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Content as a Service: Everything You Wanted to Know

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Content Marketing

Did you know that 82% of marketers actively use content marketing?

That’s because brands see the value of consistently publishing quality content for their audiences to consume. Investing time and money into content and doing it well is essential because your audience often seeks content that educates or informs. You can also use content to build thought leadership. And most importantly, it can convert someone into a paying customer. So, it only makes sense to apply your resources toward content marketing.

To provide their audience with the right content, at the right time, and via the right channels, many brands turn to content as a service to truly transform their overall content strategy.

But what exactly is content as a service? If you’re not sure what that means or the benefits this practice offers, you’re in the right place. This article will help you get started.

Content as a service

What is Content as a Service?

Content as a service, often abbreviated to CaaS, is a way for you to provide content on-demand to your audience. It works by storing the content you’ve produced as raw data in a content repository. When uploaded, it’ll have tags and metadata to categorize it.

Then, when the content is needed, it’s requested and displayed to your reader. And that content will be presented in a way that’s optimized for the reader’s device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, smartphone, or smartwatch. It can even factor in systems such as websites and apps.

Something like this isn’t possible with a single CMS (content management system). If you wanted to publish the same piece of content on another channel, you need to duplicate it. With content as a service, however, it’s basically like a headless CMS. It offers the ability to deliver content to multiple channels by using an application programming interface (API).

These days, offering an omnichannel experience (where you’re focused on serving and selling to customers across multiple channels) is essential. You should aim to reach your target audience where they’re at. And that’s why content as a service has become a popular move for many, as it allows effective management and repurposing of content across various channels.

The Benefits of Content as a Service

It all sounds appealing, right? Before you turn your content strategy upside down, you’re probably wondering how content as a service might benefit you. Since you know the time and money it requires, you need to know that making this move will be a worthwhile investment.

Here are just a few of the benefits that’ll make CaaS more enticing:

  • It Offers More Flexibility:Wouldn’t it be nice to create a piece of content once and publish it everywhere without manually republishing it across multiple platforms? That’s what content as a service does for you. This will save you time since it won’t require additional effort while your content gains more traction across various channels.
  • You’ll Gain Better Insight into Content Performance:When it comes to your content strategy, you need to know what works and what doesn’t to generate the desired results. Implementing this practice will help you better understand the content your audience is most interested in so you can create more of what they’re searching for.
  • Content Can be Personalized to Your Audience: With more insights into your audience, you can tailor your content based on their demographics and interests. Then you deliver exactly what they’re searching for at the right moment. Personalized content is a great way to increase loyalty and drive conversions, so it pays off in the long run.

At the end of the day, you need to consider how this would impact your target audience. Is implementing content as a service going to improve their lives? Will it help provide a more user-friendly experience that’ll keep them coming back for more?

How to Implement Content as a Service for Your Brand

If you’re ready to switch to a more content-centric approach and want to implement content as a service, we need to discuss how to get started. Simply follow this advice to get the ball rolling.

1. Understand the Content Needs of Your Audience

Before you begin writing content, research your target audience if you haven’t already. Having a clear understanding of what your audience is searching for when opening Google will allow you to brainstorm relevant content ideas. It’s crucial that you create the content they’re looking for, or your content will go largely unnoticed. To get in front of your target audience, you must give them what they need.

This means you want to be strategic about your focus keywords and how those keywords are used within your content. It’ll increase the odds of ranking high in Google’s search results, ultimately attracting more people to your brand. Because if no one is accessing your content, the advice that follows will be useless.

Once you’ve generated some relevant ideas, you can begin writing. You can do this in-house if you have a skilled content creator on your team. Or you might want to consider outsourcing your content creation to a team of expert writers (more on that in a moment).

2. Determine How the Content Will be Made Available

First, you’ll need a content management user interface to host all your content in one place. There’s no need to worry about formatting or anything like that. Instead, you just want to focus on uploading your best content and tagging it with the appropriate metadata so it can be properly categorized. This will make it easier to access the content later.

But as mentioned before, you won’t be solely relying on a traditional CMS (such as WordPress) when pursuing content as a service. Instead, you’ll be utilizing an application programming interface, also known as an API. This is commonly done with a REST API, but there are other options.

It’s the API that will take your content and present it in whatever way is requested by your reader. That could be your desktop website, mobile website, or app. An API could even take portions of your content and use it to answer questions via a chatbot. The ideas are endless!

3. Outsource it to a Content Agency

Another option is to let the experts handle it for you. Realistically, not everyone has a knack for writing. If you struggle to create great content and don’t have someone on your team to assist with this, outsource your content creation to an agency instead of trying to figure it out yourself.

There are many benefits to investing in custom content. Not only will it save you time, but when you work with professional writers, you can feel confident that the job will be done well.

That’s exactly what we pride ourselves on at Express Writers. Content is our passion! And we love delivering high-quality content to our clients. With our Managed Services, we offer hands-off content creation at volume. Perfect if you want to free up your schedule to focus on other tasks to drive your business forward.

4. Review Data to Monitor Performance

Finally, it’s important to occasionally do a deep-dive into your analytics to see how your content performs. Google Analytics is a great indicator of which pieces of content are most popular and how long people are staying on your website. Not only does this give you an indicator of which topics to cover more often in the future, but it offers insights into your website’s usability. If people are staying on your site for a while, that’s a good sign you offer a positive user experience.

But sometimes the best thing you can do is go straight to the source. Pay attention to any mentions of your brand on social media to see if people say anything about accessing your content and how the experience was for them. If you don’t see any posts of that sort, don’t be afraid to ask. Survey your readers to ensure the content experience is going smoothly for them, and ask if there’s anything they would change.

Let the Experts Handle Your Content Creation

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