The Great Content Roundup, Week 10: The Google Mobilegeddon Aftermath

4/21, yesterday, Mobilegeddon hit.

It’s set to affect the web on a larger scale than most of the other updates Google has made. And we’re already 24 hours into the Mobilegeddon. (At least the aftermath isn’t leaving the web broken and smoking.)

A year ago, Marketing Land reported that 60% of Internet users were on mobile. Today, this is even more true—and Google is finally forcing all website owners to clue in on the fact that they need to market to this audience on smaller screens. It’s actually for the benefit of all website owners. But those who don’t comply will get a penalty.

The Great Content Roundup, Week 10: What’s Happening Post Google’s Mobilegeddon?

  • BusinessInsider says the update is going to impact content marketing in general. “Google is always about content is king (content relevancy). But now, they are also telling us that user experience is just as crucial. What if people come to your site and can’t read it, on their mobile device?” –to paraphrase the CEO of Duda. Actually, that’s good thinking there, Google.
  • SEMRush took a very insightful look this week at Why Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Isn’t The End of the World. This piece explores the top sites on the web and how mobile-friendly they are for users, as well as an insider’s chart into the top 100 websites with highest traffic and how they’re currently faring in terms of being mobile friendly. Also, they give you 10 tools to check mobile friendliness.
  • On 4/21, CNN posted 5 Fast Facts About Google’s Mobilegeddon. This recaps exactly what is going on with the mobile update in a simple list. Good to know if you didn’t already.
  • My guest blog on SearchEngineJournal, How To Write For Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update, recaps how you can create content that is easy for your visitors to read and, later, convert from. I take a look at creating shorter main page paragraphs, cutting down headline length, and content in general paired with mobile viewers. This is an easy takeaway list as we live on into the era of the Mobilegeddon.
  • USAToday published an attention-grabbing piece on why Mobilegeddon could be bad news for 40% of the web. I was shocked. There are so many sites out there that are not yet mobile, this included major restaurant chains, fashion exclusive Versace…and other big names. They will probably get with it very soon. Also: TechCrunch found that 44% of the Fortune 500 companies failed the mobile friendly test. Wow!

Are You Mobile?

Finally, want to see if you pass the test? Google’s simple Mobile-Friendly test allows you to instantly see if your site passes their rules.