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6 Tactics For Getting More From Your Press Release Campaigns

Regardless of people saying press releases are going the way of the dinosaur, we all know a great press release is important in bringing more people to your company. Press releases will get the public to come see the new aquarium addition, go to a book signing, listen to a newly released album, and most importantly, visit your website. This blog will help you find some great tactics for making a larger impact and get more from your PR campaigns.

First, Let’s Discuss The Importance of a Press Release. Like we said, a lot of experts seem to think press releases are going to become unnecessary, but we disagree. Nature shows us that extinction of the dinosaurs did not affect the alligator or crocodile; they are still alive and well. So too are press releases. A powerful press release can tell people information about your new company or site, or tell people when you are holding an event, whether it is in-person, or an online get-together. They can also tell you why a company or product is important. Press releases are still vital for the success of your business!

Update What You Believe When Releasing a Press Release

Because of the newer forms of technology, press releases have amazing opportunities to be done in a variety of ways. You don’t have to stick to antiquated methods and, in fact, those methods probably will not generate the amount of leads you want.

Here are a few ideas of how to get your press release out, the new way:

  • Tweet, Tweet. With the invention of Twitter, you can release your PR in a form of microblog. Give a brief, yet enticing, one-liner to include with a link to your formal press release. This helps grab people’s attention, and once you have their attention, they will read your PR. You can even build up to the press release for a few days, making sure people know it is on its way.
  • Facebook. This is another great way to release your new PR. You can give a bit more detail on Facebook as opposed to Twitter, making it easier to hit a few highlights of your press release. Do not give too much away though! Make people feel the need to read.
  • Publish Your Press Release as an Article. Copyblogger says that great press releases are great articles. Instead of just providing a link to a PDF, consider actually releasing it as an article on your site. This format can actually help engage more people and keep their attention longer.
  • Pinterest! Really? Yes! Making your press release into an infographic is a great way to get more shares. This can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites and is perfect for Pinterest and Tumblr. Make it pin-worthy and you will see your press release shared more than a simple PDF.

Now, Let’s Talk About How to Get More from a Press Release. Here, we will talk about a few ways in which to garner more response from your PR campaign and how to make it available to wider audiences.

1. Have You Considered Mobile?

If not, you really need to reconsider your current marketing techniques, because there is a whopping 143 million Americans who have smartphones. That’s a lot of people using mobile phones for more than just calls. When writing up your press release, think about how you can optimize it for mobile readers. Will the typeface be too small on their screen or will the general layout be too bulky? Is it user-friendly? These are questions you have to consider when going mobile for any of your content. When it comes to a press release, it is imperative because you want people to read all of the release, not just some.

Your wordy press release is not the best option for mobile. Considering a few of these tactics can help you as you setup your mobile format.

  • Infographics Get Your Information Across Quicker. When it comes to a mobile platform, an infographic is one of the best ways to get your information out there and make it accessible for mobile users. Look over your press release and figure out which points matter the most to your company and put them on your infographic. Those points are what mobile users are looking for, but many may want to see more information. Provide a link to your press release within the infographic, so people know where to look.
  • Shorter Sentences Are Best. When writing content, you always want to make sure you provide enough information regarding your points, but when it comes to a mobile platform that is not the best method. Those lengthy paragraphs will lose mobile readers quickly. Shorter sentences can get your point across without causing too much information to overload the mobile reader.
  • Get Your Message Across Powerfully, but Quickly. Mobile copy can get your information out there in a quick and powerful way. This format makes you think about what the most important elements are, and when someone reads something interesting or powerful, they are more apt to get off their phones and head to the web copy version to get more information.
  • Make it Quotable. People love quotes. With this in mind, make your copy quotable. This goes for regular copy as well as mobile copy. If you make it quotable, people will remember your press release and what it was about. They are also likely to share your services with others.

