Content Strategy

Custom Made Content Strategy For Blogs, Web Pages, and More.

A Strategic Approach to Enhance Your Content Marketing Plan.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Your content strategy is key to paving the pathway to success with your blog and webpage content. Our trained Content Strategists can develop the groundwork for your content strategy from scratch by using today’s top planning tools and expert insight. Effective content planning is a strategic combination of using the right keywords, engaging blog topics, compelling copywriting, and a thorough understanding of digital marketing. While publishing blog posts is a great idea in theory, content strategy and content marketing are the tools that truly move your content forward. The ultimate goal of content strategy and content planning is to get your brand’s name in front of more customers, spark engagement on social media, and get the most out of your content ROI.

Well researched, thorough content strategies that will up-level your offerings.

Humans are Our Most Powerful Content Strategy Resource.

There are several powerful content marketing tools that we turn to time and time again. We maintain paid monthly subscriptions on our tools. The following bring the best results in terms of data, trending topics, and more:

  • BuzzSumo: We use BuzzSumo to find trending topics in your industry on a social level. We’ll pull a content analysis from their database to demonstrate what your competitors are doing, and how you can improve on their content.
  • SEMRush: SEMRush is one of the most powerful tools in the world of keyword research. It offers extensive data in terms of keyword volume, competitor data, and more.
    Keyword Finder: Keyword finder offers an alternative to maximize our keyword findings and provide the most relevant data possible.
  • A Human Strategist: Being human is perhaps the most influential ‘tool’ available for strategizing content. Our experts understand how to harness the power of today’s software and blend it into a complete content strategy for your brand.

Kickoff Your Content Marketing with Keyword Strategy.

Get the fundamental of a great content strategy in the keyword research packages we offer at Express Writers. You’ll be on a clear roadmap for your content marketing efforts with keywords that will result in rankings and readership. In order to develop a content strategy that helps your company boost its bottom line, it’s necessary to thoroughly research topics, competitors, and keywords—and luckily for you, we do it all for you in one complete package.


What’s Included in Our Keyword Strategy Package?

Our keyword reports include several documents that help enhance your SEO strategy. When you order a keyword strategy package, your report will include:

  • Keyword Strategy Report: An extensive list of keyword opportunities that you can use for blogs, web pages, and more. Your top 10 keywords, recommended by our content strategists, are highlighted in green.
  • Topic Research Report: A list of potential blog topics, complete with keywords, that our writers will use to develop top-notch blog content.
  • Keyword Overview Guide: This quick guide breaks down your keyword into an overview that’s easy to understand—even for those who aren’t so tech savvy.


Build Better Blogs with Our Content Planning

Our content planning is the perfect complement to our ongoing blogging packages. Coming up with a steady stream of blog topics is one of the biggest challenges for both business owners and marketers—and our content planning for blog packages offers the ultimate solution.
Content planning for blog packages is available for our three ongoing monthly blog packages:

  • Blog posts written weekly in increments of 2, 3, or 4 posts per week
  • Word count ranging from 750-1,000 words per post (word count corresponds with your blog package selection
  • Or, order your custom blogging package

When you choose our custom content planning add-on for these ongoing blog packages, you’ll also receive:

  • Editorial Calendar: A complete calendar overview of your blog topics, recommended publishing dates, citation links, and suggested stock images
  • Keyword Report: An extensive list of keyword opportunities that you can use for blogs your blogs with the top 10 highlighted in green
  • Keyword Overview Guide: A quick PDF guide that breaks down the components of your keyword report
  • Topic Report: Overview if your recommended blog topics and keywords
  • BuzzSumo Report: Trending content analysis of your industry’s top-performing posts

Content Planning Fundamentals: A Strategic Approach to Content Marketing

Our Fundamentals package is perfect for those who have a brand new website or blog! Let us plan great content from the ground up. We’ll study your competitors using BuzzSumo, and utilizing Hubspot and Quora come up with topics you can create content (or have us create). Choose topic ideas that are either blog or web-based, and our strategists will refine and pick best blog topics or web page titles. You’ll get a complete keyword analysis & report with your top keyword opportunities, & PDF guide on how to read the keyword report: a full topic sheet with fresh and researched blog topics (choose blog or web topics), and a BuzzSumo PDF report, showing you the most recent top-trending content in your industry.*Content not included; this is just a planning package.

We’re ready to serve all your content needs!