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Client Story: How nFusion Solutions Hired Express Writers to Reclaim Keyword Ranking Positions Their Competitor Had Taken Over

In This Case Study, You’ll Learn

  • How Express Writers helps clients target relevant keywords.
  • What we did to start their content ranking.
  • The process that we followed to find more helpful keywords for the team.

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More About Our nFusions Solutions Case Study

Using a tool to perform SEO keyword research is generally necessary these days. These tools help you find keywords with search volume and density that you could rank for.

But sometimes, these tools are imperfect. This was what we saw with nFusion. They knew the keywords that were relevant to their industry, but because of the industry niche, the keywords weren’t popular enough to show up in tools like Semrush.

Because of this, we had to get creative. The solution we settled on? Checking out their competitor’s site and indexing each page. From there, we followed a specialized process to pull out each page’s keywords and catalog their relevancy.

These steps required us to be hands-on and utilize human skills to compile all this research. So, while SEO tools are necessary for digital marketing, there are still times that require a personal touch from someone with the best skills for the job.

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