2. Make it Portable while Keeping its Substance

We know you want to keep the substance and meat of your press release, and we are here to say it is possible to keep that meat while making it easier to manage. By “easier to manage” we mean, make it something that can be broken down into one paragraph or a sentence. People like to read the basic information and then “unpack it; ” they are more likely to share something that can be broken down easily. Sure, when we are offered an amazing looking and smelling dessert, we want to eat it all at once, but bite size pieces are much easier (and safer!). The same goes with information. If your information is absolutely amazing your readers will want to cram it all into their brains, but you do not want to overwhelm them. Give them the ability to read it piece by piece. Make your press release a savory one and it will stay in the readers mind a lot longer, and has a better chance of reminding the reader that your company is great.

3. Boring Press Releases are a Thing of the Past

Those plain and simple, information only press releases are definitely something of the past. You want people to know about your product and services, but if it is generic and boring, people will avoid your company. Make your press releases something fun to read! What about being professional? We believe you can be professional and have fun at the same time, and here are some useful press release writing tips to help you with that.

How can you have fun while being professional? You can:

  • Insert little quips or one-liners.
  • Add jokes (people love humor).
  • Quote favorite authors or personalities, especially ones that are well known and trendy.
  • Implement pop culture references. Pop culture is a big way to get a younger crowd interested in your services.

All of these ways can make your press release fun, without sacrificing professionalism. It should also be noted that the old ideas of professionalism are fading away, and consumers find laidback, relatable companies to be more “professional.” Interesting, no? Remember this as you make your next press release, as well as for most of your other content!

4. Be a Journalist and Report

People take very well to journalistic styles of writing. Making something sounds like it could be published on the Huffington Post is a great way to get them to read your press release and choose your company over your competitors. Just take a look at how popular photojournalism is within wedding photography. The same goes for content, whether on your site or in your press release. Journalism is more laidback, yet still significantly professional. It gets the information out to the masses while being easier and quicker to read than something that sounds like it could be found in a scientific journal.

If you need an example of how to write in a journalistic way, just check out the Huffington Post, or even go to Buzzfeed to see how journalism is being tweaked for Millennials. You can approach your next press release as an investigative report instead of the generic, “This is what we are doing and why.” For example, frame it a way such as, “How can our product help you?” or “Why is our product the most important product you will ever own?” People will feel like they are getting more out of an investigative press release and you can use it to provide all the same type of information you would have released in a generic format. It is a great way to spice things up and stand out from the crowd, too!

5. Headlines and Sub-Headlines are the Best Way to Make an Impact

When reading long press releases, people no longer want to read every single word. They would rather read the headlines to find the information they are looking for specifically. When you break your press release down into bite-sized pieces, add headlines and sub-headlines to each piece making it stand out. People will skim over things that do not grasp their attention and read what follows the headline that stands out. Keep this in mind when writing your press release: people skim everything. Make your key points easy to spot, and you will get more out of your press release than if you had written it without making your points bold and numbered. Honestly, you are probably reading this sentence fully because it is bolded, aren’t you?

6. Use Quality Content!

We say this a lot because it is absolutely the truest and most important aspect for any web copy, especially press releases. You may think you can slack off on the press release by not spending much on it or simply ignoring it until the last minute, but you truly cannot do this! Your press release reflects you and your company. If it is sloppy, readers and potential clients will think your business is sloppy. Now if your press release is high quality, informative, fun, and professional, readers will turn from potential clients to customers in a snap because they believe your company is a high quality, informative, fun, and professional company now. Just like with your web content, press releases absolutely need to be quality. Stop slacking off and write that amazing press release, ASAP!

It is Time for You to Write that Press Release and Wow Consumers!

What we are doing now is another important element to your press releases; we are ending our post while giving a call to action. A call to action attracts customers and gives people a pathway in which to travel when it comes time for them to purchase your product. It brings everything you have just told them into a paragraph giving them ideas on how to take the next step with your service to improve their company or themselves.

By following the 6 tactics above, as well as this call to action, you will be able to formulate new and wonderful press releases that are sure to wow your customers. You will find that you generate new leads and may even see your press release getting shared by customers via their social media sites. Press releases are still vital to business operation in 2014, and we do not believe they will be going away anytime soon. By updating your approach to press releases and adapting them to the technology of the era, you will target a wider audience and find amazing success this year!