How To Find Your Best-Fit Freelance SEO Writing Solution

When you need a lot of content for your site and you need it done right, these three options usually come to mind:

  • You can do it yourself.
  • You can hire a writer.
  • You can hire a freelance SEO writing service.

Freelance SEO Writing: Finding the Best Option for You

Freelance SEO Writing

The problem with the first option, though, is that even if you are the best writer in the world, if you are running a business, you just don’t have time to consistently write that much and still make it quality.

However, you notice that I didn’t list ‘don’t worry about creating content’ as an option. If there is anything that we can all agree on in the world of marketing, it is that you need an online presence, and you need great content on that site. Brafton created an awesome infographic illustrating this.

This means your best option is often going to be paying someone else to do the writing for you.

Hiring a Writer

When you hire a writer, you can take on a fulltime employee, use an individual freelancer, or contract through a freelance SEO writing service.

With the first two options, you take a risk of hiring someone without as many credentials as you can find through full services. Not only that, but they may not have as full of a range as a freelance service.

With a service, you have a wide range of experience, knowledgeable writers who can specialize in whatever type of writing you want done.

When you are looking for a service, though, you do not want to just go with the first one you run across.

Five Things You Should Look for in Your Best-Fit Freelance SEO Writing Service

When you are looking for a freelance service, make sure they meet at least these five important qualities.

1. They can adapt your necessary voice to fit your audience.

Great writers come up with an interesting, unique voice that really resonates with their readers. However, great freelance SEO writing services – or writer – actually adapts yours. Your voice becomes theirs.

When hiring a freelance writer, you need to find one that, instead of having their own voice, has an easily adaptable voice.

They should be writing for your audience in the tone that you would use to talk to your clients. In order to ensure they have this capability, ask for a diverse portfolio.

If a portfolio contains amazing pieces, but they are all of one style, then you cannot be assured that they are adaptably or not.

A freelance SEO writing service is usually good at ensuring this because they can choose one of their varied writers who best fit your need. While a single author can have many voices, think about how many voices you can choose from when you have many authors who each have many voices.

2. They keep up to date with all of the latest writing trends.

The current content marketing structure is likely to look a lot different than the content marketing world of even next year. That is why good writing is not enough.

When you look for a writer or service, make sure they keep up with the growing trends. There are many ways they can show you they do this.

  • They can become certified.
  • They can take trainings.
  • They can demonstrate their knowledge and prowess through their own research. However, if this is the way they learn, you might need to periodically check to make sure they are staying up to date.

Services are usually good at doing this because they often require their writers to update their training as new issues arise. Therefore, when you use a service, you can be more assured that they are familiar with all new and emerging trends – it is after all their business – as well as know that it is likely easier to get proof of this knowledge.

3. They are talented writers.

This one should go without saying, but I am mentioning it anyway. You have to make sure you hire a freelance SEO writing provider that actually knows how to write.

While this alone does not make a good freelance writer, it is the most important. No matter how well rounded they are, a freelancer without writing talent is not a freelancer you want to use.

Here, it might not matter as much if you use a freelance SEO writing service or an individual. However, at least with a service, if you do not like the writer who is assigned to your project, you have the freedom to request someone else.

4. They are talented writers in the area that you need them to be talented in.

Just as important as hiring a talented writer is hiring a writer that is skilled in the areas that you need them to be. Creative writing versus professional or technical writing versus copywriting versus niche writing and on and on all are vastly different.

If you need a professional writer, it is probably not a great idea to use a fully creative writer – even if that creative writer is an incredible creative writer.

You can determine if a writer is good and if they are good at what you need them to be able to do in a lot of ways.

  • Ask for referrals.
  • Check their portfolio or website.
  • Read reviews and testimonials.
  • Ask for a test article in order to see their merits.

While you can find an individual that meets your needs, just remember that here to a service might be a good idea. They have all good writers, but they have writers of varied natures. This way, you are more likely to get the writer you need.

5. They are all-encompassing.

Writing services are good at offering you a wide variety of services. When you use one, they do all the work for you.

Look for a service that works with you start to finish.

  • They consult with you and brainstorm what you need.
  • They create an editorial calendar.
  • They can even do keyword research for good SEO content from the ground up.
  • They write and post the content.
  • They do the social media for the content.

Final Thoughts on Freelance SEO Writing Services

Using a freelance service can save you time and make you money, which makes it well worth the price you pay the service. However, if you don’t get the right service, you will be paying for service without reaping any of the potential benefits.

If you are in the market for a freelance SEO writing service, check out our online Content Shop.

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