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Content Marketing in 2014: 11 Predictions To Expect

Whether they realize it or not, a large number of businesses are already using content marketing strategies. Because some companies are still not familiar with the term “content marketing”, let’s water it down. Content marketing is basically all about providing helpful information to existing and prospective customers for the main purpose of increasing brand awareness, encouraging customer loyalty, driving website traffic and attracting new customers. New websites are launched every second, so you will need to employ top content marketing strategies that will ensure that all virtual roads lead to your website.


Predicting The Winds of Change For Content Marketing in Twenty Fourteen

How will all this change in 2014? There have been several predictions. Which ones are the focus? Let’s take a look at the top content marketing trends to expect in 2014.


1. Website Management Will Improve with Advanced Technologies

Every single year the content marketing industry is greatly impacted by new technological advances. In 2014, experts have predicted that there will be more advanced tools that website owners can use to effectively track the progress of their website – this is the part where you scream “yeah!!!”  Currently, it has been quite cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive for a large number of businesses to monitor and use the analytics for every piece of content on their website. However, with improved online resources, you will be able to analyze every single piece of content on your site for popularity and usefulness.


2. Content Will Start to Change

Search engines are going to relegate poor-quality content to the nosebleed section of the page rankings. Quality content will be tailored to suit the requirements and answer the questions of target audiences (this is the time to seek the services of a reputable content provider if you want your site’s content to stand a chance in the highly competitive internet world). Currently, a lot of companies are creating content the wrong way. The content found on most company websites are written solely for the company, its employees, suppliers, business partners and not for the audiences that matter the most – the customers/clients! Experts predict that in 2014, a considerable number of businesses will start to understand the significance of customer-targeted writing and their content will start to change. If you are a small business owner, you should learn how to build content strategy for your small business website.


3. Every Company will Know the Importance of Content

According to the 2013 State Inbound Marketing Report, 60 percent of businesses know the value of inbound marketing and are making use of content marketing strategies to boost their sales. In other words, the remaining 40 percent are clueless as to the importance of content marketing and are dangling at the bottom of the internet-food chain. It has been predicted that by the end of 2014, all businesses will become very familiar with inbound marketing and content marketing and will utilize these strategies to drum up more business.


4. Social Media will Certainly Play a Bigger Role in Content Marketing

Though a considerable number of businesses are starting to familiarize themselves with social media popular platforms, very few companies actually know how to use these awesome platforms to properly boost sales and promote higher web traffic. By 2014, there will be a big trend in content marketing to social media platforms for specific targeted audiences.


5. There Will Be a Huge Demand for Top Quality Content

HUGE. Why? As mentioned earlier, top search engines will be relegating poor-quality content down the search engine rankings with absolutely no hope of being seen – oh yes, search engines mean business! In 2014, smart business owners will recognize the importance of quality content and the need to have quality, well researched and written content on their website. As the demand for top-notch content increases, so will the demand for experienced and top quality content writers. Since experts have predicted that all business owners will understand the value of content marketing by the year 2014, this means that content writers will expect higher standards from clients, as more clients will know precisely what they want for their website.

When you take a good look at the previously mentioned predictions, you can start to understand the increasing need for well researched and well written content delivered through the right platforms for your business. There is certainly no doubt that content marketing will always be regarded as a vital component of any B2B marketing tactic and its use will always keep growing. Having a highly successful content marketing campaign will certainly establish you as a professional in your field and lay down a foundation for a long-term, healthy business relationship. In order to make sure that your website remains attractive and relevant to your target audience, you will need to stay on top of the content marketing strategies. It is important that you know how to deliver useful content for your content strategy audience. Doing a lot of research and investing time in reviewing content marketing blogs can help you to know the value of top-quality content and how the trends in content marketing keeps evolving.

Next, let’s talk about the top major uses content will have in 2014.

6. Personal Brand Growth with Content & Content Strategizing

It is no secret that content marketing is a tested and trusted way to build links for improving search rankings and website traffic. If you are employed in a large organization, personal branding is a focus. It’s essential in building a strong presence in your industry. This will not only be beneficial to the organization, but also to you. Having a great personal brand can help you acquire a wealth of new opportunities that stretch way beyond existing alternatives. Personal branding has assisted professionals like Chris Guillebeau, Brian Clark, and Seth Godin. These professionals built a strong personal brand together with their existing companies to make themselves a solid resource for marketing, entrepreneurship and originality.


