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SEO for Google Plus: How to Optimize Your G+ Profile

by | May 8, 2014 | SEO

If you want to explore the full potential of some of the most influential social media platforms, you cannot afford to ignore G+ (Google Plus), with its ever-growing popularity or its plentitude of amazing marketing opportunities. Facebook and Twitter may be trending these days, but keep in mind that they aren’t the only channels that you should focus on when it comes to creating and applying a successful set of off-page SEO strategies.

Why Use G+?

As a matter of fact, according to a Moz blog on how to use Google+ for SEO, Facebook and Twitter actually stop Google from accessing and utilizing a great percentage of their data. On the other hand, G+ doesn’t keep any secrets. This is only one good reason why you should work around the clock to boost your Google Plus optimization efforts as soon as possible.

How to Make the Most of Google Plus in Less than 10 Minutes

Obviously, workingaround the clock is a metaphor. According to the SEO experts from Moz, you don’t need to invest more than 10 minutes in your Google Plus optimization strategies on a daily basis. The key is to create healthy, productive habits that could soon become a part of your daily routine. In a matter of a few minutes you can:

a)      add a +1 button to your website, to encourage your visitors to recommend your posts on Google Search, while also distributing it on Google Plus. The good news is that the +1 button is 100% customizable, so you can change the load technique and the size of the button and make it meet your actual needs.
b)     comment, re-share and engage
c)      circle amazing people who share similar interest
d)     make it easier for influential individuals to circle you
e)      start a hangout or create an event

Creating a Winning Strategy for Google Plus in 5 Easy Steps

1) Optimize Your Profile and Profit from Limitless Editing Power. Start by optimizing your Google Plus profile. This means that you have to complete all fields (profile image, website URL, business details and so on). All in all, your profile should be a mirror of your interests, capabilities, goals, vision, mission and purpose in business. Getting your Google Plus page verified by the mighty Google also helps, since it allows you to build credibility and trust. You should know that Google Plus allows you to erase and rewind. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, this platform offers you the chance to profit from limitless editing power. Therefore, you can go back to your old posts and fully edit them, anytime, anywhere.

2) Make Sure Your G Plus Title Tags Are Optimized. The very first sentence of your G plus posts becomes a part of your title tag; therefore it can impact your rankings and maximize your click-through rates. Opt for the most relevant keywords and note that the title is the first thing that people analyze before reading your post. Your title tags should be short (around 65-75 characters), compelling and concise.

3) Get in Touch with Influencers. Be sociable and always give people something to talk about. Make new connections. Add new people to your circle; ask other users to add you to their circle, share a post with a few influencers, tag them in a photo, mention them in posts, start meaningful conversations, invite them to an event and so on; just make sure you don’t cross the line. Strangers who are a tad too friendly on Google Plus are often cataloged as spammers and get banned till the end of times.

4) Count on a Killer Author Pic. Cyrus Shepard from Moz has conducted an experiment with his Google Plus profile pic. The results were amazing and predictable to some extent: in a world in which looks are extremely important, your profile pic says a lot about you and your competencies. A perfect (real), professional-looking picture of yourself taken in a very flattering light can boost your website traffic.

5) Stay Active. Whatever you do, do something. Inactivity is one of the capital sins when it comes to social media marketing strategies. You don’t want to be one of the many inactive users that have a Google Plus account, but refuse to put it to good use for one reason or another. Give your readers at least one good reason to use the 1 button. According to Business2Community, you can accomplish this goal by simply:

  • Posting quality content on a regular basis
  • Creating and updating content based on the needs, interests and expectations of your audience
  • Connecting Google Plus to your website and all your social extensions

Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to connect your web content to your Google Plus profile via Google Authorship. This is the simplest method to reaffirm your authority, increase your influence and enable readers to identify your content in no time.


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