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The Keys of Persuasive Copywriting: The Unicorn of Online Content

Persuasive copywriting is the unicorn of online content.

It’s elusive, secretive, and mythical.

People whisper about it in darkened corners and tell stories about it to their entrepreneurial children.

Everyone dreams about it, but when you actually see it – BAM!

It’s a shocking and wonderful experience.

When it comes to the web, bad content is a nickel a ton.

Inexperienced, over-eager, or just plain bad copywriters jam topics down readers’ throats and try to sell a concept or topic at ALL costs.

Because of this, copywriting that doesn’t attack as much as it leads is worth its weight in virtual gold.

If you’ve always been intrigued by the persuasive copywriting unicorn of yore, this guide is for you.

In a few simple steps, you can learn to create persuasive copywriting that makes your audience want to follow you wherever you go. Read on to learn more.

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What Makes Online Copy Persuasive?

To be persuasive, online copywriting doesn’t simply need to make a point clear.

Nor does it simply need to use short sentences and easy language.

No – persuasive copywriting is much, much deeper than this.

In order to be persuasive, online copywriting must do the following things:

#1. Help the reader understand the context of an issue, rather than just the issue itself

Think about this in terms of the difference between a mechanic’s handbook and an advertisement for a new car. Even if they both discuss the same vehicle, the advertisement is likely to make you feel persuaded – to make you want to take the leap and purchase the car. Why? Because the advertisement gives you context while the ad just gives you facts. Persuasive copywriting helps readers understand the how, what, why, and where of an issue, rather than just the what. 

#2. Showcase the benefits of addressing an issue

Imagine I’m an SEO company, and I’m making these two pitches:

Pitch 1 – “You have an SEO problem. You should fix it now.”

Pitch 2 – “By investing in SEO, companies earn an average of 40% more site traffic within six months. This will help you drive increased sales and boost your company’s bottom line.”

Which pitch are you going to bite on?

If you’re like most people, the obvious answer is #2. Why? Because pitch 2 helped you see the benefit of solving the issue, rather than the fact that there was an issue to begin with.

People are goal-driven, and providing them with a clear list of benefits and potential outcomes is one of the easiest ways to earn a long-lasting customer base.

#3. Change a person’s perception of an issue or topic

If copywriting succeeds in changing a person’s opinion or idea about something, then it has done its job successfully.

The best copywriting is powerful, tactical, and smart enough to shift the way people view a topic or issue.

Without this, it’s just more words on a page.

How to Create Persuasive Copywriting: 4 Smart Tactics

Now that you know what makes persuasive copywriting persuasive, let’s talk about how to create it. While it may seem like persuasive copy is born not made, the fact of the matter is that anyone can learn to improve their online copywriting with the help of some simple tips and tricks. Here are a few to get you started:

1. Ask the right questions

According to Business2Community, the trick to persuasive content writing is asking the right questions. Which questions are these, you ask?

They’re the ones your audience will ask before they’ll make a purchasing decision of any kind.

To commit to your product, goods, or services, your customer must first know a few things: namely, that the product has value, that it will help them solve a problem, and that it’s better than anything else out there on the market.

To get ahead of these concerns and answer your customers’ inquires before they have a chance to ask them, consider the following questions:

  • What are your potential customers’ needs?
  • How does your product/good/service intend to fix them?
  • What proof do you have you can do the job?
  • What benefit will the customers gain from your product?

2. Stay conversational

Persuasive copywriting functions on a human-to-human level.

Without this, it’s virtually impossible to inspire a reaction from your followers.

With this in mind, ensure that your content remains as conversational as possible without being informal.

Striking this balance ensures that you’ll succeed at educating your consumers without patronizing or confusing them with lingo.

3. Tell a story

Remember that car advertisement vs. mechanic’s handbook example I laid out earlier? Why was the car advertisement more compelling?

The answer is simply because it tells a story.

While the mechanic’s handbook only tells you how to do something, the car advertisement tells you why. It opens your eyes to the possibilities inherent within the purchase of the car, and what kind of lifestyle you could live, if only you stepped inside.

All great copywriting must do the same thing.

While I’m not advocating writing everything like you would a car ad, I am advocating creating content that makes your readers feel something, and telling a story is the single most effective way to do this.

4. Emphasize the benefits

Back to the car ad: how many car ads just pop onto your screen with a bulleted list of the car’s features on a black background.

None of them.


Because this would be boring (the opposite of persuasive) and because nobody would care.

Why car advertisements do so well is that they advertise the benefits of the purchasing decision rather than the features included with any one vehicle.

This persuades people to act and is a wonderful way to appeal to a consumer’s emotions.

Get Your Readers to Go “Wow!”

Without persuasive copywriting, it’s impossible to grow a brand or create a content dynasty.

By implementing these four tips, however, and understanding exactly what goes into persuasive copywriting, it’s easy to stand out online and create quality content people want to get involved with.

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