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Why SEO Copywriting Services Are Essential To Your Internet Marketing

Today, it’s impossible to have a good digital strategy without one crucial thing: SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is the cornerstone of highly visible, highly relevant online content. And the best brands know they need great SEO copywriting services to help them climb to the top.

Why, you ask?

Simple: ranking on the web requires a lot more than just having great content.

Think of it this way, even if you made the most beautiful shirt in the world, would you be able to sell it? If you only made one of them, and you didn’t know how to get it to a place where customers could see it — probably not!

Even if your content is outstanding and your brand is reliable, that’s not always enough to rank. Instead, you need the help of a good SEO copywriter to give your content the finishing touch it needs to shoot to the top of the SERPs.

Read on!

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The Value of SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting combines two things that, unfortunately, most brands aren’t great at: SEO and copywriting. Even if you have a strong team of in-house writers, SEO is a specific industry that takes a lot of time and attention to learn. This means not everyone knows it, and even the people who do don’t always know it well.

This is why it’s so critical to seek help from a professional.

When it’s done right, SEO copywriting services can do the following things for your brand:

  • Boost Your Search Rankings. Great SEO makes your content more visible and will help it claim more prominent spots in the SERPs, which is important since these spots claim the majority of the clicks and attention.
  • Save You Money. If you’ve been relying on paid advertising or paid placements to bag customers, SEO copywriting services can represent a real cost-savings. Instead of taking a “spray and pray” approach, SEO copywriting targets the customers you want to connect with, and gives your content a path to ranking organically.
  • Keep You on the Cutting Edge of Content. Search engines are claiming an increasingly larger market share, so featuring more prominently within them is a very good idea. The easier it is for customers to find your business, locate your content, and have meaningful interactions with your brand, the more sales your company will enjoy.
  • Help You Remain Competitive. If you’re not working on your SEO, but all your customers are, you can bet you’re going to fall behind. Everyone’s doing it nowadays, and you can’t afford to be the last one on the bus.
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What Is SEO Content, and Do I Need It for My Business?

A lot of business owners don’t understand why they need SEO copywriting services. This is primarily because these business owners aren’t familiar with the process of search engine optimization, or the effect it can have on online content.

SEO content is copy written with the aim of drawing new visitors to your site.

The more traffic your website gets, the more sales you make and the more authority you earn.

To create effective SEO content, copywriters use a variety of strategies, including placing keywords and phrases throughout the copy, optimizing meta content and images, and formatting the headline so that it’s easy for readers and search engines to understand.

Want to see the portfolio of an SEO copywriting agency? Check out our portfolio of content samples here.

10 Smart Reasons to Hire SEO Copywriting Services

Powerfully written web content can boost your conversions, earn you more customers, and even increase your Google rankings. With that in mind, it’s clear this is one thing that’s too important to ignore. Here are the ten biggest reasons to hire an SEO copywriter:

1. Good Research that Boosts Your Content’s Value

A good SEO copywriter knows how to do research and incorporate it into an article. This is important because links and backlinks are influential ranking factors in the world of SEO, and having links to relevant, reputable third-party sources throughout your content can help it earn higher search rankings.

2. More Compelling Calls to Action

Remember: SEO copywriters are copywriters first, which means they know how to craft a mean CTA. We’ve talked before about why calls-to-action matter, and how creating better ones can help boost your conversions, but did you know that simple SEO tactics, like including keywords and phrases in your linked CTA anchor text can also help your site rank and produce more qualified leads?

An SEO copywriter can deliver all of this and more.

3. Enhanced Page Focus

Unless you have a good understanding of SEO, learning to focus a page can be difficult. Fortunately, SEO copywriters understand exactly how to narrow, target, and position your content so that it ranks most efficiently for your chosen keyword.

4. Better Keyword Research

If you’re targeting crappy, short keywords and phrases and being disappointed by your results, SEO copywriting services can help. While keyword research is a major factor in good SEO, not everyone knows how to do it.

And rightfully so!

It requires the intelligent use of several tools and approaches laypeople don’t have an excuse for knowing! Hire SEO copywriting services, though, and you’ll get solid keyword research that will improve your rankings.

If you’re targeting crappy, short keywords and phrases and being disappointed by your results, SEO copywriting services can help. While keyword research is a major factor in good SEO, not everyone knows how to do it. - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

5. Natural Keyword Inclusion

Once you’ve tracked those keywords down, what do you do with them? Do you just stuff them into your copy wherever they fit or do you include them naturally? The answer is, of course, the latter. SEO copywriters will weave keywords into your copy, so readers don’t even notice them, but search engines can rank them.

