You’ve just written a book, how exciting! Now that you’ve finished it, you’re probably wondering how exactly to go about promoting it.

You’ve heard about press releases, but are they a thing of the past?

Great news, they aren’t! Since the SEO landscape has changed, quality is the name of the game for worthwhile press releases. You should have a solid journalist expert writing it, and a top notch news network. As long as you’re not distributing a PR for links only, you’re going to get a lot out of it.

Press releases are perfect for books whether they are paper copies or in ebook format, and they are perfect for spreading the word about your new release. Let’s talk more.

How to Write a Press Release for a Book: The Basics

Here’s a brief overview of how to write a press release for a book.

1. Always Use Captivating Headlines

Press releases are similar to other content in that it needs a captivating headline. Without a great headline, people are likely to pass your press release off as a boring, typical PR with nothing interesting. Most press releases aren’t boring, especially yours, but if the headline is boring everyone will assume the PR is, as well.

2. This Is A Chance to Provide Information

Press releases do help you promote you and your book, but you shouldn’t make it super promotional. Leave that to your promotional campaigns. Instead, make sure your press release provides people with information regarding you, your book, why you wrote it, and what you hope readers gain from it. This will help people know if it is something they will be interested in reading or not. We are all so busy with different life things that we need to know if a book is worthwhile to read. When writing your press release, make sure to write it in the third person because it is much more professional for readers and it helps you provide all necessary information that first or second person writing may forget.

3. Make Sure It Goes To The Right Places

Before sending out your press release, make sure you are sending it to the right places. First, you should publish it online. This is the new wave of the press release, making it more available for people to read and learn about your book or company. You can post a link to it on any social site, giving people directions on where to look. Second, you need to consider sending your press release to your local bookstore, local magazines and papers, and other companies that will benefit from your book. Research these particular companies and make sure you know the different places that would like to sell your book. You may even consider sending your press release to your local library. When you send out your press release, consider sending your book or at least a snippet from your book to make the local entities feel secure with publishing your press release.

4. Press Releases Can Be Optimized For Google

The neat thing about the new press release is that you can optimize it for Google by utilizing keywords. You can put the keywords throughout your press release and in your headline to gain Google’s eye, but always remember to follow SEO (search engine optimization) rules when writing anything for the web. Google is known for slapping bans on anyone participating in negative SEO. A great way to avoid falling into this common pitfall is to use your keywords sparingly. If you stuff your press release, or any content, with keywords, Google will ban your site, as well as keep people from reading, and will just look sloppy overall.

5. Make it Fun, Make It Shareable

You can still make writing a press release fun while still having enough information available in the PR. One of the best ways to craft content these days is to add sub-headers throughout to give people the ability to skim over your writing. This works perfectly for PRs and you can also add funny little quips or one-liners. This makes people decide you are a fun author and they would love to give your book a shot. You can even put in a few quotes regarding your book, but only quotes that are important. Just don’t fill your PR with tons of quotes and sayings.

6. Aim For Top Quality

The chances of your press release being read before going in a newspaper is pretty slim. Usually, editors will get a press release and do a quick glance over it before putting it in the next paper or magazine release. This makes it crucial for your PR to be full of quality information. Avoid typos and grammatical errors, fact check yourself constantly, and make it sound incredibly professional. This will be perfect if a publisher reads it or if an interested party gets ahold of the paper. You want to impress them as soon as they read that press release.

Now That You Know How to Write a Press Release for a Book…

Press releases are crucial to publishing anything whether it is an app, a change in your company, event, or book. These give people necessary information about your product while piquing their interest in your item. This is particularly handy for books, and you will find more people asking to purchase a copy once you have published an incredibly crafted press release!

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