10 Things To Learn From Genius Blogger Darren Rowse, CEO of ProBlogger

Have you ever dreamed of writing professionally?

What about getting your existing blog off the ground or simply attracting more clients to your company through strategic and skillful product marketing?

There’s a man who can help you with all of that, and his name is Darren Rowse.

As CEO of the popular freelancing site ProBlogger, Darren Rowse helps people learn to create great content, but he also does much more than that.

Rowse is an entrepreneur, quasi life coach and the hero of professional writers far and wide.

Darren Rowse’s Story

Currently located in Melbourne, Australia, Rowse is a family man who got into writing as a form of exercising his passion for building, enhancing and creating two things: community and communication. Rowse broke into the professional blogging scene after he starting blogging as a hobby.

After some time in the field, he decided to see if he could make money writing and began to do some Internet research on the topic. As Rowse searched the web, however, he realized that there was a distinct lack of information about making a living blogging and he decided to fix the problem by starting his own web-based community.

The subsequent site, ProBlogger, grew out of a need for great information, helpful resources and job listings for bloggers and freelancers across the web. Today, ProBlogger reigns as the top ranking authoritative site on the topic of blogging professionally and it would seem that we all have a thing or two to learn from Mr. Rowse.

Darren Rowse Problogger

Ready to be inspired?

Ten Tactics You Can Learn from Darren Rowse

Here are the top ten lessons Rowse has to offer from his career and personal experience:

1) If You Want To Get Anywhere, You Need To Write Daily

As much as we might love to believe otherwise, there are no free lunches and it’s tough to have a career as a blogger if you’re not in the trenches writing on a daily basis.

Rowse credits the success of ProBlogger to two things: the fact that he was one of the first voices talking about the topic and also that he sat in a chair and wrote every day for three and a half years. Dedication pays off and daily writing is one of the best ways to become a recognized voice in your field.

2) In Order To Succeed, You Have To Stick It Out

Blogging can be a tough business and if you’re hoping to make a living doing it, you’ve got to develop a knack for sticking with it during the tough times. Unless you have a previously established platform, it is difficult to experience immediate success as a blogger. Stay at it, write great content and, eventually, people will notice.

3) Write What You Know

Part of becoming a successful blogger is establishing authority and its hard to establish authority if you’re not writing what you know. ProBlogger, for example, boasts 4,000 niche-related blogs in its archive. Sharing your knowledge freely and learning the value of dominating a niche will go a long way toward creating success.

4) Don’t Sugarcoat It

People are smart and they’ll know if you’re blowing smoke. If a subject you’re discussing is difficult to learn, don’t be afraid to say that. People will appreciate your honesty.

5) Make Your Content Actionable

Readers appreciate tangible tips. If you’re writing about how to make money blogging, provide your readers with a ten-step list that includes do-able tips like “utilize affiliate programs.”

Creating actionable content provides readers with tangible information that they can apply to their own lives which, in turn, helps make your writing credible and important.

6) Network, Network, Network

Bloggers don’t exist on islands and, in order to achieve success, it is important to reach out to people in the community. Offer and invite guest posts, read related niche blogs, comment, interact, conduct giveaways and surveys.

Rowse began ProBlogger as a platform for community interaction and its obvious that focusing on communication is one of the first steps towards building or refining a blogging or content career.

7) Don’t Quit Your Day Job

It sounds like tough advice coming from someone like Darren Rowse, but it’s valuable. Blogging is a tough market and it’s important to take a long-term view of the career. Dedicate yourself to your writing but make sure you have realistic expectations in the meantime.

8) Be Yourself

There is a massive amount of content on the web and, because of that, it is important to be unique. Stay true to your own interests but be sure to dedicate some time to identifying market gaps and thinking about how you might be able to fill them. As Rowse has proven during his career, the bloggers most likely to succeed are the ones who create unique content.

9) Experiment

If you’re just beginning to blog for money, dedicate some time to experimenting with monetization techniques.

Each blog works differently and what works for Darren Rowse might not work for you right now. Explore your options and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find something that fits.

10) Consider your Reader’s Needs

Great content needs to be relatable. By taking the time to think about and then define the needs of your readers, you also set yourself up to meet the need and solve the problem. The most valuable content gives people a solution to an issue and encourages them to communicate more openly with your platform.

Darren Rowse is more than just one of the best-known faces of the blogging community, he is a teacher and a resource for bloggers and content marketers far and wide and his career and personal experience offer a whole host of lessons to take advantage of.

Although blogging can be a tough business, people like Rowse prove that, with some hard work, dedication to quality and preservation, anything is possible.

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    Abdul says:

    I think I have to disagree to a certain extent as to title 8 . Where you have stated- …. the bloggers most likely to succeed are the ones who create unique content. It should have been written as …. the bloggers most likely to succeed are the ones who create unique VALUE content.


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