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SEO Copywriting: The Lean, Mean, Website-Traffic-Driving Machine

Website traffic is an extremely crucial element when it comes to SEO copywriting. It is no secret that the online business environment is highly competitive, hence the reason today’s smart business owners have turned to SEO copywriting services to help them achieve and maintain the high ranking of their website on top search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Expertly written keyword and key phrase oriented content will help you achieve good ranking on search engines.


An increase in website traffic and conversions will result in increased sales of the products or services you offer.


Some Businesses Just Don’t Get It

While SEO copywriting services are known to have a great effect on the eventual success or failure of one’s digital marketing strategy, they are most times a completely overlooked sub-niche of the online marketing industry.

Many companies that offer internet marketing services do not have an expert SEO copywriter on staff; this is due to the fact that a lot of small businesses do not have a clue as to the true value an expert SEO copywriter brings to the table. Another reason you do not hear about full-time copywriters being on staff is that the demand for website copy fluctuates greatly.


The Biggest Advantage of Employing SEO Copywriting Services: Increased Sales!

Okay, let’s cut straight to the chase, the major reason you hire SEO Copywriting services is so that you can save money and make a lot more money.

A professional SEO copywriter will help you do just that. Basically, you stand a pretty good chance of increasing your conversion rate and making more money when you upload compelling content on your website consistently. The increased exposure, engagement and conversion rate the content generates will help you boost your revenue. Check out Hubspot’s blog on how to optimize your blog’s SEO for best success practices.


Should You Have An SEO Copywriter on Staff?

For many small and medium sized companies, having an SEO copywriter on staff may not be financially feasible.  Thus having relationships with trusted freelance SEO copywriting experts is imperative.  For larger businesses, employing an SEO copywriter on staff makes sense, however, freelance SEO copywriting services can provide more than just great copy including:

  • Offer a newer and fresher perspective
  • Renew working relationships by meeting deadlines and coming up with unique style and tone
  • Offer time and cost savings versus going through the hassles of hiring employees (it is important to hire a reliable and trustworthy freelancer)
  • Offer unique or niche experience staff writers may not possess
  • Can quickly come on-board in case of an unplanned busy time


Solid Ways SEO Copywriting Services Add Value to Your Business

Boost Search Engine Visibility. Expert SEO copywriting service providers know just how to integrate key phrases and keywords in a way that makes the content readable in the most natural way, while giving your website content good exposure to search engines. There are techniques and expertise that go into doing this and Google is always making changes to their search algorithm. An SEO copywriter pays attention to this so that you do not have to invest time and energy learning it yourself.

Time Saving. As soon as you and your hired SEO copywriter are on the same page, the SEO Copywriter does the work for you.  All the research and writing is in their capable hands.  This saves you time so you can get back to business and life.

Reduces Frustration. Everyone knows that the relationship between an employer and employee is one of superior and subordinate. However, this type of relationship actually contradicts the human nature; every person wants to be independent and free. There may be clashing over creative differences.  When you hire SEO copywriting services, you never have to deal with the hassle factor that usually comes with the typical working relationships. These freelance expert SEO writers know that they have a job to do, and will not waste time trying to impart their own creative desires they have their freedom and do not need to prove anything.

Experts Develop Engaging, Fresh Content that Convert Readers. SEO copywriting experts know that actionable, specific content that offers valuable information to readers is effective in converting readers to clients or customers. Using an active tone, engaging the website visitors and ending with a compelling call to action is the cornerstone of writing good copy.  It is the key to building business.

SEO Experts Also Acts as Consultants. You will not be paying an SEO Copywriting Service to act as a business consultant for your business, but if you choose to retain one for the long term, these experts can easily point out areas your business can make some improvement in customer service or help you find more income streams. Be sure to keep an open mind and ask your copywriter for a periodical feedback.  Your copywriter may just uncover a real gold mine for your business. Check out these SEO copywriting tips from Hubspot and Copyblogger.


Knows Effective Copywriting Techniques Such as Headline Writing

There are so many websites, blogs and ads on the internet and each one is clamoring for attention. SEO copywriting experts know how to create headlines that cannot be ignored by those seeking for information in that niche. As a matter of fact 75 percent of creating content focuses more on the developing of compelling headlines. Even horrible content with a really fascinating title is sure to get more clicks than quality content with a lame headline. Other well known techniques for arresting the interest of website visitors include:

  • Making use of white space in order to make content easier to read
  • Using bullet points or numbering strategically in order to demonstrate key points of interest
  • Creating compelling titles and subheads to encourage further reading
  • Using short paragraphs to make the content very easy to read for those who skim through the content.