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What’s All The Hype About G’s New +Post Ads?

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The sky is the limit when it comes to analyzing all the new tools and channels that are launched on the market on a regular basis to make things a whole lot easier for today’s marketers. Google+ has recently given us a new reason to get excited. Earlier this month, Google+ has announced that its innovative +Post Ads will become available to big brands counting on Google+ pages with more than 1 million followers. Should this new opportunity be received with great enthusiasm by marketers and deep-pocketed clients or is it just a new method to throw some solid cash down the drain? Let’s find out.

What Are These New +Post Ads and Why Do They Matter?

Google+ is currently listed as one of the 5th largest, most influential social media platforms of this moment. Apparently, for Google this is not good enough. However, on ever-changing online markets there is always room for improvements and Google is fully aware of this fact. Its new +Post Ads is an extremely valuable tool for big brands that want to improve their online presence, broaden their horizons, expand their reach or simply consolidate their position in their niche. Basically, +Post Ads gives you the chance to promote any kind of post that you could publish on your Google+ brand page in front of a larger audience, by relying on third-party websites that broadcast your marketing message.

Google+ Takes the Art of Content Sharing to a Whole New Level

Of course, these partnerships work to your best advantage and boost your online visibility. By promoting your content on premium sources of information, you instantly draw attention to your brand and the announcement that you plan to make public. Whether you are bragging about your new line of products, a brand-new service or a hot discount campaign designed to improve customer loyalty, +Post Ads will enable you to amplify your most engaging content that a larger audience may be interested in. The best part is that this program gives you the chance to decide where you actually want to distribute your messages. According to Forbes, marketers who will use the +Post Ads program to display their ad will be able to control the places where their posts will be shown.

…Can It Get Better?

How much better can it get? Actually, things get a little more interesting. You should also know that all the shared posts are 100% interactive. This means that visitors who land on the third-party website that is showing your ad can actually post a common right on the article hosted by your collaborator. If and when readers like your post and resonate with it, they can share it via their very own Google+ accounts. Some of the biggest brands that we all know and love, like Toyota for instance, have already tested +Post Ads and seem to be pleased with the end results.

Clearly, this is a major marketing opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Could Post Ads Make You Throw Money Out the Window?

All in all, one question still remains unanswered: could +Post Ads be your best friend or your most feared foe? Truth be told, this new program could burn holes in your pockets, if you don’t know how to use it wisely. Content is king, and proper distribution is its powerful queen. But it goes without saying that poor content won’t get you very far. It may land in all the right places, but if it doesn’t make your clients laugh, giggle, sigh, rub their hands together in anticipation and swipe their credit cards, your content is a mere waste of money and no distribution strategies could change this fact.



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