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4 Reasons You Need Professional Content Writing Services to Reach Your Business Goals

This post was updated September 2019.

Over 60% of all businesses agree their main problem is generating enough leads and traffic.

But why is it so difficult? ☹

The days where you could throw money at ads and expect results are over. A staggering 96% of American users don’t trust ads, and they’re not alone in that.

Clearly, you need a more organic approach to generating leads if you want to grow your business, which is where expert content can help.

Websites that publish new content consistently increase their traffic by 3X on average. We’re talking 15+ articles a month, which is no small feat.

That effect only compounds as you publish more and more content. Blogs with over 300 posts get 3.5X times as much traffic as those with fewer than 50, just to give you an idea.

Here’s the problem though. If you run a business, your time has a cap.

You can’t spend all your time researching and writing, or the rest of your business will suffer.

Maybe you don’t even like to write, and that’s okay. After all, one key aspect of running a successful business is knowing what aspects of it to outsource and that’s where (professional) web content writing services come in.

4 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Web Content Writing Services is a Smart Business Move

1. Pro Web Writers Have a Strong Grasp on SEO Best Practices

2. Expert Voices Have Fresh Takes on Your Industry

3. Professional Content Writing Saves You Time and Money

4. Seasoned Content Writers Can Help You Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are having a hard time generating leads and traffic. Ads aren't even helping too. The solution? Publishing new content -- consistently. 📅 @JuliaEMcCoy explains why you need web content services. Click To Tweet

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4 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Web Content Writing Services is a Smart Business Move

Right now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can a web content writer for hire save me money?”.

It’s true – hiring experts can be expensive, but the benefits of content writing are all too real.

The numbers speak for themselves – businesses that take content marketing seriously get up to 6x more conversions than their counterparts. That’s because great content writers can help you find an audience, tap into their needs, and speak to them through your brand.

In other words, the right web content writing service is worth their weight in gold.

If you’re not convinced yet, that’s okay! Hiring expert services isn’t something you should do lightly. That’s why we’re going to dig deep and break down all the main benefits content writing can bring to your business.

1. Pro Web Writers Have a Strong Grasp on SEO Best Practices

You’re probably familiar with SEO, at least in concept.

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which websites they show you whenever you run a search. Google alone weighs in over 200 factors in determining which results they’re going to show you and in which position they appear.

We know what most of those factors are, but the precise formula search engines use is a secret as closely guarded as KFC’s mix of herbs and spices. Plus, search engines update their algorithms often so you can’t get around them.

Here’s the problem – as a business, you want your web content to appear as close to the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) as possible.

On average, the first three results for any search get around 68% of all clicks within the first page. The first result alone gets 48% of all clicks, which makes it a goldmine.

As if those numbers weren’t scary enough, 90% of users don’t make it past the first page of results. Your business might as well not exist if you can’t make it to those first spots.

Getting there takes more than good writing, though.

The competition for those top results is fierce across the board and popular websites are locked in a cutthroat game of optimization to outpace each other.

To become relevant, your web content writer needs to follow best practices, such as:

  • Targeting the right keywords and knowing how and when to use them
  • Structuring and formatting content for the web
  • Having a specific audience in mind and optimizing your content for them

It sounds pretty simple when you break it down. However, SEO is a science, and if you want to publish content with a fighting chance of making it to the top of the result pages, you need expert writers in your corner.

The ideal web content writer needs to know how to target and use the right keywords, how to format web content for online readers, and how to optimize your content based on your target audience. - @JuliaEMcCoy 🤔 Click To Tweet

2. Expert Voices Have Fresh Takes on Your Industry

No one knows your business better than you do. That’s a fact.

Whatever product or service you sell, it’s probably something you know inside and out. In theory, that means you’re the best person to write about it.

When you bring a new writer into your team, they’ll need to play catch-up – there’s no way around it. However, a seasoned writer knows how to take your ideas and find the perfect words to express them.

Sometimes, they’ll also have fresh takes on just what your audience wants to read about.

