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The Ultimate State of Content Marketing In 2015 – Infographic

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Infographics

Content is here to stay: no doubt about it. But how is content considered successful today, based on search engine ranking potential and real value-add to readers?

The Ultimate State of Content Marketing In 2015

We’ve gathered the top factors of successful content for 2015, based on over 15 top sources (including major content marketing studies) in one comprehensive infographic. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share and comment! (Transcript below the infographic of the content and resource links.)

The Ultimate State of Content Marketing In 2015
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Did You Know? Crucial Content Stats For 2015

  • 95% (9 out of 10) B2B marketers in North America use content marketing.
  • 60% of marketers use content marketing WEEKLY.
  • 41% of marketers confirm content marketing has a positive ROI (Stateofinboundmarketing)
  • 82% of prospects find relevant industry content most valuable (Marketo)
  • Engagement is the most frequently cited objective for content marketing by US B2B marketers. (Curata)
  • Content marketing is now defined as using/creating content that is not promotional but interesting or valuable in itself. (Emarketer)
  • Buyers are most likely to share blog posts more than any other content form. Next most likely shared content form: infographics. (DemandGenReport)
  • Whitepapers used to be one of the most popular content forms (in 2013); now, 95% of buyers prefer shorter content formats. (DemandGenReport)
  • In social media, buyers are more likely to be on LinkedIn & Twitter. (DemandGenReport)
  • Length matters: Blogs that are at least 2,500 words on a 10+ year old domain rank the best in Google. (serpIQ) Content at least 3,000 words gets 2x the amount of shares shorter posts do.

Six Key Factors of Content Success In 2015

What makes successful content tick? Let’s take a look.

1. Quality is the number one ranking factor.

Although authority and relevance win the rankings (Redevolution), quality is the number one ranking factor for web content (Neilpatel).

2. Useful content posted consistently will succeed.

The keyword is useful; if your readers gain something from reading, they will share and engage. Correct SEO copywriting is essential for websites.

3. A lot of time will be spent crafting perfect headlines.

Five times as many people read the headline as read the actual body copy. (David Ogilvy) (represent in a statistic?). This means when you write a headline, you spend 80c out of a dollar (also represent in a statistic possibly?)

Headline copy is one of the top 5 MOST impactful elements for lead generation. (MarketingSherpa)

4. Content auditing is the best way to monitor content quality.

Say goodbye to bad content: embarrassing content and outdated links won’t happen again if you maintain content auditing (Copyblogger).

Content auditing tools: a content expert’s human eye, time, SEMRush

5. Content curation is becoming mainstream.

Most marketers are now utilizing content curation as a key component of their content marketing strategy. 56% of marketers say that quality content is their greatest content marketing challenge. Curation is a top solution for this challenge. (Forbes/Curata)

Curation tools:, Quora, Curata, Storify,

6. Creativity will be in demand as content marketers strive to rise above.

Today, SEO copywriting isn’t finished when the content is well-written or even useful: the content must also excite the reader. The more creative the content, the more the engagement.

Storytelling will be in demand as a top engagement tool to connect audience to content. (BruceClay) Just remember: not everyone is a storyteller. (Wordstream)

Examples of awesome creativity in content: Basecamp’s, Redbull’s

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