How to Write Emails That Will Astound Your Readers

Writing emails seems like an easy task, for some.

For those of us who actually care that our emails get read, there are rules to live by, unfortunately.

There are tips on how to write emails that will ultimately get our message across to our readers. And when we say across, we mean that they will digest every bit of the content of our emails and not just the parts that strike them.

Doesn’t it break your heart when your readers skip some parts of your emails because they think the information is unimportant? Well, you shouldn’t worry anymore, because we’ve got the solution for you!

Here are tips on how to get your message across and how to get your emails read completely without your readers skipping parts.

Write Emails That Your Viewers Will Love!

How to Make Emails That People Actually Look Forward to Reading

Do you write impersonally? As if you’re talking to a nameless client instead of a person? Address your recipients properly! Don’t just write to John Doe and expect him to feel warmly towards you! Make your email warm and toasty!

Make your emails sound as if you actually care about the person you are writing to. That doesn’t mean that you have to be overly informal. You can skip that part about you ranting about your parents. Be creative. Be quirky, if you must. People appreciate genuine thoughtfulness.

Don’t sound off lists either. Try to make your emails sound thought-provoking and friendly. If you make your reputation known as someone who emails valuable content, people will want to read your emails. They know there’s something worth reading in there. And, they know that they are valued.

That’s right. People want to know that they are valued. If you write your emails too impersonally, people know that you don’t value them reading your email. You don’t value them knowing your content. You just want to get your message across. Period. You don’t care what they think. You don’t care how they feel. In the end, it’s how you make people feel that they remember, more than what you say. Remember that.

How to Write Catchy Subjects so Your Emails Get Read

Email boxes are filled to the brim with emails that read B-O-R-I-N-G in every subject line. Make your subjects short and catchy. Don’t make it too long. And don’t reveal the whole content either. Just like writing a book, make your subjects enticing and a bit provocative. That makes readers want to open your emails, and that’s the first step in getting your emails read.

Otherwise, your emails will get lost in a sea of spam mails that will never see the light of day. Make your subjects interesting but straight to the point, so they know what they’re in for. And please, don’t use puns unless they’re really clever. Remember your position. If you’re emailing in the office setting, you obviously can’t be too creative, but you can be a bit more charming. A little creativity goes a long way.

Now, We Get to the Body

Writing engaging emails is not rocket science. The point is to keep it short and simple, but keep it interesting. Don’t make puns, again, unless it’s really clever and in place. Learn from the experts. Experiment with different writing styles until you find one you’re really comfortable with.

Never, ever write emails that go on and on for ages. Let’s face it. No one will read blocks of texts. People’s attention spans are remarkably short and they won’t have the patience to read novels disguised as emails. Keep your emails interesting and once you’ve established yourself as someone who sends interesting materials, chances are your emails will get read time and again. It’s all about reputation too.

Try to greet people warmly in emails. Automatic greetings that are usually found at the end of emails such as “best regards” are really not appealing because they are so informal. Try something like ‘warmest greetings from the cold slopes of the Alps.’

Selling in Your Emails

Never, ever sound like a salesman in your emails (even if you are). Again, you are treading in the impersonal category. Be warm and friendly even if you are selling. Selling is all about building solid relationships and trust. And that’s something that you would do well to remember.

When you’re selling in your emails, be gently persuasive. Highlight your product’s benefits but be truthful. Never, ever lie but don’t bad mouth your product either. That is so basic, but many people forget that. Call the reader to action. Entice them to do something, such as avail of a product or service. Again, be gentle and persuasive but not pushy.

With these tools in hand, you are now ready to write your first readable and highly anticipated email! Good luck!


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