Just being a talented writer isn’t enough, though. What you want are web content writing chops, and here’s why:

  • Pro web content writers know how to get your business the attention it deserves. You know how to run a business, but writing is their business. A professional web content writing service will know how to take your products or services and find the right words to lead readers through your customer journey.
  • Coming up with new content ideas is hard. Writing an occasional blog post is hard enough. Now imagine doing it twice per week or more, for months and months on end. It’s enough to burn anyone out, but a seasoned content writer for hire can keep up with the demand and help you come up with new ideas.

When it comes to coming up with new content ideas, in particular, seasoned web writers will probably have experience with keyword research tools, such as SEMrush:

It’s that expert-level research that separates random blog posts from successful content. Businesses that don’t have a content strategy (we’ll return to this concept later!) can spend years blogging and not see sustainable growth.

That’s not a position you want to find yourself in.

Professional web writers can bring a lot of value to any business. The real question is whether that value is higher than what their services may cost you.

Being a talented writer isn't enough. Writing for the web needs pro web content writers who know how to get your business the attention it deserves using the right words for your readers. They can help too in creating new content ideas!… Click To Tweet

3. Professional Content Writing Saves You Time and Money

The time part of this equation is simple – writing compelling content for the web isn’t something you can do in five minutes.

Nowadays, online audiences are more discerning than ever. 87% of customers will research products online before committing to a purchase. That means without a strong online presence, your business will suffer.

Let’s say, you have an online store that sells running shoes. That’s a niche with fierce competition and a quick search for “best sports shoes for running” can give you an idea of what you’re up against.

As you can see, some madman went ahead and compiled a list of over 2,000 of the best running shoes you can buy at the moment. That is both impressive and downright scary.

The point is, breaking into the top results for competitive search terms requires a massive time investment. It’s not enough to write compelling content – that content needs to be best in class if you want to drive traffic to your business.

Just picture how long it takes to write one of those massive “best of” posts with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of entries and you begin to see the real value in professional content writing services.

More importantly, you need to keep in mind how much your own time is worth. Paying expert web content writers frees you up to take care of big-picture tasks, rather than focusing on putting together massive running shoe comparisons (unless that’s the sort of thing you like, no judgment 😉).

Ranking in the top results of Google needs high-quality content -- and you can't just do that in minutes! ⏳ In creating long-form high-ROI content, expert web content writers can help you save time and money. - @JuliaEMcCoy Click To Tweet

4. Great Writers Can Help You Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re serious about content marketing for your business, then you need more than just the occasional blog post.

You need a content marketing strategy.

A content marketing strategy is a system that helps you achieve the following goals:

  • Understanding who your audience is
  • Planning content that offers valuable information
  • Putting the plan to action and writing
  • The delivery process, which involves scheduling, publishing, outreach, and more

Publishing a single blog post that gains traction is a great start. However, it’s just that – a start.

Content marketing is all about long-term sustainable growth. You build a house brick by brick through your content. Each new addition complements each other by bringing in more traffic and leads.

If someone promises you quick results, then they’re not a reputable content writer, but just someone looking for a paycheck. This type of marketing requires patience, but it can pay off big time.

I teach how to build a content marketing strategy step-by-step in the Content Strategy & Marketing Course. Learn more about it here.

Look for a professional web writing service that can help you build your own content marketing strategy and knows how to apply those data -- like target audience, engagement times, preferred content types -- to your content. 🗂️ -… Click To Tweet

Hire the Perfect Web Content Writing Services for Your Business

You probably have a pretty clear idea of where you want your business to be six months from now, as well as a year, or a decade down the line.

Developing a successful business takes a lot of work, so you need to take advantage of any tool and service you can that gives you an edge.

Web content writing services are an investment. Written content is far more engaging than ads, and 70% of customers would rather learn about your business by reading about it than getting barraged with sales pitches.

All you have to do is find the right words or the right content writer.

If you need web content writers for hire, check out the packages Express Writers has to offer.

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