6. SEO-Friendly Meta Tags and Descriptions

Do you know how to write meta tags and descriptions? Do you even know what they are?

If your answer is “no,” that’s okay! These are the perfect example of difficult yet essential SEO tools that only experienced copywriters know how to handle. Used by search engines to rank and interpret your site, meta content is too important to ignore, but too challenging and specific to farm out to just anyone.

7. Pages that Are the Perfect Length

Did you know that even length plays into the SEO value of your online content? Luckily, SEO copywriters know when to keep content long, when to shorten it up, and which word count limits you can’t go over. For example, good SEOs know that web pages should be about 350 words while blogs rank best if they’re 1,500 words or longer.

8. Simpler Writing

Great SEO copywriters know that keeping it simple is the best bet. While lots of companies tend to over-complicate their writing, a great SEO copywriter will be able to make it approachable and accessible for all audiences, which, in turn, will boost your rankings.

9. Better Landing Pages

Have you ever wanted to create better landing pages? Or, heck, to create landing pages at all? SEO copywriting services can help you do it. Because SEO copywriters know what it takes to develop a great landing page, and understand how to use language, formatting, and offers to drive readers to click, partnering with one can overhaul your conversion rate and make it easier than ever for your pages to go off the charts.

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10. Skilled Competitor Analysis

SEO copywriters can help you analyze and learn from your competitor’s pages, and develop actionable strategies to outrank them. This is hugely helpful for anyone operating in a crowded industry or looking for smart ways to take advantage of the data surrounding them.

Get Your Message Across with SEO Copywriting Services

If you want your website to have any relevance on the web, then you cannot afford to ignore SEO copywriting services. A search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting service can provide you with a team of professional copywriters who will craft content that provides your customers and clients with crystal-clear, engaging, and concise information.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, SEO copywriters can also:

Motivate, Initiate Reactions, and Engage Your Readers

In many cases, companies just need a writer and having someone who understands SEO is icing on the cake. Look a little deeper, though, and you’ll see it’s much more than this.

While SEO copywriters are all strong writers, they’re also more efficient writers because they understand how to make their content align with SEO on the first pass. This saves you from having to train them on the job and increases the likelihood that you’ll get engaging, SEO-focused content the first time.

While SEO copywriters are all strong writers, they’re also more efficient writers because they understand how to make their content align with SEO on the first pass. - @JuliaEMcCoy on the value of hiring #SEOcopywriting services Click To Tweet

Summarize Major Selling Points and Deliver a Powerful Closing

SEO copywriters understand that writing great online material involves making it appealing to people and search engines. Because of this, they know to save some of the most vital or juicy information for the end of the copy, so that the content closes with a punch.

Delivering a very powerful closing is as important, if not more important than, crafting a compelling opening. An expert will work hard to make an impression on your target audience, and ensure they don’t walk away and forget who your brand is. This ensures that your customers and clients are always aware of how your brand can help them and what unique benefits your company can offer.

At the end of the day, SEO copywriting services function as a bridge between your goods and your consumers. By optimizing your online content accordingly, and ensuring your written material is doing everything it can to inspire and compel your readers, SEO copywriters work to increase the salience of your brand and make your company unforgettable in the minds of your customers.

While promoting products and services is the goal of a copywriter, he or she is also careful not to lose sight of your target audiences. To put this another way, SEO copywriters are a rare breed, since they understand great copy is about readers and search engines, rather than just one or the other.

When you combine these two priorities, your online copy immediately becomes stronger, and you gain access to a whole new world of online possibilities open only to the most dedicated digital marketers.

SEO copywriters are a rare breed, since they understand great copy is about readers and search engines, rather than just one or the other. - @JuliaEMcCoy on the value of hiring #SEOcopywriting services Click To Tweet

In a Nutshell: Great Copywriting Services Can Help Your Brand Grow Online

If you want your brand to grow, you need to invest in great SEO copywriting services. Whether you’re simply trying to get your brand to rank or working to create a high-profile website with thousands of monthly visitors, the help of a good SEO copywriting service is exactly what it’s going to take to get there.

These teams of skilled, reliable writers put the utmost importance on your copy. Instead of treating your projects like “just tasks or assignments,” these professionals enjoy what they do, and work hard to help their clients achieve their ranking and SEO goals.

While most people understand the importance of great writers to a good company, SEO copywriters take that requirement one step further by providing a seamless bridge between SEO and copywriting services and providing the best of both worlds for your content.

