How to Use BuzzSumo To Crush Your Competitors & Produce High Traction Content

Are you any kind of marketer, website owner, or content creator? If you haven’t heard of BuzzSumo yet, then it’s time you did.

Content is one of those things that a site always needs and needs it to be high quality. Once you create that high quality content, how do you get it to convert?

Traditionally, it was a matter of getting your stuff shared around by people with a lot of followers.

Well, there’s a new and easier way to get your content out there and to make it popular: that solution is BuzzSumo. And we have a guide for the content marketer on learning just how to use BuzzSumo.

How to Use BuzzSumo for Content Marketers

The essential tool to a content marketer’s toolkit.

7 Steps On How To Use BuzzSumo To Knock Your Content Out of The Park

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create Strong Core Topics With BuzzSumo’s Help

The power behind BuzzSumo is partially the way it makes it easy to share around your content and partially how easy it makes it for other users of the site to discover content. A simple search on BuzzSumo produces a list of links for content that is shared across the most important social networks. Looking at what those results give you, you can easily tell the most popular shares. From there you can start developing content that fits this niche that follows the formula of the most popular posts in that area.

In order to develop great content that gains you traction and does a good job of converting users, you need to figure out what your core topics in your content strategy are and start building your content for these core topics.

For example, if we consider a small t-shirt marketing company that does custom t-shirt designs that cater to the intellectual crowd the main areas they would be looking at developing content would be designs based on famous intellectuals past and present.

buzzsumo guide

Once they are figured that out it’s a matter of moving on to step two. 

Step 2: See What Content Was Shared Most, and On What Network

BuzzSumo gives you an easy-to-understand run down of the important sharing statistics for any particular piece of content and breaks the number down by social media network. This is one reason why it’s important for a content marketer to learn how to use BuzzSumo, because we already have our social media channels figured out. Matching the shares on social media with the channel that we use allows us to streamline our content in order to appeal to a wider audience. Shares on Facebook, for instance, may be far less than shares on Twitter for a particular piece of content, telling us that Twitter is a better medium to pitch this type of content.

buzzsumo hot content

The other thing that the statistics do to aid your content production efforts is give you a guideline of the type of content that is shared the most. This is extremely important since developing content that is compelling as well as easily shareable is the key to building high traction content.

The only way to do that is to find out what sort of content your audience is interested in. BuzzSumo makes this a walk in the park, giving you detailed information about what is shared and which types of content are more popular than which on the social networks.

Step 3: Find Out Instantly What Big Industry People are Sharing, Be Inspired

One of the more powerful content marketing strategies out there is to leverage the sharing capability of influencers. These are social media accounts with huge followings, usually within a particular niche. Their shares get picked up by their followers and shared across the internet, allowing even more people to see your content. Influencers are important because recent research suggests that as much as 92% of customers tend to trust recommendations from real people over branded content.

buzzsumo shares

BuzzSumo allows you to see who shared the most popular pieces of content and trace their shares back to the people who shared from them. Influencers by themselves are important in getting the word out there that your content exists. But the main reason influencer-shared content is important is because it allows you to see what users in a niche identify with. Studies have shown that people tend to share content that they feel that represents them. This is the kind of content you have to produce if you want to make it high traction. The best way to do that is to see the topics of content that garner the most shares from influencers and who shared those posts.

Step 4: Create an Awesome Headline By Finding Out What Works on BuzzSumo

Copyblogger says that 8 out of every 10 users will read your headline only, with only 2 out of 10 remaining to read the rest of your content. Compelling headlines mean a lot in the world of content creation as any professional content creator can tell you. Crafting a good headline takes a bit of skill, but it also takes a large amount of research. Great headlines incorporate the SEO elements you expect in your site and blend them with something that compels the reader to click the link or to share it as the case may be.

BuzzSumo is ideal for doing research on content headlines in order to create content that appeals to your core market. Keeping along with your topic search you can quickly pinpoint what sort of headlines create the most traction. Once you work out the keywords that generate the most shares, you’re well on your way to developing content that you would expect to be shared about by the majority of your core audience.

Step 5: Develop Your Content With Inspiration From BuzzSumo

In some cases, this can be the hardest part of the process. You already have the type of content you’re going to develop and the medium through which you’re going to spread it to others.

But what are you going to build for your content? What represents your message perfectly but also contains the elements you want to include to help your content strategy succeed?

The development process can be quick and painless, without fruitless hours trying to figure out how to best put forward your point of view, when you have a content marketing aid like BuzzSumo.

A content search for a particular type of content gives you a draft of how you want to do your content:

buzzsumo content types

Popular content has certain key design elements that you can use as a draft for creating your own piece of content. Note where the important elements of the content are and use that as a guide to where your elements should be. You don’t even need to confine your content search to your particular niche. Looking at other areas can give you brand new ideas for your own content creation. BuzzSumo allows you to cast your net far and wide for inspiration to develop great content.

Step 6: Source Proper Links With the Aid of BuzzSumo

In almost all the content you develop you’re going to need proper links to source material if you intend to be taken seriously. Even opinion blogs tend to utilize links in order to make their content more credible. The domain authority score determines the quality of a link and aiming for domain authorities above 50 is a good way to keep the links you have in your content at a level that won’t be penalized by Google. You can easily get this score by selecting the “View Sharers” link which will take you to a page outlining the details of each of the sharers recorded and their vital statistics:

buzzsumo da

BuzzSumo has a nice, handy domain authority score that lets you see the link quality of a site that falls within your niche immediately. Although you’re still going to have to go through the site manually to figure out if it’s relevant (an important step, since relevancy affects your overall SEO score), the DA rating gives you a great place to start. It’s a very handy way to reference high quality sites and boost the DA of your own piece as it’s shared around.

Step 7: Utilize BuzzSumo’s Own Research

BuzzSumo knows content inside and out. For a site that deals in the popularity of content, there are few authorities better placed to advise what makes for content that can easily go viral. In a recent interview with tech geek Noah Kagan from OK Dork, BuzzSumo reveals the things they have determined that make for viral content. The list includes:

  • Include Images with your posts
  • Long Form Content is popular
  • Use emotional appeal to generate a response
  • List-form articles make for more readable content
  • Content that gets actively promoted tends to do better

Since you’re looking to develop content that has traction and can go the distance to increase traffic and conversions you would do well to utilize this research when generating content. Nothing is more impressive than creating a piece of content that manages to go viral. BuzzSumo even went so far as to show that posts published on Monday and Tuesday tend to get better traction. Maybe it’s time to slightly adjust your posting schedule?

Learn How To Use BuzzSumo And Face The Changing Face of Content Production

When content first took its place as the king of the Internet, all you had to do was to create a simple piece of shareable content and get it out to people that would spread it to more people. If it was popular, it drove traffic. If it was unpopular, it died an uncelebrated death. Then suddenly, user networks exploded, social media evolved and now content production is a totally new ballgame.

BuzzSumo is the best new tool available to deal with this new face of content production. It gives you powerful research tools at your fingertips and allows you to get weeks of research done in seconds. It incorporates the most common tools you’ll use when looking for shareable content and combines it with statistical analysis of related content and the shares by social media network. Never before have content marketers had all of this in one nice, neat package. The question you need to ask yourself now is why aren’t you using BuzzSumo as yet?

Learn more about BuzzSumo here.

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