Copywriting Showcase: The Impeccable Writing of Neil Gaiman

Whether you’ve read his stories or not, Neil Gaiman is a known name in the literary world and I am certain you’ve seen his name when shopping at local bookstores. He has written countless books such as Coraline and Stardust and has won many awards including the Newberry and Carnegie Medals. He has written graphic novels, short stories, novels, and even collaborated with multiple famous authors including Terry Pratchett and George R. R. Martin.

4 Ways Neil Gaiman Wins at Copywriting

Neil Gaiman is an excellent source of inspiration for all writers including us copywriters! Let’s take a look at how Neil Gaiman does amazing copywriting. 

  1. Neil Gaiman Knows How to Use Social Media. If you haven’t heard much about Neil Gaiman outside of his books, then you might not realize that this author is tops at social media. He takes occasional breaks from the web because his Twitter is not just his business of writing, but also personal. However, when he is active, he is very active and engages with fans. He regularly tweets and re-tweets fans, and responds to their comments.If you happen to say his introduction to the anniversary edition of Fahrenheit 451 was beautiful, he will respond thanking you. If you mention something that you found funny in his books or his latest book, he will re-tweet it. Neil Gaiman understands that engaging with his readership is a vital part of becoming and staying a popular author. Sure, his writing can stand alone and bring in many readers, but how many people would truly read his books if he didn’t regularly engage with them.This shows just how important social media is, as well as how important client engagement is for your business. Engaging with clients can help them feel like they are being heard and that there truly is a person behind the brand. It creates a relationship between brand and client that can be absolutely vital to a business’s success!


  1. He Gives Regular Advice to Young Authors. Another thing Mr. Gaiman does is pay attention to his fans who want to become authors. He gives regular advice to young authors about how to write great short stories or novels, and has written countless blog posts and articles giving these tips. He even made a commencement speech encouraging young authors, and artists, to keep making good art.His simple rules for writing include writing one word, then a following word, and so on. He also encourages people to be willing to laugh at their own jokes and be fine with any mistakes they make. We all know that we’ve made mistakes and that even some of the more popular writers, filmmakers, and CEOs have made mistakes as well!This is a great example of giving your client base something that they want and need. Neil Gaiman knows that in order to cultivate his amazingly creative fan base, he needs to give them helpful advice and he is more than willing to do that. In fact, he regularly states that if it weren’t for Terry Pratchett, he wouldn’t be where he is today, and he wants to be helpful to others as Terry was to him. Use this as inspiration to write content that will provide real value to your client base. Give them DIY tips or advice on things that pertain to your industry – trust me, they’ll greatly appreciate it! They will even begin to see you as a trusted source when you do this.


  1. He Discusses What He is Passionate About. While Neil Gaiman loves writing fantasy and science fiction stories, he also enjoys writing blogs and articles about his passions. It doesn’t take much research to realize that Mr. Gaiman has an absolute passion about the need for libraries. Recently, in the United Kingdom, many libraries were either being closed or on the verge of being closed due to various factors. This upset Neil quite a bit, as well as many others. He wrote an article about the need for libraries and even the need of daydreaming. In another article, he wrote about the importance of fiction in the world.What can you learn from this? You might not be writing articles on libraries or fiction books, but when you write content for your readers, you want to write high-quality pieces. How can you do this? By writing on a topic you have a passion for. Your passion will come through your writing easily when you do this, which can help craft excellent and compelling pieces for your blogs, as well as any guest blogs you do.


  1. He Knows the Importance of Collaboration. One thing Neil Gaiman does a lot of is collaboration with other authors. This is something many authors might do at some point in their career, but many only do it once or avoid it all together. Neil Gaiman stands out because he seems to enjoy it. In fact, his very first book was a collaboration with his dear friend Terry Pratchett on the book Good Omens. He has since collaborated with Mr. Pratchett more and has done others with writers such as George R. R. Martin. He also collaborated on a book of short stories based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft with Sherlock Holmes as the main protagonist in the book Shadows Over Baker Street.Neil Gaiman has had incredible success with his collaborations and is a great example of why you should be teaming up with others in your industry. George R. R. Martin and Terry Pratchett could easily be considered Gaiman’s competitors, but they all know that collaborating together helps them all out in the end. Take some time to think about some awesome collaborations with those in your industry or even organizations such as humane societies and other charities.

Use Neil Gaiman as Your Inspiration for Content!

Take this chance to implement a few things that Neil Gaiman does into your very own copywriting strategy. By engaging with fans, using social media, and writing about topics you have a passion for, you will be able to create and maintain a successful strategy. You will notice that you bring in more readers, and those readers might just turn into awesome, life-long customers!

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