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The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Tweets and Make Them Awesome

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Social Media | 0 comments

Twitter is an awesome tool that can help you generate more followers, and bring in more clicks and eventual revenue for your business.

You know it is powerful, and you want to make sure you are doing things as best as possible, right? Well, I’m here to help you further improve your tweets and Twitter outreach with a few awesome tips. Let’s take a look at what can really help your Twitter account out, getting more engagement and clicks!

10 Ways to Improve Your Tweets

There are several great ways to get the most out of your Twitter account, and I am going to look at 10 different ones!

1. Use Your #Hashtags Properly. Hashtags are a great part of Twitter, and can be incredibly powerful. There are many different ways people use hashtags ranging from simple business ones to incredibly powerful hashtag moments. When it comes to Twitter, you need to use your hashtags, and use them well. Many people aren’t entirely sure how to use hashtags, but a great way to approach them is to think of them as SEO for Twitter. What are your top keywords, what do you use in your web content and blogs? Use those words for your hashtags, and start grabbing people’s attention.

While you use hashtags as SEO, you should also consider making a few fun ones that are unique to your business. A great illustration of doing this is BioWare’s Twitter account for Dragon Age: Inquisition and their #DAIFanQuisition:


  2. Make Your Tweets Short and Fun Instead of Dry and Professional. The one thing with Twitter is that you want to make sure you stay fun and informal, even if your company is more professional. This is because you will find that it is easier to get engagement on Twitter if you are fun, laid back, and still reflect your company than when your tweets are constantly dry and boring. You need to loosen up a bit and just have fun because that is one of the main reasons people love social media, especially Twitter. We get enough professional sounding things through work documents, the news, and other professional settings, but Twitter lets people loosen up and have a fun time. Sassy is currently the new fun, and there do happen to be some hilariously sassy Twitter accounts out there to gain inspiration from:        

3. Find the Best Time to Post Your Tweets. A great way to make sure you are using Twitter correctly is to make sure you know the best time to post your various tweets. When it comes to the perfect time, it does depend on your client base because people use social media differently. However, there has been some awesome research done to help companies find an optimal starting point for their tweets and when to post them. It is suggested that you post to Twitter mainly on Mondays through Thursdays before 8PM, as this seems to be when people are more active, and if you post on Fridays (which you should), research says to post before 3PM. While this can help you get started, there are two major things you need to do. One is to make sure you are actually reaching people during those times, and tweak your posting times if you aren’t. Two, you need to make sure you share images because people enjoy images on social media.

4. Make Sure You Optimize Your Twitter Profile. Optimizing your social media profiles is really important no matter what site you use, and it can be pretty powerful for Twitter. There are several great brands out there that optimize their Twitter accounts amazingly with incredible photos, a great bio, and a link to their webpage. This is all very important because it shows that an actual person is using the Twitter account, and that the account is your company’s. A bio can help people know more about your business, and that link sends them directly to your webpage. Never leave any aspect of a Twitter profile empty – always fill in any and all information.

5. Don’t Hesitate to Use Twitter Ads. A great way to use Twitter for more of an impact is to make sure you use Twitter Ads. Some companies might be a bit wary to start using Twitter Ads when they would normally just rely on hash tags, but the ads can really help you get more exposure. In fact, Twitter makes sure that people who would be interested in your company will see the promoted tweet, instead of people who wouldn’t be interested seeing it. You can also grow your followers by promoting your account and increase lead generation with ads. Try it out, and you might just be surprised how many people it brings to your Twitter account and eventually your website.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Acronyms and Emoticons! You can’t go anywhere on the Internet without seeing many acronyms and emoticons. However, many businesses wonder if this is something they can benefit from or if they should simply stay away. I believe that acronyms and emoticons are perfect to use for your business because it can help you create a connection with your followers. In fact, many people react to a smiley face emoticon as if it were a real face – interesting, no? Learn a few acronyms, and use some great emoticons and test just how well they work. Chances are, you will be able to boost engagement, which can lead to more people coming to your site and purchasing from your company.

Denny's First Word


7. Use Some Psych 101 When Crafting Your Tweets. Not many people consider basic psychology when they craft their tweets, but all of the engagement you are likely to receive stems from psych 101. Not everyone took a psych 101 class, and that is completely fine, you don’t need a psychology degree to learn a few basic tricks. You can learn some things to do such as using the “bandwagon effect” to bring in more engagement. What is the bandwagon effect? It is simple saying things like “join our team” or stating something and asking, “who agrees?” It seems like you are involving a lot of people (even if you don’t feel like you are) and people are more likely to respond if they think others are responding as well. There are some other great basic psychology things you can do and Social Media Examiner has a handy list to get you started!

8. Always Make Sure You Define Your Goals for Twitter. A basic step some people might not consider at the beginning of their Twitter usage is what goals they have in mind for their account. This contains knowing who you want to reach on Twitter (age, location), knowing what you want to accomplish with a Twitter campaign, and know who will be crafting and sending out your tweets. These seem very basic, but it can help tremendously if you have goals set up for your Twitter account. Your goals can also change and grow throughout the years, so make sure you are constantly reviewing them.

9. Create a List for Your Company Name to Avoid Missing Mentions. One of the major problems a lot of businesses have is missing when they are mentioned on Twitter. This can be a detriment because people love when a business re-tweets or mentions them, and if you don’t see it, you won’t interact with them. In addition, if someone says something negative about your company, you won’t be able to meet the problem and work to resolve it.

The biggest problem with this is that people don’t often use the @ to mention the company they are talking about. A great way to make sure that you don’t miss a single mention whether they use the @ or not is to create a list with your company’s name as the search term. You will then be able to track who says what, and give you the chance to reach out to people who didn’t mention your company. This promotes engagement, and can also help in reputation management.

10. Utilize Twitter Analytics to Help Tweak and Improve Your Tweets. A great thing about the Internet is when you’re able to use analytics to see just how well your site is doing. However, what can you do to see if your tweets are having the best impact or not? You can use Twitter Analytics to figure it out! You can look at specific tweets or an overall report to learn more about your Twitter usage, reach, and overall power. This will help you see what types of tweets your followers engage with, as well as the best times to post to your specific Twitter account. You can use Twitter Analytics to make sure you get the reach you want and need, which is incredible.

Tweet, Tweet and Grow Your Followers!

Twitter is the perfect way to reach out to your followers and have more engagement with them. It is also a great way to direct people to your blogs, and help you generate more revenue. Don’t skip out on using Twitter if it scares you.

You don’t always have to rely on using the Twitter account yourself—we know it can be hard as a business owner wearing a lot of hats! Take a look at our awesome social media packages that not only help with Twitter, but can help with Facebook and Google+, as well.

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