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The Top Techniques SEO Copywriters Use to Succeed

Successful SEO copywriters know that having a great headline is their very first conversion opportunity, even though they know that much of their headline display in Google is actually based on pixel width (which is about 470 pixels or thereabout). Many copywriters typically stick to a specific character amount – about 65 to 70 characters – this way, the entire headline will display on Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Aside from nailing-down the character count, how exactly do you get your target audience to do the most important thing of all – that is, click on the title?

Here are a couple of valuable tips for increasing the possibility of getting clicks; many successful SEO copywriters use them.


Know Your Target Audience Very Well

Every successful Internet marketing plan starts with KNOWING your target audience. The better you know your audience, the more likely you are to create content that addresses their pain points. Content titles aimed at benefits and pain points has a higher chance of making conversions than content created with little understanding. If you choose to outsource to an SEO copywriter, you need to make sure that he or she has a thorough understanding of your target audience and what you want your content to achieve – that is, more conversions!

Think about it, if you produce premium dog or cat food, would you advertise to the dog, the cat or their owners? Advertising to dogs or cats is hilarious, don’t you think? But quite honestly, you are producing these premium products so these pets will consume them, right?

Yes, the dogs and cats are obviously the consumers of your products, but their owners call the shots. What stops a pet owner from feeding their pet(s) table scraps? Before dog and cat foods came along, these lovable domestic animals survived on something.

Because many pet owners care about the health and wellness of their pets – and they don’t perceive table scraps to be healthy food for their pets, this is their pain point.

As a copywriter, you can milk that angle and craft an article that speaks to responsible pet owners everywhere. Well researched and well written SEO copy addresses the pain points of the reader and gets them to take desirable action.


Do Not Write Misleading Titles

If you create a title that does not correctly describe the content you crafted, at best you will simply confuse the readers. At worst, you will frustrate the readers to a point where they just make up their mind to leave your webpage and go read the competition’s content. It is very important to remember that honesty and transparency will go a long way to help you succeed. Yes, it may seem that manipulation and exaggeration are effective, but they are only effective over a short period of time. Eventually, deceitful tactics ALWAYS catch up with you.

Believe it or not, but most people cannot stand deceitful headlines; it makes them feel foolish. No one likes to feel foolish (even if they are not exactly the sharpest tool in the box).  Do some research, and you will be able to create fascinating content that matches your amazing headlines, all with your eyes closed.


Place Keywords or Keyphrases Near The Beginning of The Content

Many SEO copywriters employ this technique. People typically read from left to right and a large number of people are not always patient enough to read to the very end of the title. Because Google bolds the keywords and the related terms that online users search on, putting the target keywords near the beginning of the headline will improve the chances of getting a click-through to your website.


Do Not Be Too Focused on SEO

It is very important to get your target keyword into the content title, but successful SEO copywriters will tell you that after you have done so, you should not be tempted to do any more SEO in the title. Getting one keyword or keyphrase into your headline is hard enough. You are very lucky if you are able to add more than one keyword/keyphrase in the title and still have a headline that does not sound absolutely ridiculous. But if it is possible, then by all means go for it.


A good question is, “What if I have a really unusual keyword such as ‘Miami Pool Architects’?” Just do the best that you can, which generally goes something like this:

  • Premium Pool Designs | Miami Pool Architects
  • Pool Architects in Miami | Rogers Design
  • Award-Winning Miami Pool Architects


The third title is more likely to get the most clicks, but all three will work from a conversions and SEO perspective.


If You Ain’t Got Nothing Else, Use How-Tos and Lists!

Headlines with How-Tos and Lists are known to convert at a really decent rate. If your creative juices are not flowing like they ought to, you can use the How-To and List approach like this:

  • 12 Tips to Get Great Gas Millage
  • How to Erase 10 Years off your Face with a Haircut
  • 5 Great Tips to Lose Weight in 72 Hours


Testing, Testing, 1, 2…

Every market has its attractive benefits and its own unique pain points. Like any other area of copywriting, it is important that you keep testing in order to find out what actually works for a particular target audience. Do keep in mind that what could work could be something as inane as bolding certain texts or using street lingo. You should not be afraid to consult editors on your team – every single person possesses a unique perspective, and may be able to help you figure out what works best.


Hopefully this post helped you to learn more, and will also help you to achieve higher conversion rates as well!