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#ContentWritingChat First Episode: What is a Copywriter? With Julia McCoy Recap

We launched our very first #contentwritingchat this week, Tuesday the 19th at 10 AM, and it was a raging success! Over 300 tweets were sent back and forth in the short hour. I was the host, and the topic was all about my favorite subject, What is a Copywriter? As the host, I answered the key questions put together by my social media team on this topic. We had some great participants join in and add superb thoughts to the conversation!

Our Very First #ContentWritingChat Makes it To #42 Hottest Talked About on Twitter

The most exciting part was when we were told by TMobile that we ranked #42 in the USA on Twitter. We had to take a screenshot of that one:

Our chat featured writers, content creators and some of the experts who make up a large part of the content writing world.

Let’s dive right in on the recap! 

A copywriter works to build up a business. They work to make a business better from the ground up.

According to Anneliese Sparks, a good copywriter must have tech skills, be savvy and original. We agree.

Content that is engaging and targets an audience will pull the people in. Content that is well written will keep them in.

Content marketing is the best of both worlds for Olivia. She knows what it is all about and we know that the two often go hand in hand to get to content marketing.

Nearly everyone uses it, so it is important that social media content is unique. SEO is equally important because, let’s face it, who doesn’t use Google on a daily basis?

While we know there’s much more to SEO, long tail phrases are the newest way to get the content marketing results that you need for your business. They’re a great place to start.

Businesses need copywriters because most of them don’t have the skills for online writing. Copywriters provide professional service and great information that a business may not have been able to put out otherwise. You should also consider using a copywriter …

We are looking forward to seeing all of you next Tuesday at 10AM (Central) on the #ContentWritingChat! Our guest host will be none other than Elena from SEMrush, discussing content strategy tips for the online SEO writer. Join us on Twitter @ExpWriters!

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