Recently, we received this message from a past client in our inbox.

“It’s been awhile since we worked together, and I went to buy from you guys again today.
Wow. Your writing fees increased by double?! I won’t be using you anymore.”

*shudder* Anyone else find the incorrect contraction as grating as I did?
Okay, moving past the grammar-Nazi that makes up part of my inner core…
This client note.
Seriously needs to be addressed, publicly.
Back when we received it in our inbox, I wrote a short letter for our staff to send to the client.
I summed up the main reasons why our prices don’t stay at one level year-after-year.
But, the question itself smoldered in my mind for days, and eventually kindled an entire letter.
dear return client old rates

Dear Return Client (A Personal Letter on Why The Industry, and Our Rates, Will Never Stop Evolving)

Dear Client,
Content marketing has evolved so much in the past few years.
The evolution is the very reason our rates cannot stay the same.
That’s the expertise area of my team and me, so we’re not BS’ing you here, not by a long shot.
For instance…
Check out this infographic we created showing how the last 40 updates in SEO apply to content marketing:
top cut timeline history of Googles seo content updates copy

A Timeline History of Google’s Major SEO Content Updates & What We Learned from it As A Content Agency (Infographic)

Did you know that Google actually updates 500 times per year? (Moz)
Last year, I wrote a bestseller on successful online writing, and I was also named a top content marketer for 2016.
My passion, as the creator of this agency, is truly in this very industry of content marketing. It’s been my full-time career for nearly seven years now. I personally help recruit every single person that makes up our team (I can’t tell you how much I love finding a “gem!”). I read the latest books by content marketers, test and try SEO and content theories for myself, and have established incredible rankings for our own content. My staff and I create exclusive, internal training resources to keep my writers growing, and their skills sharp. We have a 5-point editing process I’ve put together that ensures we edit for exceptional content. And, our writing levels are created to exceed our industry competition in getting our clients their best-fit copywriters.
Easily, I’ve increased my own content standards (and budget) for my brand content tenfold in the last few years, year-after-year.
I’ll never drop my standards. 
My goal is that every client of ours can be sure of this foundation when they interact with and purchase services from Express Writers.
You’re working with a team that cares about:

  • Evolution and adapting to today’s standards, both in terms of reader expectation and ever-evolving search engine criteria.
  • Quality.
  • Personally head-hunting for the best of the best, in writers.
  • Molding our writing to current standards.
  • Constant innovation.
  • Matching the client’s need, not just their want – even if we tell them “no” because our content isn’t a fit for their business stage.
  • Creating content that is at the forefront of all the other results in Google.
  • Launching the best writing level in the industry with Authority Content, which I created as a service in 2016 to answer the “skyscraper content” need.
  • Developing new products, services, and even a course to match new industry standards.
  • Ensuring a higher standard of content that will elevate your brand online every time the web demands higher standards..

Dear client, I’m afraid you’re right on one thing you said.

It’s the elephant in the room.
Our content prices have increased, yes – in the last week, our general blog rates went from $35/500w to $45/500w. (Expert rates are $90/500-600w.)
But not to price gouge you.
Not by a long shot.
Think about this…it’s the truth:
If we were here to price gouge you (charge an inflated cost for services that aren’t worth it), in reality we’d charge the same fee, give you crap content that’s not worth a dime in real ROI with Google (not to mention lets down your reader, and fails to support your business by offering content not within industry standards).
Do you see the truth now?

Our fees come from an honest place that reflects how we truly care about the content we deliver for our clients and how our writing standards fit today’s demand.

In reality, our prices are actually more than fair.
Our rates are equal to – or even lower than – the market value charged by many of our competitors, whose rates have doubled (or in some cases, tripled) in the past two years.
But, cheap Textbroker rates just wouldn’t cover what our quality process is now – the process you need for content that matters.
It wouldn’t cover:
– Myself head-hunting for your best writer, and then testing and proving them before we bring them into the team. (See our Values.)
– Our Content Director personally assigning your content to a best-fit writer.
– Our content-marketing specialists and high-level editors reviewing every single one of your pages.
– Halting production of your content mid-stream if it doesn’t match quality standards, and taking the time to revise and re-edit.
‘Nuff said.
To end this letter on a very valid, marketer-mindset point:

What worked years ago in simple, average, link-bait content will not work today.

You won’t get a second glance from Google or a real, human reader for average content.
Our content, even at the “General” level, is created by writers hand-picked and mentored by yours truly in best writing practices, and we continually head hunt, refine, and re-initiate our guidelines to match the ever-evolving trends of content marketing.
And that makes the biggest difference.
Because we care.
Our goal is to serve our clients content at all levels in a way that works.
We don’t want to serve up crap content that will be a waste of your time and money.
I would encourage increasing your content marketing budget to allow for quality. If not, there are certainly competitors that offer cheaper content (a double-edged sword, though, it’s lesser in both quality and price).
Yours in content,
Julia McCoy
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This was a personal letter written by our CEO. To see our Content Shop and the content services we offer, go here.