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How You Can Be a Better SEO Copywriter in 3 Steps

3 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity Like Never Before

Being a better SEO copywriter takes one thing, and one thing only:  more writing.  The old axiom is to commit to write 500 words every day, and maintain that schedule no matter what you’re writing about, but how are you supposed to come up with consistently great ideas for topics to write about?  Content is king when it comes to SEO copywriting, and maintaining consistently great content is the key to success in the online realm, but many business owners can feel more than a little out of his or her depth when trying to keep up with a rigorous writing schedule, even if it is only 500 words per day, if they key to maintaining success is consistently engaging content.

Well, we’re here to help!  There are a few easy things you can do to keep the gears turning in the creative half of your brain:  keeping a notepad and making an effort to jot down great ideas as they occur is a great tactic, but we want to help you find the great ideas that exist inside your brain without having to rely on your presence of mind (or presence of notepad and pencil) to jot those thoughts down as they occur organically.   If you find you have trouble finding the ideas that you know are there when you need to have them, don’t feel bad.  Great writers have writers block, so you’re allowed to have it, too.  It’s easy to stare at a blank page and just give up, admitting in defeat that you really have nothing worthwhile to write about.

If you’ve been there, or if you’re there now, let me reassure you:  you are wrong.  You have plenty to say!  It’s just a matter of finding those ideas and prying them out from where they are hiding inside your brain.  Here are three tips for your SEO copywriting to help you pin down those stray thoughts and get them out of your head and on the page where they belong.

1.  What is the one topic in your industry that no one wants to talk about? 

The answer to this question is a magnet for an audience.   If you can answer this question, I can guarantee you that other people have asked it – and if no one else is talking, this is your chance to step out of your niche and use it in your SEO copywriting.  Your audience will flock to you, and competitors who have been afraid to venture into this uncharted territory will be left behind.  Take, for instance, the auto sales business.  One question that seems to be a mystery to the overwhelming majority of the American consumer is this:  why is buying a car so difficult?  Shady salesmen, tricky negotiations, and hidden numbers abound here, and even consumers who believe they are well connected are usually misinformed.  Being the car salesperson in your community who breaks through the iron curtain of just how much that car really costs, and breaking down all the “extras” tacked on at the dealership behind all that paperwork will bring you the respect of your audience – and the ire of your competition.  Every industry has its secrets.  Ask yourself – just how sacred are these facts?  Transparency is king right now with consumers, and this is your chance.

2.  On what topic does nearly everyone disagree with you? 

This question comes from Paypal founder Peter Thiel.  He uses this question when speaking to entrepreneurs and helping them to generate groundbreaking new business ideas.  You can use it for that, and it works, but it also applies to SEO copywriting.  The question is designed to dig into your mind and find those ideas that are uncomfortable, the ones that go against the grain and push you out of your comfort zone.  By answering this question you will dredge up all the uncertainties of your industry, and by peering at that oft-ignored side of the issue, you can begin to develop content around those seeds of doubt, and overcome them.  Answer this question well in your SEO copywriting and your audience will immediately ascertain that you’re a standout in the crowd.  Don’t be afraid of being controversial, but don’t paint yourself into a corner either.  There’s nothing wrong with taking a bold stance – but if your controversial opinion is proven wrong, make sure you’ve got an out.

3.  What do you believe will happen in your industry in the future?

Futurists are people who are paid a lot of money to predict what will happen in a given market.  In essence, they’re paid to make educated guesses.  Well, no one is closer to your market than you, so why can’t you be futurist for a day?  If you see a trend that others don’t seem to be talking about, then roll out the red carpet and shine a spotlight on it.  Make a bold prediction for the future of your industry in your SEO copywriting.  Readers want to stay on the bleeding edge of any topic they’re interested in, so if they feel that your content will give them a leg up on new trends in a given industry, then they’ll choose your content over the other guys mindlessly spinning the same article three different ways week after week.

Here are just a few more SEO copywriting tips to brighten your style. 

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