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Copywriting For SEO: Your Secrets for Top Google Rankings

With offline marketing, all you have to do is add a cute girl in a bikini, and you have the attention of virtually everyone within a 100-foot radius of the billboard. SEO online marketing & copywriting is not this simple.

What Copywriting For SEO Is and What It Is Definitely Not!

As website traffic becomes harder to get, the websites choosing to employ copywriting SEO tactics will likely convert more readers and boost sales. When it comes to marketing the products and/or services you offer on the Internet, it is very important that you use good quality SEO copy. This is because good quality content has a way of capturing the attention of your target audience; it speaks to them.

Copywriting for SEO is a content production technique that is used to inform and also encourage readers to take action.

To some people, copywriting for SEO simply means stuffing the content with keywords or key phrases. For example, if you were targeting the term “gift basket Pocatello” you may be tempted to add the term “gift basket Pocatello” into the content as often as possible hoping that the webpage may possibly rank high for the term “gift basket Pocatello”.

But here’s the gotcha. Repeating keywords or key phrases may make the copy sound utterly ridiculous. Silly-sounding copy is more likely to force readers to hit the back button and that is not very conducive to building business.

The keyword stuffing approach existed a few years back (and actually worked) when search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN placed a whole lot of importance on keyword density. Not anymore. Now, search engines have stopped using this metric for website ranking—instead, they will penalize if you try it today.

Integrating Copywriting with Search Engine Optimization

There are two factors to search engine optimization: external and internal. The external factor concerns aspects beyond your website. Google will rank your website by looking at links that point to your website from other web pages.

The second factor is the pages on your website. Thankfully, you have control over these web pages. When you employ copywriting SEO techniques to create well written, interesting content, then more people will be happy to link to your website. As soon as visitors arrive on your website, they will most likely find your content to be very engaging. If your website boasts of very interesting content, your readers will stay longer and this will possibly give your page ranking a big boost.

The external and internal factors will need to work well together in order to get the best out of your search engine optimization strategy. It is more than just getting your target audiences to your website through search engines; it is also about what visitors to your website will do when they land there. Writing that does not create the magic to hook that keeps readers engaged can make you lose hard-worn website visitors.

In a nutshell, you need to learn copywriting SEO skills that work. According to one of the resources on, there are ways to develop powerful calls to action when producing copy for your website. even offers information about interesting resources for improving your search engine optimization skills.

How to Correctly Structure Your Web Copy

Use Captivating Headlines. One of the most vital aspects of copywriting SEO is creating headlines that will arrest the attention of target readers and draw them in. If you fail to use a captivating headline, people will simply not bother to read further.

When it comes to search engine optimization, the headline sure plays a very vital role. When users click-through on the link text from search results, they expect to see similar headlines on the pages they land on. This will serve as proof that they have found the information that they are looking for.

Always Appeal to Readers’ Self Interest

There is no way this is going to come out without seeming like an insult, okay, here goes. Readers are really not interested in you or the product or service you offer—whoa! That was really hard to type.

You need to understand that readers are only interested in themselves. Thus, effective copywriting SEO will make an appeal to the readers’ self-interest. Use tested and proven ways to appeal to a person’s self-interest are:

List The Benefits

Listing the benefits of a product or service will involve mentioning what the product or service can do for the reader. For instance, an iPod “holds your entire music library in your small pocket!” A product’s benefits are usually stated as verbs (action or doing words).

Another example, “the iPod’s beautiful slim shape will make it easy to slide in your front or back pocket.” You may have noticed how the slim shape of an iPod (which is supposed to be a feature) is turned into a benefit. “…easy to slide into your front or back pocket”, this is no doubt a powerful copywriting SEO technique that links the product’s features and benefits, and therefore makes them memorable.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Everyone is very familiar with offers such as “BOGO (Buy One Get One)”, “Buy Now Pay Later” and so on. Offers make for a compelling yet simple headline. Offers can be powerful headlines and are known to work well when readers are already familiar with your brand. Offer headline may not work at all if your product or service requires some explaining.

Give News

People simply enjoy hearing news. This is because they like knowing what’s new and fresh. Examples of headline integrating a news element are: Drive A Vehicle Powered By Water. Or, Choose the Cheapest Flights While You Are Asleep.

There is no doubt that these headlines simply imply a sort of change to the status quo. Seriously, who would not want to know all about driving in a car that is powered by water? People love news, and will feel it is their obligation to share their new found information with others.

You owe it to your business to learn copywriting for SEO correctly.

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