How Under Armour Wins At Copywriting: The 10 ‘I Wills’ of Content Writing

How Under Armour Wins At Copywriting: The 10 ‘I Wills’ of Content Writing

Chances are that you have heard of Under Armour. They are well known for their ultra-warm athletic clothing, serving not only athletes, but those who are looking for top-quality clothing for multiple purposes. Under Armour has nailed their branding image through quality products and catchy copywriting and motivational phrases. Business owners take note: Under Armour has dominated their niche, and here’s how they did it.

Under Armour’s Target Audience Defined

Half the battle of a successful marketing campaign is to understand your target market. Throwing your products at the wall to see what sticks can lead to disastrous results. With that said, Under Armour’s audience is defined as athletes, those who want top-of-the-line clothing, and even those who see Under Armour as a status symbol.
Under Amour’s grasp on their target demographic helped pave a pathway to success, but their work still wasn’t done. The next step of Under Armour’s branding success was establishing a connection to their athletic audience.

Hitting Home Runs With Athletes

In order for Under Armour to successfully connect with their audience, they needed to get inside the head of athletes. What do athletes want in their apparel? What motivates them to continue training? How do they manage to push through pain or being uncomfortable?

Motivation Comes From Within … or From a T-Shirt

Almost every athlete knows that your ultimate source of motivation comes from within yourself. However, that doesn’t mean that athletes can’t use a little help every now and then. In order to give athletes a boost during their training, games, or competitions, Under Armour incorporates copywriting that scores big both on and off the field.

Experiencing The Power of ‘I Will’

Under Armour’s slogan has gone through a transition as of late. Originally, the athletic apparel powerhouse frequently used Protect This House. This context could have been taken several ways: protecting the playing field of your home base, or protecting your body by exercising and keeping it healthy.
Today, Under Armour’s mostly operated under the catchphrase I Will. In fact, there was recently a lawsuit settlement between Under Armour and Nike, with Nike using the I Will catchphrase on some of its products.

Using The Motivation of ‘I Will’

Under Armour strategically uses their slogan to I will to help motivate almost any athlete. Here are several examples of how the megabrand incorporates their slogan into key motivational phrases — mostly screen printed on T-Shirts.

  • I Will Change The Game
  • I Will What I Want
  • Attack I Will
  • I Will Never Quit
  • Protect This House I Will
  • I Will Crush My Personal Best
  • Show The World I Will

These are just a few examples of how Under Armour incorporates their slogan to motivate athletes. Under Armour uses the power of branding, top-notch copywriting, and quality clothing to score with their audience.

I Will Learn From Under Armour

When it comes to capturing your audience and creating killer content, there’s a thing or two we can learn from Under Armour. Whether you are just starting out on your content strategy or you are looking for a few pointers, let’s look at the ways that we can connect to our own audiences with Under Armour’s guidance.

Tap Into Your Core Audience

As a marketer, sometimes it is hard to step outside of your own mind and into the head of your readers. However, we see here that this is exactly how Under Armour was able to become so successful. Here are a few tips to help you connect, really connect, with your readers.

  • Ask more questions. You might think that you know what your audience wants, but until you ask, you might not really Don’t be afraid to ask probing questions. Ask your audience what exactly they need to solve their problems, and what persuaded them to look into or buy your product.
  • Conduct a split test or review your Google analytics. Don’t always assume that your audience favors your how-tos or in-depth guides. Your entertaining or humorous posts might be the content that is pulling your audience in. To get a thorough understanding of what your audience is valuing the most, you will need to split test a few pieces of content, or simply review your analytics for traffic patterns.
  • Use your best customers as resources. It goes without saying that your best customers see the value in you. Pick their brain and find out what exactly it is that the value so much about your product or service.
  • Don’t try to be everything to everyone. One of the key branding traits that Under Armour nailed is zoning in on one particular target market. There’s nothing wrong with servicing a niche; in fact, it can work out better for your business in the long run.

The 10 I Wills For Winning With Copywriting

Now that you have an idea for how you can connect to your audience, your next obstacle is to write some top-notch content that kick starts your sales. When it comes to writing content that resonates with your audience, be prepared to put your best foot forward — and do it with a plan.

 1. I Will Meet My Audiences’ Needs With My Content

In the world of content, it is almost never about you. The purpose of developing content is to satisfy the needs of your audience, whether it is through answering questions or providing relevant information on a regular basis. Whatever your audience is seeking, it is up to you to be the go-to source for their needs.

2. I Will Produce Content Of Top Quality

If you really want to get the most out of your content strategy, producing top quality content should be at the top of your list. Your content should always be 100 percent original, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and exclusive to your company.

3. I Will Educate My Audience With My Content

One of the latest Google Panda updates put an emphasis on educational content. As far as quality content is considered, content that informs and educates is one of the characteristics that Google looks for when ranking content.

4. I Will Format My Content So It’s Easy To Read

Presenting your content as one big block of text is a big turn off to your customers. Properly formatting your content involves breaking it up into easy-to-read paragraphs. Use bullet points, bolds, and italics where necessary. Don’t forget to break up your paragraphs with headlines.

5. I Will Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

Studies have shown that 80 percent of your customers will read your headline, but only 20 percent will click and read. In order to increase the number of click-throughs to your content, you must write compelling headlines. Compelling headlines typically consist of numbered lists, questions, and statistics.
Here’s 4 more ways to create captivating headlines.

6. I Will Use an Editorial Calendar

Simply winging your content strategy will have you running out of blog ideas and losing your readers one by one. In order to maximize your content strategy and get the most mileage out of your efforts, incorporate an editorial calendar into your content campaign. It’s as easy as A-B-C.

7. I Will Curate Content Often

Curated content is predicted to take a big turn in 2015. Showcasing the hard work of others on your own blog will put you in the position of a thought leader. The key to successful curating is adding your own twist with expert insight — give it a try.

8. I Will Re-purpose My Content To Reach More Audiences

Add a twist to your usual blog post by trying out an infographic on for size. You can also expand your blog posts into slideshows and videos, which will help you reach a larger audience pool.

9. I Will Run Regular Content Audits

Content audits aren’t the most fun activity in the world, but they can help you find gaps where your current website needs improvement. By filling these gaps, you can satisfy the needs of more customers, which can ultimately translate to sales.

10. I Will Develop Content Like A Thought Leader

The best content marketers write and think like thought leaders. Thought leaders blaze trails and think outside the box with their content. Strive to develop top-notch content that is original while showcasing the very best of your products and services.

It is safe to say that Under Armour nailed the I Will slogan, as you can apply it to pretty much anything in life. By following this set of guidelines, you can start connecting to your audience on a deeper level while producing the best content in your industry . . . and you will.

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