These innovative professionals built their enviable personal brands through sheer hard work. They wrote awesome content on a consistent basis that clearly displays and shares their wealth of knowledge. All these professionals have blogs that they update on a regular basis and they also foster online communities filled with interesting discussions.


But a large number of search engine optimization (SEO) experts engage in content marketing strategy with only one aim in mind: to build only inbound links. Although inbound links are all right, using this strategy without having a much higher goal in the picture will cause you to leave opportunities and money on the table – and that isn’t right!

The most vital lesson to take from all this is that although the pros we talked about are wonderful content creators, the posts they write are not meant for getting links, but to basically share information. When organizations and writers know that the sharing of information should be the major purpose of content creation, personal branding and exposure are also naturally generated.


7. Creating a Good Reputation

Well-written content that wins over the heart of the reader will definitely help you build a good reputation. Writing insightful content that helps readers to solve problems and learn new skills will establish you as an expert in your chosen industry. Having the status of a an “expert” or “guru” bestowed upon you is actually what opens windows and doors of opportunities for you such as consulting contracts, speaking engagements, guest posting invitation and so much more!


Aside from posting content on your blog, you can also build a solid reputation from sharing content in several different ways such as social media, podcasts, vide blogs (or vlogs) and speaking engagements. The more time you invest on having a strong presence with your content, the bigger your chances and the sooner your reputation will grow.


8. Building Relationships with Your Readers and Content Audience

Those who have built a solid personal brand realize that most of the people who refer their services or products to others are people who they do not know personally, but who have read their content and recognize them as professionals in their industry. Words are very powerful tools, and can be used in order to connect with others. A gifted writer can craft words to tug at the heartstrings or simply create content that people are excited about reading because it offers them valuable information.


Note: If your target readers cannot learn one or two new things after reading your content, then you cannot count on building a personal relationship with your readers, period.


Believe it or not, readers get to harbour feelings of a close connection to content from authors they read on a regular basis, and this is a great benefit for those who want to establish a solid online presence. Through online discussions (via emails and posts), you will be able to develop a really strong relationship with your readers, and this leads to other business opportunities as mentioned earlier. For example, if you are passionate about helping people “find themselves” and know their true purpose in life, use well-researched and well-written content. Do not be surprised if you are asked to come and deliver a lecture to high school or college students on how they can find themselves and know their true purpose in life. One of the best things about doing what you love is the part where you get paid for it!


9. Building a Business Voice, Tone and Message with Your Brand

As soon as you have become successful at establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen filed, you will begin to get business opportunities in a variety of ways. You can get opportunities to do radio or television interviews. It is important to understand that brand building is an ongoing process, so it would be completely crazy not to take advantage of the several interesting opportunities that may come your way.


It is of the utmost importance that you write about what you know. People want to purchase products or services from businesses that have a reputation for being good at what they do or producing items that actually work.


For example, if you have travelled across the world and know all there is to know about travelling on a shoestring budget, you can create content that will help budget travellers find hotels and restaurants that offer great deals.


10. Using Relationships to Further Opportunities

Using your new relationships and content in order to further your business and career can offer you wonderful opportunities. For example, there are bloggers that have gotten publishing deals based on their widely read content. Some have turned to motivational speakers or provide special consulting services to interested organizations.


A large number of professionals think that they need to acquire some type of education or many years of experience to be regarded as a professional in their field. But the beauty of the internet community is that you can be seen as an expert in your field when you generate really AWESOME content. A well written content is typically an indicator of your expertise and your wealth of knowledge. There are so many bloggers who are regarded celebrities in their own right!


11. Lastly, all these tips will be done best if you seek the services of a professional!

Most times, great content comes in the form of providing the answers to the questions of readers. You need to first identify your true passion or you will find it extremely hard to keep up.  Let’s face it; in order to create content that ranks, you will need the help of an SEO professional. What? You think all the great speeches you have ever heard were actually written by the famous speakers?! Two words – Speech Writers! These writers know how to take a client’s idea and thoughts, and craft it into compelling words.  Reputable SEO-copywriters have the tools that are essential for a killer content strategy.


By providing useful answers to what prospective clients are searching for on the internet, you will not only be contributing your quota to making the world a much better place, you will also be creating your personal brand as well, which will lead you to new opportunities. From hence forth, you should not think that content should ONLY be created for building links. You should create content that will provide value to readers, and build your personal brand.

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