You’ve read all the how-to blogs when it comes to writing compelling content, but you know that time is precious and you aren’t sure you can dedicate the necessary time to your content.
You’re smart.
You know that an epic content strategy is vital when you want to grow and maintain your audience.
Just what can you do to really get somewhere in the foundational key of all good content: the written content itself?
Hire a copywriter—and not just anyone. Here’s the golden tip: hire an expert copywriter in your industry.
Let’s take a look at why an expert copywriter is essential to your content strategy and just how they can help bring in new readers and customers.
expert copywriter

An Expert Copywriter Brings Knowledge to Your Blogging

Michael Brumitt from HubSpot refers to copywriters as subject matter experts.
And that sums up the following: your key that unlocks the door of great content, and why you need an expert copywriter. An expert or professional will know your industry, helping you create excellent content pieces that you can share with all of your clients. And, according to Google’s massive search quality standards, an expert author voice is now what they look for online.
Everyone who’s serious should be getting that expert voice to write all their content.
This isn’t just in the form of blogs, but can be done in ways such as ebooks, sales copy, and social media copy.
Creating great content isn’t as overwhelming as it may seem. You may not have time to dedicate to content, but copywriting experts can help.

What Industries Can Benefit from an Industry Expert Copywriter?

I know what you’re thinking; you’re wondering if a copywriter can actually help with your business. It might look like a copywriter can only write on broad topics, missing your incredibly niche industry. However, when you work with industry copywriters, you will be able to have professionals who not only know the writing world but also understand your industry.
No matter what your business is, a copywriter can and will be able to write amazing content.
Are you a legal business that needs someone that understands legal jargon?
An industry copywriter can help with that.
What about a tech industry that requires people to know the specs of the latest device or advancement? Again, an industry copywriter can help. No matter your industry, you will definitely benefit from hiring copywriting professionals.

11 Awesome Ways a Copywriting Expert Can Grow Your Audience

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome ways an industry copywriter will benefit your business, helping you grow your audience.

1. Niche expert copywriters know what you’re selling

Finding niche copywriters also means that you will have an expert writer who knows what you’re selling and knows how to write excellent copy for it.
And that, my friends, is how you write vertical-friendly copy that will convert down the road.
No matter how niche your industry is, finding the trained copywriter that just doesn’t know writing, but knows your industry and niche, is the key to creating online content that converts and brings in new readers.

 2.Your blog voice will be refined

Having a strong online voice is vital to bringing in and maintaining clients and readers. As Ralph Grayden from Antelope Media says, a copywriter can help you find that voice, as well as maintain it across all content. This will provide amazing consistency and give your brand a great, individual personality.
Provide cohesiveness across all aspects of your content to bring in new readers, and convince them to become customers. In fact, having a consistent, distinct blog voice can also help you stand out from your competition.

3. Your message is clarified

When writing compelling content, you want to make sure it is always simple and to the point–to maintain the clarity of what you’re trying to say. This is extremely hard to maintain, for a non-writer. But, this is a key of how to help your clients read through your content, gleaning lots of information while knowing exactly what you are saying. Hiring a copywriter can help with this significantly, giving you great, simple, and concise content that generates clicks and encourages new readers to stick around.

4. Compelling, on-point content

According to Gail Goodman from Entrepreneur, one of the copywriting commandments is the necessity for compelling headlines. Compelling content is also an important aspect, which makes hiring a copywriter vital for your content.
They will be able to write expert content that engages readers, as well as creating headlines to all pieces of content that convinces people to click the link and read the article. When you hire a copywriter, your fears of writing excellent headlines can just fly out of the window, giving you the freedom to relax and think about your business.

5. An expert copywriter can create ALL your content types

Having a wide range of content types, as well as different content lengths can really help grow your audience. This will give people different mediums in which to consume your content. A professional copywriter can help with this, providing unique content in multiple formats to provide readers with content they want in the type they want to consume.
You can have a copywriter write a long content piece or ebook and then have them create different content types from it. This means that you can have a long piece that you cut into small sections, turn into a blog series, or turn it into an infographic.

6. You get audience-friendly content

Staying in tune with your content is absolutely important when you are seeking to grow your audience. You don’t need to focus all your energy into knowing the current trends because when you hire a copywriting professional, he or she will know all of the latest trends. This will help the person create great copy that will bring people in, growing your audience, and keeping them on your site.

7. Expert writers have grammar and online writing skills

It’s a simple point: but it’s worth saying.
Fathi Arfaoui from Grammarly says that grammar and proper spelling are vital to SEO, which is pretty much common sense for any copywriter. A professional copywriter will always use proper grammar, which will help you rank higher, and can lead to your audience growing when people search Google. If you aren’t the best at grammar, then hiring a copywriter is a great idea to help keep your site successful. And, as you know, writing for the Internet takes knowledge and know-how, which can be overwhelming to learn when you have a company to run. When you hire a copywriting professional, you will be able to have a writer who not only knows your industry but also understands and knows how to write Internet copy.

8. An expert copywriter keeps your content original

You want to stand out from your competitors, right? Of course you do! One of the best ways to do that is to write truly original content. Copywriting professionals are great at creating original content, helping you get new readers, and maybe even convincing readers of your competitor’s blog to switch to you.
In addition to making your readers happy, original content is a great way to make the search engines happy, helping you rank higher, and giving you the edge you need to bring in new readers.

9. A professional copywriter will be on top of all the Google content trends

Google makes a lot of changes throughout the year. As marketers, we all know that, and it can be pretty hard to keep up with all of the latest changes while you are also keeping up with your business. Trained, expert copywriters need to stay up-to-date with the latest Google changes to do their jobs well, which is great news for you. You don’t need to keep as close of an eye on the changes, letting your writer handle it and create excellent content that Google and readers will simply love.

10. An expert copywriter can make your topic, however boring, interesting

You love your business and industry, but it might be a relatively boring one. This can be overwhelming when you aim to create amazing, compelling content, which can leave you stuck in a content rut. However, a copywriting expert who knows your industry can help immensely when writing on a yawn-inducing topic, making it exciting for readers.
We’ve seen this happen among our expert copywriters; they’ll turn a topic in IT into an interesting, readable article, and even weave some humor into it. It’s magic–and our clientele’s audience love the results!

11. A copywriter can work in the features that make share-worthy content

Social media is a great tool to use to share your content, and you need someone who can create great shareable content for it. Expert copywriters will know how to write shareable content, creating items that your audience will enjoy and be willing to share with their social media followers. This will help immensely when you want to grow your audience, as word of mouth marketing can be very powerful.

Hire an Expert Copywriter: Watch Your Readers Grow

As you can see, a copywriting professional can really help your business out, so what are you waiting for?
Get out there and find an excellent writer or writing service to help you with your content.
Express Writers is here to help you with every aspect of your content–including your industry expert copywriting needs. Take a look at our writing services to see how our team can help your business grow your readership and overall client base!