“How do I know your writer(s) know my industry?”

“Why do I need a writer for MY industry of expertise?”

These are great questions we get all the time.

And to answer them best, we’ve structured our team with over 90 writers and four core levels (general, expert, specialty, and authority).

We’ve studied Google’s guidelines, and we don’t believe just any writer can write for every industry. ✋

In fact, Google has very specific guidelines around how they measure expertise, authoritativeness, and trust for all industries. Especially when it comes to finance, law, and health, the guidelines Google uses to rate and review content get even stricter. (I wrote about Google’s rating guidelines here on the Write Blog.)

Here’s our belief: Writers do have specialties, and industry expertise — and that absolutely should be matched up to a client and their industry/expertise.

Or, to put it simply, you need a writer who knows your industry like you do to write your content.

There are plenty of reasons why. Let’s go deeper into the top 3 to illustrate why this is so important – for your content, your brand, and your content marketing success. Here’s why you should hire an expert copywriter.

Why hire an expert copywriter? It's simple: It saves time ⏲, money 💰, and headaches 🤦‍♀️. More on why you need an industry expert writing your content on the @ExpWriters Write Blog: Click To Tweet

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3 Good Reasons to Hire an Expert Copywriter Who Knows Your Industry

1. You Need the Right E-A-T to Stay on Google’s Good Side

For many industries like healthcare, finance, and law, sharing your expertise online with content is tricky – especially if you’re not writing the content yourself.

The reason? These industries and many others provide high-stakes information to consumers. Giving wrong or erroneous advice could result in major life problems for the people on the receiving end.

Google calls this type of content “YMYL” – Your Money or Your Life.

Your Money or Your Life (YMYL)

Now, your expertise isn’t in question, here. If you already outsource, it’s your content writer you should be worried about.

Even if you give your writer plenty of direction, mistakes happen. And, if they’re not an expert in your industry, those errors are a lot more likely to plague your content.

Unfortunately, Google de-ranking your content and pushing it down to page 10 is the least of the consequences. You’ll also dramatically break your readers’ trust if you give them bad advice or information.

That equates to fleeing leads and potential customers who disappear.

See why your writer’s expertise matters so much?

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The problem isn’t just rampant in high-stakes industries, either. An inexperienced writer who doesn’t know your industry or your product/service in, say, beauty or pet care or natural living can do just as much damage to your brand reputation.


When your content isn’t written from a place of knowledge and authority, it shows. It will be inaccurate, lacking in substance, forgettable – or all three.

Where does that leave you? With content that constantly needs major edits, rewrites, tweaks, and revisions. It will never be “right” from the get-go, which is a total waste of your time and money.

Your content reflects your brand. Full stop. If your readers notice a disconnect, they’ll stop caring and fall out of your marketing loop. ❌

When your content isn’t written from a place of knowledge and authority, it shows. It will be inaccurate, lacking in substance, forgettable – or all three. It will never be “right” from the get-go. 💔 Click To Tweet

2. You Don’t Have the Skills Necessary to Write Winning Content

Copywriting with finesse and intrigue isn’t a skill you can learn overnight.

If you want to hook readers, hold their attention, and incite action from them (subscribing to your email list and making purchases are two biggies), you have to use copywriting techniques.

The thing is, they take years to hone.

Specific skills, including marketing knowledge and storytelling, give copywriters the ability to appeal to particular target groups, hold their attention, qualify your product or service, and convert readers into buyers.

Formatting is just as important as language, so professional copywriters are well-versed in writing within certain marketing formats and publishing standards.

All this, while simultaneously coming across as professional, intelligent, and convincing, using your brand voice and point of view.


Considering every single industry needs digital marketing to stay relevant today, it’s sad that copywriters aren’t more respected. Their skills are VITAL.

But not everyone has them. And not just anyone knows how to write content that succeeds, builds a brand, and creates ROI.

Expert copywriters do — and that’s why you should hire them.

Need I say more?

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3. Your Content Needs to Build Trust, Not Break It

The trust you build with customers is ever-changing. Each time they interact with your brand and read your content represents chances to increase that trust quotient.

And more people than ever before are reading content online. In 2020, search traffic nearly doubled from 3.5 billion/day to over 6 billion/day.

80% of people reported consuming content from a brand over the last year – whether they read, watched, or listened.

percentage of people who consumed content last year

Source: 2021 Report: What Buyers Want from Content Marketing

More people reading content = more chances to attract your target audience.

Once you attract them, it’s key to build trust – not break it.

And trust-building needs two factors to work:

  • Time – Relationships with customers built on trust take time to grow. Trust isn’t built with one piece of content. It takes many, many pieces of great content (and other good interactions) to solidify trust.
  • Consistency – Maintaining a consistent presence over time means you show up, again and again and again, with great information. Your content solves problems, entertains, informs, or all three, every single time you publish.

Throw in a few jarring pieces of content – whether they’re poorly-written, full of bad information, or just plain unhelpful or boring – and you’ll throw a huge wrench into your trust-building endeavor.

Here’s another well-known fact. Very few business owners have the time or desire to write, and the finished result usually reflects that fact.

Why waste time doing something you don’t want to do and you know won’t be the high-quality content you need to continue to grow your business?

It’s pretty simple. If you don’t have the time to produce consistent content that meets high standards, you’ll be breaking trust with customers rather than building it. You’d be better off NOT creating content at all.

Enter the expert copywriter.

We have the time and skills you lack to get it done right. A good copywriter can help you drive sales, pull in new traffic, build loyalty, entertain the masses and reflect your professionalism.

We can help drive your success and are integral to help increase your bottom line.

Hire Expert Copywriters. Grow Your Business.

Knowing what you know, which will you choose: the ad-hoc, doing-it-to-save-a-few-bucks non-writer moonlighting as a writer (which, let’s face it, might be you)?…

Or an expert copywriter, who makes their living writing great copy and content?

…We both know the second option is the smart option.

Expert copywriters are passionate about their jobs and love what they do.

They are specialists in their field and have chosen their career because it’s what they want to do.

They understand how to write for online audiences AND Google.

Finally, if you match up with a writer from your industry, you’ll get a pro who will help build trust between you and your audience.

In other words, you’ll get results.

Ready to invest and hire an expert copywriter? We’re ready to make your content sing. Check out the Content Shop for our writing services and pricing.

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