. Focus it on them.

Remember to test your headlines.

Find what works and remove what doesn’t. In many cases, companies will run a number of ads or articles at once. Each will highlight different headlines. By tracking the views, you are able to see which ad or article did the best and was read the most. Chances are, the headlines in the most-read ads or articles were the most interesting to the reader. If you can link headlines for tracking, you will be able to see which headlines received more views. You can then get rid of what wasn’t working and focus on what is. This will also serve as a guideline for creating more attention grabbing headlines.

Conclusion: Web Writing is An Art

The key to great headlines is to always put yourself in the place of your target audience.

If it were you reading the ad or article, what would you want to know? What in the headlines would entice you to read more?

If you keep these things in mind when web writing, then your headlines will steal the show.

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5 replies
  1. Ossiana
    Ossiana says:

    One client I had insisted on me using this specialized measuring tool to find out the emotional impact of the headline that I wanted to have. I shook my head in dismay when I heard this news, simply because people don’t realize that good headlines can trigger emotional responses without having shocking words or intriguing words (“Does She Like You?”)

  2. rockstarasst
    rockstarasst says:

    I would love to know that tool, too. That would make my writing for corporate blogs so much easier. It’s hard to choose a headline. You want to incorporate keywords but make an impact, not be too long or two short, or not make sense. I try to come up with my headline/title first and then build the article off of it. That has just been what has worked for me.

    Thanks for those keywords. Depending on the article and who I’m writing for, I may come up with something a little controversial for a headline. I tend to click on the outrageous headlines when I am online, I’m just drawn to them for some reason – lol:)

  3. Molly
    Molly says:

    Very interesting information.. Crazy to think what a difference an eye-catching or intriguing title can make in getting traffic and attention to your article. I know that personally, if a title doesn’t captivate me, I lose interest. If the author doesn’t put the effort into not making a boring title, what would make me think that the rest would be any more interesting? It really does make or break your writing.

    • Eva
      Eva says:

      I gotta say, I don’t read tabloids or other junk, but an intriguing title will almost always have me opening up the page in a new tab to check out. There’s a six year old rapper on youtube that has over a million views for each of her music videos. She has “or her parents” wrote very intriguing titles for them and before I knew it I had watched five videos. (yes, shes is good:))

      Incorporating your title onto a photo can be huge. Say you have a DIY blog and you’re writing about mason jars crafts. Simply writing A guide to Mason Jar Crafts on the picture,in a nice font, with photoshop or another program, can be huge (think pinterest, google image search and just the general eye catching behavior of a photo versus words on a page)


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