Today’s Fabulous, Growing Career: Copywriting

Because of the Internet, the copywriting profession has blown from a small existence of professionals being paid exorbitant rates in a journal or media based career to dozens of people working from home in any given American city. Sitting and typing away with a baby or two in the other room… a tea break or two midday… and yes, this is a career, folks!

Copywriting? What’s that About?

So let’s talk about it. What is this wonderful work-at-home-opportunity all about? Being a copywriter is thought to be a very inviting and easy way to make money; this is true to a great extent. You can work from the comfort of your own home with no specific work hours, rest when you want in a comfortable bed – not having to dose off on your office chair worrying about getting caught–go on long vacation, and on top of all these, get paid well. What more can you ask for? In fact, it might even seem too good to be true – but this is one instance where this saying does not apply.

The ONE problem here: not many people are aware of what a copywriter is exactly. The common mistake that people make is that they confuse it with ‘copyright’ which is a totally different thing. So these people assume that you come up with copyrights to protect peoples’ inventions and discoveries from being stolen by others. This is far from the truth, as copywriters are basically people who write marketing materials and other business copies that bring in new prospects for the business through more customers, leading to sales and profits. The job of a copywriter is very much a part of the marketing aspect of an organization.


Copywriting Explained

So what is copywriting? Copywriting work involves producing brilliant articles specifically for advertising and promotional activities, both online and offline (although a huge percentage now is online). You see the various billboards, promotional emails, catalogs, and other advertising material out there – well, the wording on them is written by copywriters.

It is estimated that copywriting is a $2.3 trillion industry, according to the AWAI, and a fast growing one at that. Unlike informative writing like the news and editorial articles, copywriters focus on getting readers to take action by persuading them to want a product or service and finally buying it. They are essentially a salesperson, trying to sell business though the power of words.

On the contrary, the word copyright, which so often is applied to the job description, is completely different. Copyright is having legal rights to use, reproduce, sell, publish or distribute a person or a company’s work. Unlike copywriting, the purpose of copyright is to safeguard these knowledgeable assets of a person or company from being used or taken advantage by some other party.


Factors That Attract People to the Industry

For many who are fascinated by copywriting, it is because they are very much interested in working from home such as for mothers with infants or anyone who hates going into a corporate office every day. A huge aspect here to remember is that everyone who actually succeeds was innately gifted in writing in some way or another. In other words—it was their calling, their God-given gifted talent. And the other parts can be learned. Today, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to work from the comfort of their home?

Another attractive aspect of copywriting is you really do not need a large investment to get started – all you need is a good Internet connection and computer. And, best of all, there is no education qualifications specifically required – although some skills are needed which are explained later.

This industry is growing rapidly, and people employed within it are able to pull 6 figure salaries working full-time, while many part-time works are still enabling them to earn the full-time salary of an employee in another industry.


Qualifications Needed for Copywriting

As mentioned earlier, there are no specific qualifications that you need to acquire to be a copywriter. To be successful, you won’t need to possess any degree or even a high school qualification. Unlike most jobs that require a specific degree in that area and extensive experience in a certain age, copywriters do not need any of these.

There are successful copywriters who have no formal education above high school, while there are some who have not even made it through high school. Moreover, there are still many teenagers who are only 18 and yet, make a considerable earning through copywriting.

All you need as a qualification is the ability to write an article and even that doesn’t need to be in formal writing styles that are taught to us in school. On the contrary, it is believed that copywriters write the way that normal people talk – as it helps to communicate with them on their own level and get the message directly. If you have and know how to use a computer and Internet then you are set. The rest of it is self-learned through various online guides and tips.


Is the Six-Figure Salary Margin Really Achievable?

This is completely possible and if you search on the Internet, you will come across many who claim to be doing so. It depends on how much effort you put into it and the way you go about it. There are copywriters that have been able to negotiate some very valuable contracts with top companies that bring in an income of around $300,000 per annum for the copywriter.

To be successful you have to be business-minded and have good negotiation skills along with the ability to spot and react to opportunities that come your way. Even if you work part-time or work during the holidays or in your spare time, you can still make a considerable amount of money.

The beauty of copywriting is that you have no targets other than your own for how much work you want to do, unlike in other jobs where you work for a company. How much you make and the effort you put in is totally up to you, giving you time to enjoy life as well.


Where Should I Begin?

Getting an Internet connection and computer should be no problem at all and you probably have both if you managed to read this online.

Even though there is no need for any formal qualification, it would be better if you had someone to guide you on the right path with useful advice that comes from experience. You have three options in this matter:

  1. You can do your own reading through the countless number of sites that a Google search can easily find for you; learning from them through on the job training.
  2. You can buy a study pack or tutorial aimed at teaching the art or copywriting such as the AWAI Accelerated Program or any other reliable product you can purchase; there are even classes that you can attend to get better at it.
  3. Become part of a well-known and established copywriting agency which is a prominent player in the industry. You can work with and get tips and advice from other people who work for the company and learn and grow quickly.

In the end, whatever method you choose, copywriting will enable you to bring home a considerable salary in the comfort of your own home and with freedom to work as you wish – all through your dedication and hard work.


More Information

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