While most people understand the importance of great writers to a good company, SEO copywriters take that requirement one step further by providing a seamless bridge between SEO and copywriting services... - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

Hire one of these skilled creators, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever look back. 😉

If you’re looking for the perfect SEO copywriting services for your brand, contact us now to learn how we can help you!

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SEO Copywriter: Why He Or She Is Your New Best Friend

This blog post is not one where you will be persuaded to hire an SEO copywriter—or else! Okay, it may seem like that, but really this blog post will cover the benefits that experienced and skilled copywriters bring to the table.


What A SEO Copywriter Is And Why You Might Desperately Need One

If you feel that you do not need the help of a copywriter, think again and be warned: don’t feel bad when the competition is getting way ahead and you are being sent a postcard from Bali (or any other exotic location) which reads “wish you were here.

This is the part where you say “So tell me, why I should pay for the services of an SEO copywriter when I can write my own kick-ass content?”


A Great Sense of Perception

When you are inside a business, quite frankly it can be quite hard to retain your sense of perception. Most times, you get so caught up with all the politics in your company or spend your time developing your great ideas for the near future. With a million and one ideas going through your brain, it can be very difficult (or virtually impossible) to clearly state the benefits you bring or the features that you offer when it comes to your company’s online marketing plan.

As a client, you may say you do not know how an SEO copywriter will make any sense of what you tell them about your business. An experienced copywriter will discuss with you and understand your needs. It is very easy for a copywriter to make sense of your company because they are outside looking in. Professional copywriters will not allow you to cloud their understanding with information that is totally irrelevant to the matter at hand. The copywriter knows how to extract relevant information and whip it into very useful content. This is quite easy for a professional to do because they follow a process and have the benefit of fresh perspective.

It really does not matter how hard you try, the truth is that you will find it hard to achieve the same perspective that a skilled and professional copywriter is afforded, mainly because they can see your company from a vantage point that you cannot.


Professional Level Communication Expertise

A professional SEO copywriter writes for a living. From small start-ups to universal brands, they put words in the mouths of business owners. Copywriters have a gift. They know how to communicate a brand’s message to target audiences. Think about all the television, print or radio ads you have ever loved—a copywriter has simply spoken to your heart.

A well written copy can impress your clients and help you to make huge sales. Poorly written copy can put readers off and make your brand a sort of pariah. If you have invested in a well designed website and you strongly value the look and feel of your well crafted brand; who will you trust to create the content that will speak to your website visitors?

There are a lot of drop-dead beautiful websites (which probably cost thousands of dollars to build) undone by poorly written copy churned out by a nonchalant intern. Having quality written content will not only create trust, but will also boost your online reputation. According to an article on, content marketing is the new branding.


Content Will Be Delivered How You Want It, When You Want It

An SEO copywriter is not just a hired pen; he or she is also perfect for getting work done. Many corporate projects are known to stall and move at a snail’s speed just because someone can’t find the time or get inspired to write something interesting.

If your fresh new website has not yet launched because your teams are too busy to create content, then the smart thing to do is to outsource to a reliable and reputable SEO copywriting service. If your marketing plan suffers a hiccup at the copy creation stage, then the smart move is to outsource to quality copywriters. If you need quality written press releases that will actually capture the attention of target audiences, then the intelligent thing to do is to hire excellent copywriting services.

By simply handing the aforementioned tasks to a skilled, experienced and professional SEO copywriter whose profession is to create quality content, then you can count on getting the work done how and when you want it.


A Professional Knows Best!

A lot of businesses actually struggle to create web content because each and everyone has a different opinion of what is good and what is not. Employing the services of an SEO copywriter will eliminate any arguments between employees from different departments. The professional copywriter knows just what is best for your company website.

Most times, insecure interns and other staff members are just trying to score points with the boss and make others feel bad. The copywriter simply wants to get the very best result, and is not interested in scoring major points with the boss or snubbing Miranda from Human Resources. The copywriter just wants to assist your business communicate in the best possible manner. Check out these helpful tips from SearchEngineLand on business content marketing.


Use Your Time Wisely

This is perhaps one of the advantages of hiring an SEO copywriter. Creating stellar content can be very time consuming. Unless it is what you do for a living, you have probably got a lot of other activities that you need to take part in. Employ the services of a copywriter so you can get back to your business and your life. Do you honestly want to spend your time trying your hardest to create quality content instead of doing what you do best? Creating quality content will require you to do some research and have the natural gift of using words in a way that will compel readers to take action. Leave it to an SEO copywriter—you’ll be glad you did.